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make people see that "alot" is not a word

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KatrinaCheck out this blog post about the Alot:


I found it really funny! 3 years ago


normloman, it is true that language evolves, and certainly we shouldn’t be closed minded about changes in it. But I think that it is still worth preserving our language from deterioration, and we each must distinguish between the two directions.

Personally, I think that “alot” is not an evolution in English, but a reflection of intellectual laziness. People are not combining the two words out of convenience, but out of ignorance. This is different from something like “gonna,” which spells out the way many people pronounce the word. While in a case like “gonna,” I personally feel that it should be spelled “going,” and I feel that it is incorrect to spell it otherwise, I think there could be more of a case made for leeway, or “evolution” there. 4 years ago

normlomanIt's called prescriptivism, what you're doing, and it sucks.

Language belongs to the people who speak it. Language is always changing and it has to change, so it can describe our changing world. A languages speakers direct this change.

Now it’s true that in purley technical terms, “alot” is not a word. But what’s important is that when you use it, people can understand what you’re saying. Thus, there is no reason not to say it. After all, what counts in language is that you are able to communicate. You won’t find alot in any english grammar text, but thats because the language is changing. And there is no reason to fear change. Mabey in the future, everyone will write “alot” and we will accept it as natural. 7 years ago

ASHLEY_RENEE"alot" is not worthy of a proper title

No matter how many times I edit my friends’ papers -that is, multiple friends in possession of multiple papers- they still make the same grammatically mistake of considering this horror of the verbal vernacular eligible to be recorded on paper. (These are the same friends who consistently use junky words such as “gonna” instead of “going to”......haven’t they heard of Standard English??!!??)(Hello?!)
My brain is now numb from multiple literary offenses. 8 years ago

MeghanThis makes me *angry.*

Ok, if English is not your (not you’re) first language, you’re (not your) exempt from this rant.
What’s wrong with you people??? If a thing with no definable gender has possession of an object or certain properties, the correct word is “its.” Do you see an apostrophe anywhere? No, you don’t! That’s because the word “it’s” is a contraction (one word that smooshes two together) for “it is.” Yes, in most cases, to indicate posession, one uses an apostrophe (i.e. Meghan’s face is turning a weird color.). Our language is rife with contrdictions, however, and I think you can abide by this one. GARRRR.
Um, sorry, it’s just…doesn’t anyone care about grammar and spelling rules anymore? Or is it just disgruntled English majors such as myself? 9 years ago

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