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Make adventure clothes


Recent activity

amandaperlI probably will

keep making adventure clothes, but I have winter and summer ensembles now and other goals to focus on. 2 years ago

amandaperl 3 years ago

amandaperlNext steps

Got the hooks and hem done on the vest; going to add leather shoulder patches and maybe even make a lapel pin. Eventually it would be awesome to have fingerless work gloves but I may have to knit them for them to look right and I can’t do that by Saturday.
The outfit is good enough now; so if nothing else gets done I am set but there’s plenty that could be added. I don’t expect to bother finishing the shirt as it’s going to be a hundred degrees (literally) this weekend so I will want to wear as little as possible and the vest works just fine by itself.

I really need some goggles, but I plan to at least window-shop at the con as I have found nothing at all suitable yet (I absolutely refuse to spraypaint plastic welding goggles and I haven’t even found any of those). 2 years ago

amandaperlPlan for today

1. Get the other half of the hooks sewn on the vest
2. Add side panels to the shirt so it’s wearable
3. See how it all looks together

4. If I have time and energy, work on the vest more: add more surface design, turn up the hem

5. Later this week: bloomers, and maybe spats. 2 years ago

amandaperlAwesome belt complete!

I finished the belt in record time once I got mentally unstuck. I needed the fruits of today’s shopping expedition as well: ribbon, grommets and grommet setter, and some beautiful brass locking washers.
Feels so good! I might have time to make bloomers after all! 2 years ago

amandaperlSkirt complete!

I was going to add a ruffle at the bottom, and then it was going to be a half-petticoat sewn in, and then I was too far behind so I killed that part. If I have time, I’ll make a petticoat or bloomers or something.
This is just the plain skirt, there’s a fancy belt in the works to go overtop and add some steampunk flair. 2 years ago

amandaperlThe other vest

The wool one, has now progressed from UFO (unfinished object) to semi-finished object (i.e., no more pins, together enough to be useable). It’s not decorated at all, and no fasteners in front, and the inside darts aren’t even pressed. But I got it moved from the heap of partially completed projects to the collection of steampunk clothes, so bully for me! 2 years ago

amandaperl"The secret to being an adventuress:

being prepared for the next eventuality, even if you could not guess what it might be.” -Angel-Seeker2 years ago

amandaperlSignificant vest work

My vest has gone from rough shape to lots of finished work done. There’s a circle cutout in the back and a traditional leather strap with brass buttons to cinch in the waist. The left front has a reverse-applique circle and the right front has a moon-shaped bag pocket. I finished almost all the edges and added darts. I need to finish the neck, add fasteners of some kind, and do more embellishing. I probably will sew up the hem (it’s serged but not properly sewn). 2 years ago

amandaperlPartial progress

I made up a blouse, it’s too tight so I have to add more panels. I roughed up a vest; it’s not finished and I have no plans for detailing, but it fits beautifully. I cut out a skirt. 2 years ago

amandaperlSummer gear

I realized I have a deadline now as I am teaching a workshop at a steampunk con in mid-August. And I am not wearing all that heavy wool in mid-August, so I need to make some hot-weather-friendly clothes. I started a blouse, there will be a canvas vest and skirt. Not at all sure how to make the skirt functional, cool, and steampunk, it’ll take some work, but in the meantime I’ll whip up the blouse and get going on the vest. Good thing my hat is done. 2 years ago

amandaperlAviator hat complete!

I love it! Now I need some goggles… 2 years ago

amandaperlNew wool

that matches the not-enough-quantity beautiful orangey stuff I have already. Waiting its turn to be laundered.
Sadly this find flagged up that I am now out of season for adventure clothes, for though while in an airship a person would want warm clothes, regardless of surface weather, on the ground wool skirts are not suited to sticky summer weather. 2 years ago

amandaperlMake tank tops while the sun shines

I don’t really like the options I have to wear to dance class, so I slashed up an old t-shirt I got at a clothing swap 15 years ago and remade it into a twist-back fitted-ish tank top that I feel awesome in. I have more old t-shirts that I can’t really wear as-is that may be remade as well. 2 years ago

amandaperlPeasant blouse

An unfinished peasant blouse was among the items I got from my fellow steampunker. I am finishing it. It’s not particularly steampunk to wear a peasant blouse, I’m feeling more Shakespearean about it. 2 years ago

amandaperlWhite ruched ruffled cotton

It just came through the wash. It wants to be a petticoat and an underblouse, kind of Doctor Doolittle (early Victorian). Maybe not the underpinnings for a party dress. 2 years ago

