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aisa_basiaDay 1: Re-start

I don’t recall how long have it been since I made an entry on this 30 days shred. However, I’m re-starting it. As a matter of fact, I never finish the 30 days shred.

In my attempt to save money and spend less on automobile gas now that I am unemployed, I’ve been cycling almost every where. The cycling helps tone down my leg muscle, especially my calf and maybe the waist line a tad bit. The reason I said a tad bit because the RT distance is about 3 miles. Therefore, it’s not long enough distance nor resistance for firm up more. What I need is to lose my muffin top, even more.

My younger brother is back from Europe and we’ve gone on some light hiking trail next to the local library. I also went on a hike with my neighbor, Lisa.

Light/easy hiking trail is definitely easy on my knee but it doesn’t give any definition. Maybe not enough cardio work out to retrain the muscle? I don’t know since I’m no fitness expert.

This morning, I decided to re-start with Jilian Michael 30 days shred. I felt the dumb bell weight combined with the legs works out will define and sculpt my muscle better.

It was not as hard as I remembered. I pray for support, persistence and the discipline to finish my 30 days shred so I can achieve body definition that I want. I desire for a lean, well sculpt body with elongate washboard. I am going to combine cycling, 30 day shred and yoga/Pilates workout to achieve this result. I also ask that I will make this into a life long habit and not sporadic like I did in the past. I want to make it a part of my healthy lifestyle.

If you are restarting your fitness journey again, or just start recently, let’s cheer and motivate each other so that we would not derail from our fitness course. 21 months ago

aisa_basiaDay 1: Not so bad

I’ve lost some weight prior to my SE Asia trip earlier this year. When I came back in 2 months, I lost even more due to change in diet and weather and probally lots of walking.

Then I lost my job and ran into some personal dilemma that brought the devil binge eating out. Needless to say, I gained back almost all the weight that I worked so hard to lost.

I’ve tried previous diet and exercise yet still fail.

Then, I a few days ago, I saw the “Michael Jillian 30 days shred” result on pintest. This gave me the inspiration to shape up. I’m now back on the South Beach diet for 1 week already and going to combine it with “Michael Jillian 30 days shred”.

I hoped that even if I do not lose the weight back and re-set it to the same weight as earlier this year, it would help me tone up.

I went easy today since I didn’t know what to expect out of this new work out but were scared due to comments/reviws on Amazon.

I plan on combining atleast 20 minutes of cardio via the Eliptical machine after work today. I want to tone up and go back to the same size when I first came back from Cambodia.

29 more days to go.

I pray that I get encouragement, feeling inspired, and the patience and courage to stick to the workout regiment. 2 years ago

aisa_basia 2 years ago

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