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Things to do for Fun!


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Dreamdancer12Mississippi Pizza and pub night

Want to go have pizza and see more preformimg groups w my sweetie. A fun date for sure! And they have good gluten free dairy free pizza! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12 3 years ago

Dreamdancer12Having more fun :)

This last weekend was really great. Things we did that were purely for fun include:

- meeting up with a new friend for tea
- Meeting four friends for pizza, and going on to a haunted corn maze with two of them
- Sleeping in and getting a chance to just snuggle and enjoy with my sweetie
- Naked lady party (clothing exchange)
- Movie night where we split up by “girls movie” and “boy’s movie.” enjoying dinner together as an intermission.

Yep, life is perking up around here! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Got to get creative

After updating my expected expdentatures for my budget and getting a reality check about the taxes I will owe this month, etc, it seems like some of my more intense and special plans for fun will have to be postponed. Need to come up with more creative and FREE or almost free sources of grins and giggles in the meantime. Ideas? 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Recent fun

Recently I’ve been having fun:

- Hooping!
- Aromatherapy baths
- Went to a movie with my sweetie on Sunday, and splurged on popcorn :)
- Snuggling with friend’s dogs and cats
- Watching inspiring youtube videos
- napping
- Swimming and hot tub with friends
- Having the free-ish time to learn more about money management and start cleaning out the corners around here! Seriously, it’s bringing me great joy!
- Ooh, hike to the water falls weekend before last…

- Looking forward to Tree to tree adventure
- kayaking a few weeks back
- planning a trip to Breitenbush hotsprings! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Lots of fun!

Passover was fun on Saturday.

- eatting holiday foods
- remembering childhood gatherings
- introducing M to smart people who get him

Easter was fun Sunday.
- cooking for everybody
- easter egg challange – very playful, with lots of laughter and physical movement silliness!

Buying a pass to go ice skating was exciting, looking forward to fun.

It was fun to tell my friend K her ticket was purchased, and hear her squeel about being able to come up for the weekend…

Fun to create a throne for propping up one of my clients who is post op and needs extra creative care right now.

Fun to journal and come up with baby steps I can take to creating my ideal life!

Fun to look forward to the weekend retreat at the beach!

Fun to reshape my eyebrows and feel well groomed again :)

Fun to keep up with all the entries and cheers here on 43things, especially giving and receiving cheer bombings! 2 years ago


I’ve really gotten a kick out the last month, and all the growth opportunities it has offered. I’ve experienced a lot of challanging moments, moments filled with amusement, glee, contentment, and awe. I’m not so sure I’d qualify many of my experiences as “fun” though.

Anyway, things I’ve enjoyed:

- Giving awesome therapeutic grade massage to highly deserving clients with challanging conditions
- Driving through the Gorge
- Snow in March
- Snuggling with my sweetie
- phone conversations with K
- J’s hubby’s birthday party
- knowing I was supporting a friend in need when we helped S move
- Getting new light bulbs for my salt lamp
- Having my home clean
- listening to new music on Pandora. 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fun the last few weeks

Things I’ve done that have felt fun over the last few weeks:

- Allowing myself to become immersed in my new relationship
- 2 Naked Lady clothing Parties
- Feeding my friends dinner
- Chatting with girl friends
- Browsing through Ikea, debating and dreaming about our future home
- Knitting while listening to meditation music
- Aromatherapy bath
- Splashing around in the pool like feisty little kids
- Helping my Dad teach ballroom dance lessons
- Watching a comedian clip
- Introducing my sweetie to one of my favorite sitcom shows
- Cooking with my partner, especially making the stew and then pizzas this weekend.
- Cleaning out my closet 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fluttery fun this week!

While it doesn’t always feel like it, often life works out so beautifully! It’s just a matter of open minded perserverance and patience…

After 5 years fliration filled rewarding friendship, circumstances shifted, and I’m now getting to explore what it’s like to be in loving partnership with the man who has fascinated and apparently truly cared for me for years!

Thriving on the sparkle of newly acknowledged feelings and the bliss of getting to communicate our caring for each other in all five love languages. Yum! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Had a blast last night

with my women’s clothing exhange. So much fun filled sexiness coupled with pragmatic cause!

And super pleased to be continuing the fun with my excursion this afternoon…. shoot, speaking of which, I better gather my hiking gear and head out the door!

Blessings for a fun, play-filled weekend for you all! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12It's a date!

