replace all my house plants that died during my move.

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~*Serenity*~Umbrella plant

this is one of my all time favorites.Yesterday.. two of the most beautiful people in the world. Gods own present to me, {their friendship}, blessed me beyond all reason..
I came home from a hard day and didnt even come into the house there was work to be done outside. Well when I came in I found this surprise..
A huge umbrella plant with the largest ribbon I have ever seen and 4 Yes, I said 4 big ballons.. inside was a card that read. To Louise, let God’s Love and our smiles be your umbrella Love.

This was the joy of my day.. Every time I pass my plant I smile because of the life it represents.. Because of the love it shows. Because of the friendship it has come to symbolize..
These two wonderful blessings, I can not say enough.. I cant ever let them know what they have done for me during this difficult time.. I wish some day to repay them for all they have done.. The best the only thing I have that is priceless {other than my children, which I am willing to share with them} Is prayer.. So I am closer to achieving my goal of replaceing my house plants. But this goal pales in comparrison to the simple act of love that they have shown me.. God Bless each of you, and Grant you the Desires of your heart.. If ever I am able to give back half of what you have given me..
I will, with out question, with out complaint.
I have two pictures of my wonderful plant.. one will be on this post the other under the goal.. incase your curious. 8 years ago


I have about 23 now.. They are not all the same as I had before, I am in a new place.. The plants I once had as house plants are out door plants here.. It is so funny to see a plant I raised for 10 years planted in someones yard and it is like twice as big as mine was… So in a way it’s like I am learning all over again..
House plants, plants period.. Bring such a peace to me.. There is something special bout watching them grow and flourish.. Being apart of them growing.. ON really stressful sad days, I could sit back in my chair and see greeneray all around me.. Living in michigan there were not a whole lot of days when things were green so I made sure my house was like a jungle..
Here in texas.. different situation.. I am still thinkin in the heat of summer when no one wants to go outside that the greenerary will be the blessing it has always been.. I love getting plants as presents.. Or starting them from friends beloveds… So even though I am starting to grow anew.. I don’t mind the time it will take to have trees again or philodendrens running around the living room… Its the process that counts. Not the end result. 8 years ago

~*Serenity*~Getting another

My best friend sent me a wonderful surprise.. She is in Michigan. and in the mail today I recieved an acctual letter.. She sent me money.. yeah for money.. With the expressed command to go buy a plant…She knows me so well..
She has what some would call a brown thumb.. And knows my love of greenery.. I am fast on the tract of replacing all 32 that died in the big move south..
I am at 9 now.. No they are no where as large as the ones I had ..Its a complet starting over.. but hey I am getting used to that.. What type shall I get.. Oh I am so excited. 8 years ago

~*Serenity*~No shame strikes again

Just scored a start of an ivy.. Sound like an addict don’t I..
They say the road to recovery is admission.
My name is Tina, and I am addicted to growing plants..
Oh that was easy.. I am off to score more..
I have a orchid on the way.. pink…
I can not wait.. 8 years ago


well I don’t think I will be marking this off anytime soon. Replace all thirty.. I have saved two. had to do a edward sizzor hands job on them but they are sprouting new leaves. Oh make that three.. the pinapple a friend brought back from Hawii that made it. I bought me a replacement.. It made me happy but I enjoyed growing them all from babys. At christmas my children bought me a plant. Greenery makes me happy.. I am on my way. Every new person I become friends with.. I ask do you have house plants and may I have a start..
I have no shame. 8 years ago

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