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brush my dog every day

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Fluffernut18brush my dog

My dog Molly is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. She was born in Ireland to show parents. Her father (sire) was/is a champion. She deserves to be well-groomed at all times. I bought a special slicker brush recommended by a groomer. If I brush her daily, she likes it and looks good. When I don’t ,she gets knots in her fur and scratches at them. Groomers are so expensive. One kept giving Molly short cuts, literally shaving her down to her skin. Another charged me $45 EXTRA to comb out the knots and scolded me about it. The latest groomer is a man,he’s pretty expensive $52 , so I cannot afford him very often. I must brush Molly. I will do so as soon as I get off this computer. Thanks for reading this. 7 years ago

KaivalyaA well-groomed dog!

In the past week, I haven’t been brushing my dog daily because she doesn’t need it. There’s a reason for this. I used my birthday money to buy a grooming set, including clippers. Last week, I groomed my dog myself.

It was way easier than I thought and actually, kind of fun! I also cut the furnishings (the longer hair on her legs) so the hair wouldn’t tangle so easily.

This work has made it easier to keep my dog looking good on an ongoing basis. She needs to be combed out every three or four days.

I plan to use the grooming set once a month to keep her looking good. Mission accomplished! 8 years ago


For the first week, I did this religiously and my dog was furious with me. Lately, I’ve been brushing her every few days and this seems to keep the tangles out AND keep peace in the household! ;-) 8 years ago

CandiceJust wasn't happening

and I don’t think it ever will. We’ve had her for 6 years, and I don’t really see myself starting to brush her every day now…especially with a 3-year old running around the house, I’m lucky if I can brush his hair let alone the dogs hair. 8 years ago

KaivalyaRasta Dog

I haven’t been very diligent about keeping my mini-schnauzer brushed. Her underhair is very soft and easily-tangled and if I let it go, it turns to dread locks.

Yesterday, I spent nearly and hour-and-a-half working out the tangles. I gave her a break, then clipped some of the excess hair and gave her a bath.

I’m planning to buy electric clippers so I can start grooming her myself, but if this is going to work, I’ll need to keep her fur in good condition.

Thus my goal: brush her every day. If I do this faithfully, it won’t take long, and the mats in her fur won’t have a chance to form.

My goal is to do this every day for six weeks (until April 25th). Then I will consider this goal completed! 8 years ago

Candicewe have...

a miniature poodle who is 6 years old and since the day we got her as a puppy I’ve never been that good at brushing her. I didn’t do a great job training her to sit still while I brushed her and now she is sort of neurotic whenever I try to do it (squirmy, chews on her paw). I just brushed her for probably 10 minutes this evening, and my goal is to try and do it every day for at least 5 minutes. Every time she gets groomed she ends up getting buzzed pretty short, and even though I will probably continue to do the same thing, at least she won’t be uncomfortable while she is getting groomed. 8 years ago

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