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MapOfYourHeadFrom Title To Trackname

I had another idea, which is very similar to the last idea I had. It would be another ambient album, but with a different inspiration source this time. The idea is to go through all of my entries on 43things, and sort out the most interesting titles. The best of these will be made into songs. 3 weeks ago

purplepaintsplatter 1 month ago

MapOfYourHeadThe Earliest Memories

I’m well on my way to complete the album I’ve already started working on – even though it’s progressing way too slow – but last night I came up with another idea for an album! The idea is to create an ambient set of tracks that resemble some of the earlier memories of my childhood. I think it could be pretty cool and totally doable. 1 month ago

Avichai 8 years ago

cateshmate 5 years ago

ChuchotementMaking Time vs. Making Excuses

Working on my first release has been daunting, to say the least. All of the songs are personal, to a point of raw vulnerability that can be uncomfortable. I have made a lot of excuses:

I’m too busy, too old, too perfectionistic…
...not talented enough, not dedicated enough…
...easily distracted by “life,” worried about the album affecting my job.

I have a lot of hang-ups. Basically, the best solution I can see is to simply make the time, stick to some kind of a schedule, and keep working. It will happen one day; there’s no point in avoiding it or rushing it. It would be nice to have everything written and ready to edit by the end of next year, so I’ll make that my new goal. 3 months ago

CherryCheerFirst single

I started last week in a studio with a professional producer. We have a first single almost done! He will do some final adjustments. Now the only thing left is to do the mastering for that particular song. I decided to first start with a free single release before releasing an album…. 3 months ago

dragix 3 months ago


asahii_ 3 months ago

mbussard 3 months ago

Poppyi 4 months ago

timrobsund 5 months ago

Emma135 6 months ago

EuphemiaComing home

Think I will include this little track of ours on the album, but this is live version so will need to re-record in the studio:


D x 7 months ago

Michael CardinalUntitled

My band “The Rotating Point Source” finally finished recording its first album! Its a self titled party punk rock album, and its available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, and just about everywhere else where music is sold!

It was many years in the making but it felt AWESOME to finally finish this music project! We did a lot of networking and met a lot of very helpful people along the way. What an amazing experience! 8 months ago

knock418 5 years ago

sarawileyxo 8 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenSo obviously there's been a change of plans.

There’s no way in hell I’ll be able to continuously make music on top of all this other crap for 3 whole years. My girlfriend and councelor have helped me come to terms with this. Not only do I not have the time, talent, resources, or the attention span, I simply do not have the patience to spend every day working on putting out songs that are already outdated.

So for now I’m sticking to what I know: experimental electronics. So far I’ve released not one, but two EPs on my Bandcamp profile which you can stream for free if you feel inclined. I will be putting out another on the 9th of August. Same as the other two – 6 tracks, 4 of which are already finished. That’s all you need to know for now. Moron this as it develops. 9 months ago

sixstringsongbird 6 years ago

victoriafaye 9 months ago

mlarmalade 10 months ago

lawsonpd 11 months ago

jackshrack 11 months ago

boredinrexy 11 months ago

Jeff 8 years ago

Shellsbee 11 months ago

pbnerd 12 months ago

knock418getting there!

ok so this has been on my to-do list for almost 20 years! lol, i know. im slow. thats why im actually pretty excited right now and felt i should share. for real, its never too late! dont give up!

i have 10 songs recorded and hoping for one more but if not, im working with these 10. my next steps are crafting it into an album. i.e. song order, interludes, mixing, mastering. i want the album to feel very focused. where its less about me and more about what i want the album to say.

i just spoke with 2 photog friends about getting photos done. then, the last part is putting together the booklet. yes, in the modern day of mp3, i want a booklet. like i said, ive been wanting this for a long time so it just wont feel right if i cant pull out the sleeve and look through it.

the best thing i ever did was give myself a schedule. it doesnt matter if you dont keep it. setbacks happen. the key for me was to revise the schedule instead of giving up on it. i always had a problem with beating myself up for not keeping the schedule. i made my schedule my enemy but im finally learning how to be friends. make the time and time will be on your side.

i had another issue with wanting it to be perfect. this would be the primary cause of my schedule delays. what helped with this was to force myself to do something, anything. id book studio time in advance and itd force me to come up with something. then id have something concrete to bring home and improve on, share with others. proof of my investment. for me, making an album has to be like living. its a record of the journey. i didnt come out of the womb perfect and im not perfect today. thats all i need to capture. 13 months ago

Christopher James ScholtenPROJECT6.5: The Evolution of Christopher James of Canada.

Over the next three years, I plan to release 7 digital 6-track EPs: one demo-type “prologue,” and 6 “chapters” documenting the evolutionary stages of my musical journey from 2007-2013.

Each mini-album will be a compilation of the 6 best songs I’ve written each year, except for the first and last, which will be new material.

Here’s the unofficial line-up for this year:

I. CJ6.5 /
scheduled for release July 2013

This album will consist of me doing vocals over some reworked instrumental tracks, which will be announced later.

II. MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR(70sKullSoldiers.) /
scheduled for release October 2013

1. Be a Father – a song about a man who leaves his girlfriend when he finds out she is pregnant, and the effects on the child later on.
2. Stress – pretty self-explanatory teen angst song reminiscent of early-2000s Linkin Park.
3. Alone (Like You) – an ode to an old lost friend.
4. From Dawn Till Dust – my attempt at a dark, apocalyptic love song.
5. Emo Chic – a parody about stereotypes and teenage dating.
6. “Let Me Tell You Something About Your Mom and Me…” – a song about divorce, the title being a line from a movie dealing with a similar topic, whose name I don’t remember to save my life.

I plan to complete one song from part II each month starting April 1st and one song from part I every 2 weekends starting April 6th.
I will document my progress roughly every day starting in April. 13 months ago

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