Get laser-hair removal treatments for my underarms and bikini zone

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tribute_to_erasmus 2 years ago

tribute_to_erasmus6th appointment came and went

But my hair (much of it) remains. I declare this a complete for my goal, but a fail in the result. Given that these packages aren’t cheap, i’m not sure i’m ready to re-commit to the whole process. We’ll see how i feel in a coule of months. 18 months ago

tribute_to_erasmusImprovement? Not much

I went in for another session last weekend. I’m really disappointed with the progress and the amount of tome Elena has spent on me during each session. I bought the largest surface package that she offered amd she barely spends 10 minutes on me while im there. Its no wonder most of the hair keeps growing back. One of my friends is having really great results however, so i think i’ll just get a package at that spa once i’ve had my final appointment. 22 months ago

tribute_to_erasmusStill patchy

By the time I went to see Elena in mid-April, most of the hair had started coming back, though very thinly. I also told her that I thought she should concentrate on the area of my armpits closer to my chest rather than the outer (hairless) part of my arm. I don’t think she took the recommendation very well. She did as I requested, but there was a tense moment when she explained that the air-loss process was random, and difficult to influence on a per-visit level. Still, I had peace of mind knowing that she wasn’t zapping areas that didn’t need it. After the treatment, more patches began to appear, as the weakest of the hairs fell off. However, the bikini lining hairs seemed to resit the treatment this time around. Oh well, two more sessions to go, we’ll see how that develops (next session, June 8th) 23 months ago

tribute_to_erasmusSession #3

When Elena asked me about my progress, I told her that I was disappointed it had all grown back. She laughed. She pointed to where, in fact, there were a few patches that had not grown back and reminded me that this was a year and a half commitment. ‘If all the haird stopped growing after three sessions,’ she said witha thick Russian accent, ‘then everyone would be hairless now!’ I suppose she`s right and that I should have more realistic expectations. That being said, I still think I’ll post periodic updates. Next session: April 14th 2012. 2 years ago

tribute_to_erasmusgrowing back so soon?

I’m two weeks shy of my third appointment, all of the hair that had fallen out after last session has started growing back. Thinner than before, but it’s still disappointing. I was under the impression this would be a permanent solution. Maybe I just need to be patient. I’ll update this entry as time goes by. 2 years ago

tribute_to_erasmusTreatment #2 complete

I went for my second treatment (of 6) last week. The procedure was the same: the slathering on of cold conducting gel on the shaved areas and the frequent flashes of light, accompanied by sharp stinging in the treated area. The discomfort always vanished instantly and can be compared to being snapped with an elastic band. Nothing too serious. A few days later, the magic begins. As the hair grows back a few centimeters, it also begins to fall out in bizarre zebra-stripped patches. Those areas that don’t fall out on their own are easily coaxed out with some gentle plucking. And some hair do’t fall out at all. Don’t worry, they eventually will after a few more treatments. 2 years ago

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