amandaperlExciting new fabric

I visited a fellow Portland steampunker today and got to root through her giveaway fabric bags. I got all kinds of goodies that I would not otherwise have come by, because she had lots of home dec stuff like former bedding that I would never have gone looking for or even picked up if I saw. Of particular interest were a former duvet cover: white with ruffles and ruching, and a former bedskirt, red and gold striped, heavy stuff like a brocade weight. Sounds like materials for a party dress to me!! 2 years ago

amandaperlWish/To Do list

Okay, first of course is goggles but I haven’t figured out a way to make them that suits me, yet.
Second, I need boots. This may take a long time as I have particular needs in footwear.
Third, an outfit, which is the main bulk of this goal. I have a skirt made but no pockets and it could do with some decoration, ditto the petticoat. I just bought some lovely cotton lace that matches the maroon/brown color scheme of the skirt; waiting for that to go through the laundry so I can wash the things later.
Not sure about a shirt; planning a white cotton blouse at the moment though that may change.
Definitely need a vest, leather or wool or both, need more materials for that.
ALso need a coat or small cape for light outerwear.
I have a heavy cloak already. (I made it; it’s orange and awesome).
Accessories: I want to make fingerless gloves; I have two pairs but neither is especially steampunk beyond the fact that they are lace fingerless gloves (which is very Victorian). I have fabulous vinyl that looks like tooled leather which I intended to use for a belt but haven’t done anything with yet (there’s plenty, so I could also use it for something else, not sure what).
Hat is in the making, it has a lot of work left to go on it.
Tool kit is a separate goal.
That’s all for now, this is a brown-family color scheme outfit and there is some lurking desire to also make a black/grey look for myself and a red party outfit, dress, purse, jewelry, etc. 2 years ago

amandaperlAwesome aviator hat progress

I’ve got the lining pretty much done, there’re a few unfinished areas but that’s for later. I’ve started the outsides and I’m thrilled: I had gotten this fabulous brown leather with a gold print on it, nicely worn in places. I got my first seam in; leather is slow going and I’m tired and don’t want to make a mistake, but I’ve done enough to be really excited. 2 years ago

amandaperlCreative chaos

I was cleaning out the trunk where I keep all the sewing stuff that I don’t use too much, and I found all this scratchy black wool that I had meant to make a hat out of. Well, I didn’t exactly want it next to my skin, so I dumped out my bag of small scraps and found a small piece of super-soft camel colored cashmere. So I figured, I’d put that at the front where it hits the forehead. So now I’ve started an awesome aviator hat. My wrist hurts too much to work on it more tonight, more’s the pity, but it’s a good reminder that dumping out a big heap of delicious ingredients can lead to delightful results. 2 years ago

amandaperlPetticoat complete!

I loved making it and I want to make another one, though I’ve not got a use for two, so I will try to rechannel that energy into making a loose blouse. 2 years ago

amandaperlPetticoat started

and what a pleasure to sew and press delicate white muslin, complete with lavender water. 2 years ago


to make a vest have been very unsuccessful thus far, though I have some lovely materials. 2 years ago


the skirt, now it needs pockets and loops for carrying things. Got some white fabric for petticoating. I have several yards of eyelet trim for the bottom and a very fine cotton lawn to make part of the petticoat with but it’s not enough fabric so I got more. Also hoping to make a white blouse of some kind, and I got a shrunken wool sweater to cut down for a vest or similar. Sadly it’s all waiting to be laundered before I get to play with it, but I have no shortage of fun projects. 2 years ago


Wool is itchy, and winter is cold. Therefore a ruffled white petticoat to wear underneath is in order. 2 years ago

amandaperlButtonholes finished,

buttons sewn on, and hem started. 2 years ago

amandaperlSkirt detailing

I want the steampunking to be functional. I see no value in dangling brass bits off a waistband, they’ll just get in the way. I’d love a brass compass but I wouldn’t commit to it being permanently on one garment. Instead I will add practical details with an eye to style. If I come upon some decorative trim that suits the style of the skirt, I may add it, but the skirt is maroon and brown and my trim supply is white and black, which would look silly.
So I’m making buttonholes for the placket, there will be three assorted brass buttons, I need to decide on pocket style and placement and get those added, and I need to add some belt-typed loops for hooking things onto. 2 years ago

amandaperlGot some white

fabric to be a blouse, also lace. Though not my natural style it is very Victorian. As someone who was a teenager in the minimalist 90s I have to work hard to find a place in the ornate Victorian style. 2 years ago

amandaperlSteampunk skirt

is well underway, front and back assembled and side panels ready for pressing. I will soon have the base skirt, then I need to make it steampunk, which will require ingenuity. 2 years ago

amandaperlFirst up

A long wool vest with a cowl. 3 years ago

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