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Legionella 2 years ago


We went with my friend to the beach yesterday and had a great time. Tomorrow I am meeting with another friend for coffee and tomorrow night I’m traveling for a short getaway to Seychelles alone. Can’t wait! 23 months ago

LegionellaCoffee + shopping

We met up with my friend on Wednesday morning, had breakfast at Paul and then did some succesful shopping together. 23 months ago

Legionella2 great things this week

Yesterday night we were invited to my friend’s house for dinner. Fod was good, we had a nice chat and then we played some german board game, it was the game of the year last year in Germany, but I just can’t remember the name. Anyhow, it was fun and it was good to try something new. We had a great time!
The other thing was today, we went to our favorite fish restaurant with a group of friend and had a lovely few hours together. Life just seems nice these days! 23 months ago

LegionellaShopping trip

Recently I had some shopping trips with my friend. It’s great to go with her because she sees things I probably wouldn’t notice. And of course we always sit for a drink. 23 months ago


I went for a weekend trip with my college. We had a nice time, discovered new places, ate good food and got to know each other better. They say if you want to know whether you love or hate someone, just travel together. Luckily, we were matching. :) 2 years ago

LegionellaMeet new people

Yesterday I met with a hungarian girl for a drink who works here as a cabin crew. We had a nice chat, and soon we are going out for ice-skating! :) 2 years ago

LegionellaNice Friday

We had a great Friday! We went to a new restaurant which is on the 47th floor and the floor is revolving, it was something new. Then we sat for an ice cream at Haagen Dazs.
This week I am planning to meet with a new Hungarian girl on the beach. She is a cabin crew. Also, probably we will meet up with my German friend too. It would be also time to go to aerobics or at least do some sport in the gym. 2 years ago

LegionellaLots of fun things

Last week we had holiday, so we had lots of fun things, every day! Yesterday I met up with my friend for breakfast. For this week the plan is to meet with my one friend one afternoon and another one in the morning, and also I just booked the fish restaurant for 5 of us, we, another couple and my mother. 2 years ago

LegionellaShopping trip

I met with my friend last Thursday for a breakfast at Paul’s and then we did some shopping.
On Friday we went to our usual fish restaurant with my husband, then grocery shopping and Pinkberry.
For this week the plan is manicure – pedicure with another friend. 2 years ago

LegionellaWeek five

Last Friday we had a nice evening with my husband. In the early afternoon we had a soup in Paul’s, then did the grocery shopping and then had a frozen yoghurt at Pinkberry. I love Pinkperry! (Sorry, no intension of advertising, but it’s really fantastic and even healthy!)In the evening we went out to a great fish restaurant and then walked a bit, ate chestnut, the weather was cool and lovely. 2 years ago

LegionellaWeek four

I went to Budapest and had some fun night with my friend. Nothing special, just being at home, or going to restaurant, talking and enjoying each other’s company. 2 years ago

LegionellaWeek three

I had more things plannes for this week. On Wednesday night I went with my friend to the cinema to watch Trespass. On Thursday I met with another friend and went to the souq (arabic bazaar). And on Friday I went with my husband to the Pearl Island and we had dinner at BICE. It was a nice evening. 2 years ago

LegionellaWeek two

Today I met with my friend for a coffee (hot chocolate, actually), we had a nice talk, then did some shopping together. It was nice, I need to get out more. I actually feel more fresh after going out. 2 years ago

LegionellaWeek one

Yesterday we went to the cinema with my husband, watched New Year’s Eve and then had a soup and macaroon at Paul’s. We had a good time. And something different as we don’t often go to cinema. 2 years ago

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