Meeting up with an old friend to spend some time renewing our friendship on Saturday. Going to ride public transit to meet at the head of a trail I know of that will take us through the forest and down to the Japanese Gardesn, where I’ll get to use my 1 + guest membership to get us into the lovely sanctuary…. and then it sounds like he wants to continue on and take me out for dinner afterward :) Should be really fun! I’m excited to see how it plays out… and in the meantime not trying to control or manipulate at all, but rather pray for everything aligning for the highest good :) 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12This last week

- knitted, quite a lot!
- Watched the waves crash at the beach
- drove through the mountains
- Read a mind candy novel
- Sat and watched a professional glass blower create a graceful vase start to finish in his workshop
- Bought awesome comfortable yet fun new shoes
- Streamed sitcoms while knitting
- Enjoyed some father daughter catch up time when I went to check out a new restaurant with my dad. 2 years ago


Things that felt fun and made me grin today:

- waking up refreshed and ready to go at sunrise
- Going to my knitting class and discovering I knew more than I thought!
- Standing in the sunshine talking with a woman from my class and feeling optimistic about creating a rewarding friendship
- Going out to lunch – and sitting outside!
- Sitting outside knitting in the sunshine!
- Having a woman I met yesterday call and want to book a massage for tomorrow
- Sitting in bed knitting and listening to Celtic music on Pandora Radio. 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fun this weekend

- went on a walk in the rare winter sunshine, exploring part of my neighborhood I’d never been to before

- Journaled my hopes and dreams and generally came up with a game plan about how to kick ass this year ;)

- Checked out a new Thai Cafe that’s just opened in my area, and sat and read my novel for an hour in the sunshine while nibbling delicious food and chilling out.

- Streamed netflix…

- Nag champa essential oil!

- Cooked something new in my slow cooker.

- Going to get a massage! yippee! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12For fun the last couple weeks

- After Christmas clothing sales shopping – tried a lot of stuff on, and bought just a couple pieces, each of which I loved!

- Aromatherapy baths

- Talked on the phone with: K, S, J, T, and L.

- Slathered up in essential oil.

- Lingerie shopping with a friend

- Swam laps

- Hot tub

- Made valentines

- Made German Apple pancakes for the first time

- Wandered down town with a new friend

- Treated a friend to tea

- Treated a friend to dinner

- Reactived my on-line dating account 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fun this week

- Tried a new restraunt
- Rode the train
- Napped
- Chatted with S
- Chatted with K
- Went out to lunch with J
- Dressed up just for the heck of it for my girly lunch date
- bought a novel
- Dinner with old friends
- played Taboo
- watched sitcoms
- Tried new recipes
- Hula hooped!
- Scheduled a hair appointment including time for crazy fun color! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fun this last week

This last week I’ve had fun:

- playing banana grams
- playing chamber music
- cooking dinner with my boyfriend
- Giggling over my friend’s text book titles for her graduate school human sexuality class… some of them are FUNNY!
- connecting with a new friend over the horrors of what to wear vs. not on dates…. lucy’s active wear black stretchy pants = yes or no?
- Putting together a 1000 piece puzzle at my parent’s house.
- Riding in the front of a U-haul truck.
- seeing a new city
- Eatting at a fabulous new place my sweetie found near his new home
- mixing aromatherapy for my salt bath.
- Riding the amtrack train
- texting my honey from the opposite side of the train window
- wearing my cozy winter scarf
- Beginning to read “Swallow’s and Amazons” – a childhood favorite I haven’t picked up in years! 2 years ago

Dreamdancer12Fun I've been having

This last week I:

- Spoke with 5 different long distance friends on the phone
- Treated myself to lunch
- Read a short story
- Had a sleep over with one of my best friends
- Spent time snuggling and sharing my dreams with my boyfriend
- Had an awesome professional massage
- Went out dancing with my boyfriend
- Went to a seven senses journaling workshop to honor the winter solstice
- Watched a silly TV show
- Listened to christmas music on pandora radio
- enjoyed checking in with my 43things community :) 3 years ago

Dreamdancer12I want to have more fun in my life!

Things that I want to do simply for the fun of it:

- Hula Hoop
- Bubble bath
- Ice Skate
- Snow Shoe
- Play board games
- Play card games
- Create a brunch and games club
- Get together with other thai massage therapists to jam and be creative/have fun
- Go out dancing
- Dress up just because
- Go sledding
- Build a sand castle
- Watch movies
- Make popcorn!
- Collage
- Write letters
- Cut paper snow flakes
- Go skinny dipping
- Learn to blow glass
- Learn to belly dance
- Watch youtube dance videos
- Doodle
- Henna tatoos
- Buy flowers
- Make a fire
- Saturday Market
- Japanese Garden
- French braid hair (both my own and others)
- Learn to ride horseback
- Play Christmas Music on Pandora Radio
- Hot springs
- Bake goodies to give to family and friends
- Rock climb!
- Learn to blues dance
- Go up in a hot air balloon!
- Rent a cabbin in the woods
- Go camping 3 years ago

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