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Excercise 3 times a week

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Exercise 3 Times A Week

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jackie ream 3 months ago

R031N34NK5 4 months ago

alysterebenec 12 months ago

Kaz_DancingSkype Yoga!

I had my first PT Skype yesterday, it so strange but awesome. My husbands cousin is an amazing instructor and skyped me through a 45 minute lovely session. 13 months ago


It’s so easy to knock this goal over, because there are so many fantastic places in this city to walk! I never get bored and I always look forward to walking! I keep finding all these little pockets in the city with amazing commissioned art pieces I never even knew existed.

Tonight I’ve organised to walk with some friends, it’s important because I’m always so tempted to stay at work, but not tonight, I’m going to get out for sure!! 14 months ago

Kaz_DancingTicking along

I’m trying really hard not to go mental with this goal. I have a tendency to go nuts, then stop. I’ve done it my whole life, I go through the periods of working out 8 days a week, then I just stop. I’m trying to make excercise fun, and make sure I’m making it realistic and reasonable so I don’t go mental. That being said, I am obsessed with dancing at the moment and I can’t keep dancing until I lose weight, and dancing makes me lose weight. LOL14 months ago


Ouch. Zumba and salsa in the same week – bad idea!! 14 months ago

Kaz_DancingTwice was salsa

Oh My GOD was that a workout!! Sheesh!! I can barely walk. 14 months ago


Started my week with an hours walk and catch up with some ladies walking round the river. It was lovely, blissful weather, perfect. Then had Japanese with my husband. Wonderful night. 14 months ago

joanktan 15 months ago

bloemI tried...

but I just don’t enjoy working out! Sure, in the summer I love jogging, and I love doing yoga, but is that really hardcore excercise? I don’t know. But in an attempt to clear up my list I decided to get rid of this goal. I’m never going to do it anyway, probably because I just don’t really, really want to. 16 months ago

G_CLARKSON 16 months ago

Bilal Al-Bakri


Doing really well at this. Plus I’m loving the gym at the moment, today I even threw in a 2nd session… 2 years ago

jordsmall 2 years ago

itsgonnabeme 4 years ago

Kaz_Dancing 2 years ago


I began training for Thai Boxing twice a week a few months ago. I had an amateur fight coming up last month and my instructor recommended me to start running to build up my stamina. I carried this on after my fight, and now train twice a week and run once. It makes me feel good about myself knowing that my exercise is helping me build up my fitness. 2 years ago

Matthew 2 years ago

Andreji 2 years ago


I need an alternative for running, so I tried poweryoga yesterday. Man, that was really hard, but really great! I enjoyed that so much! Couldn’t do everything because of my ankle (when does the hurting stop…) but I was still able to do most of it. I felt awesome afterwards! 2 years ago

bloemEasy on the excercise

I was doing so incredibly well on this, until I sprained my ankle and tore my ligaments, 5 weeks ago. And since recovery needs a lot of energy (and well, frankly, I just couldn’t excercise properly because I was on crutches) I can’t excercise fully anymore. Even Pilates of Yoga wears me out so much more than normally. And lots of moves just put too much strain on my ankle, so I really have to be careful.
I miss it though, so I hope I can get back to it soon… 2 years ago

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