Write - at least - one (1) page (500 words) every week in 2012 and mail it to someone so it won't get 'lost'


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so today I finally got around to writing the first 18 words in two weeks.

But at least it means I’m back in the saddle again, right?

sigh. writing is hard.2 years ago

tangerine_nowAbout 1,300 words sent

Last week. I intended to write more this morning on the train (where I am now) but it is too crowded.

I have been receiving words from Smartstuff but not from Esio/Grinny or Calypte. 2 years ago

smartstuff3rd 500 sent

This is kind of a fun pace for a story. It feels nice to get such a feeling of satisfaction every 500 words.

I’m also finding that having multiple stories going at once is good for preventing writer’s block. I can switch back and forth, and keep the momentum going, even while I am stalled out on any one particular project. 2 years ago

smartstuff2nd 500 sent

Magical gemstones batman! 2 years ago

smartstuffAnother hundred words

And still a few more days until the end of the week. I am flying to NYC today, and planning to spend several hours tomorrow writing at some of my favorite places in the city. Word count ftw! 2 years ago


While I’m still receiving 500s from my mates, I am not keeping up myself because I was away for the week and a half. I am currently trying to keep up.

I am also a bit pissed that Esio dropped out so I’ll try to get her back. Missing a few weeks is no excuse. :p 2 years ago

smartstuffFirst 500 sent to Tangy

I am pretty geeked about this. I’m not sure the story is long enough to last the full year, but I may be under-estimating my narrator’s ability to ramble. He’s a talker, that one. 2 years ago

tangerine_nowReceived for last week:

  • Esio Trot
  • Calypte
    Smartstuff is excused on account of being pre-nuptially engaged, and having to entertain.
    Sent my own to Esio Trot for safekeeping. 2 years ago

smartstuffI have a story!

Now on to tackle the first week’s worth of words. (so I am running a week behind the rest of y’all. So it goes.) today’s a good day to get it done because the Internet is out at the house… But we’ll see when I am able to then get it sent out! 2 years ago


My ‘wk1’ is sent to S and stored in my dropbox along with S’s 500 words for week 1. Hopefully Calypte’s 500 will be added as well, and maybe even Smarts’ but she may be very busy because of the upcoming wedding.

x 2 years ago

tangerine_nowWoah, first week first fail?

Hells no! It just means that I either finish my piece (currently at around 200 words) tomorrow or I make a new one. Only in case of emergency will I leave it at the current 200 words and make up for the rest in the next week. But only in case of emergency!

Also it is good to see this goal growing. Make sure that it is clear to whom you will be sending your 500 words and if possible check in weekly to tell the rest of the 43ers that you’ve done your week’s 500. Keep going!2 years ago

tangerine_nowFor all my chasing after people

I haven’t written my own 500 words yet. I will! I will! 2 years ago

smartstuff 2 years ago

tangerine_nowFor a NaNo alumni

This goal should not be too hard. Still it feels like it will be. 2 years ago

tangerine_now 2 years ago

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