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succeed in my new work role


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JMoMimzey 2 years ago

JMoMimzeySome days...

I feel like I’m kicking ass…other days I feel like I’m getting my ass kicked.

I’m not sure if this is what I want to do if I have to feel so defeated half the time. 23 months ago

bermudamohawk 3 years ago

bermudamohawkmoving forward

Maybe I shouldn’t call this goal “done” quite yet since we’re making a lot of changes to our program structure in the new year, but as far as my ROLE goes, I’m feeling pretty confident and competent these days. And though I still haven’t had a formal review, I’m getting a raise next month so I’ll just assume that means I’m not failing miserably ;)

In all honesty, this goal isn’t so important to me anymore, either. I think I’m doing a pretty good job. I just want to be more present in all that I do – work included. 1 year ago

JMoMimzeyLately it has been rough

but it was better in October. I’m not sure why.

I got a raise in August, so that’s something at least.

I am exhausted EVERY SINGLE DAY. 2 years ago


I had a planning meeting with (not so) New Guy today and, for the first time since my promotion last December, I’ve finally developed clearly-defined roles for each of us (along with goals and deadlines). I finally feel like I have a (new) purpose in life at work, and it feels great.

I need to savor this moment because I’m pretty sure it won’t last more than a couple of weeks. My work life is due to get completely rocked very soon, but that’s OK. Even with the new things we anticipate coming our way, we have a plan to move forward.

It’s funny because this feeling of success comes just after I had a dream last night about asking my boss for an evaluation. I think I was subconsciously waiting on her validation before marking this goal as “complete,” when in reality I should be living up to my own standards and not hers. 2 years ago


Incredibly successful work event!

My boss pointed out that all the hard work we put into planning and preparing for the event really brought us together as a team. She’s right. In the end, everyone – staff and participants – seemed thrilled with the results, and we all walked away with renewed energy and plenty of new, practical, and innovative ideas and strategies. I am beyond anxious and excited to get back into the office and start integrating these new things into my work. 2 years ago


Yesterday my boss did something that really irked me. Actually, it didn’t bother me in the immediate, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got.

She referred to New Guy and me as “kids.” As in, “come on kids, let’s go.” I didn’t acknowledge her request until she rephrased it in a professional manner.

I get it. She’s 23 years older than me. She’s married and has a kid and cares for her ailing mother and owns her own house. I just have a boyfriend (of nearly seven years) and no children and I (gasp) rent my home. But I’m 28, dammit. She hired me more than two years ago to fulfill a professional role in the organization. When she refers to me as a “kid,” it’s demeaning. She realizes that, too. Immediately after she said it, she stopped herself as if to acknowledge that she shouldn’t make such a comment. But it’s not the first time it’s happened.

I may not be your equal – you’re the director and I’m your employee, and that’s fine – but I am certainly not your kid. Your kid is 13 and obnoxious. The only thing I have in common with your kid is that we both, from time to time, wear bows in our hair. That doesn’t make me a child.

I shouldn’t care what she thinks, but I do. 2 years ago

bermudamohawksomehow, miraculously...

we met our third quarter numbers and then some. We’re not caught up from the first and second quarters, but we’re making progress.

Even before that piece of news, I was feeling optimistic about work. I reviewed the posts I’ve written under this goal over the last 10 months. I created a comprehensive to-do list and included very few deadlines – I think I’ll be much more successful if I just make sure I’m checking a few things off each day. The list inspired me to write an email I’ve been meaning to send for weeks. I’m just getting ready to leave the office at 6pm, and I’m not even itching to go home yet.

I really needed this change in attitude. There are things about my job I can change and things that are out of my control – and it’s time to start focusing on the former and letting go of the latter. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkjust realized

that today’s my two-year anniversary at my job. That’s HUGE for me… especially considering I’m not yet planning my exit strategy ;)

I may not always love my job, but I’m so thankful for it. I’m much more confident and competent than I was two years ago, but I still have a lot to learn and room to grow. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkthe best work weeks

are the ones where you work a grand total of two days, and only one of those days is spent in the office. I swear I’ll get more done today (my one day in the office) than I would in a standard 40-hour work week. Efficiency FTW.

:) 2 years ago

bermudamohawkif I want to succeed, I should probably...

Stop making excuses. Start making progress. 2 years ago


Tomorrow is New Guy’s 3-month evaluation. To prepare, my boss and I talked today. I was as honest as I could be. I gave her the facts. She really helped me articulate what I’ve been trying to say for the past several weeks – New Guy has thoughtful ideas, but not thoughtful execution; it’s the execution that matters most. She’s still hopeful he’ll stick around for a few years. I’m not. But she understands my concerns. I know the conversation was about New Guy, but it was helpful for me, too.

I haven’t had a formal evaluation since starting my job nearly two years ago. I’d like to take that as a good thing – that my performance hasn’t been poor enough to necessitate an evaluation. Yet, at the same time, I really value constructive feedback. I’m hoping to schedule something in the near future. It’s a bit scary to voluntarily put myself out on the line like that, but it can only help my performance, right? 2 years ago

JMoMimzey3 months in

and I still feel no more confident than I did the first month. I have been doing this type of job for over 20 years and I have never felt so unsure in my life. It kind of sucks. I really really hope that I start feeling more confident and soon!!! 2 years ago

bermudamohawktalk it out

I had a REALLY good talk with my coworker (former “supervisor”) about New Guy. I had just come across a few mistakes that he made (one pretty major mistake) and asked her if I could vent/ask for advice. (Fortunately he’s on vacation for the rest of the week – respite for me AND space to vent.) She was really receptive to everything I had to say, and had a lot of valuable feedback, as well. I acknowledged that I’m still learning how to manage someone (without really being a manager, since our office doesn’t really operate on a hierarchy) while still addressing my own workload. It felt good to talk it out because together we could put things in perspective.

After our talk, I sat down and took notes. I tried to come up with a plan based on our discussion and her recommendations. While I’m not confident that I can keep New Guy from making mistakes (or, as I view it, from being apathetic), I am more confident that I can play both the role of supervisor and “team member.” Co-worker is great at putting a positive spin on things. I’m actually excited about this proposed new structure and, if it goes well, it could result in a much more productive work environment. (If it doesn’t go well, then I think New Guy might be hopeless and might not make it past his three-month review.) 2 years ago

bermudamohawkI'm sorry to be so whiny, but...

... he makes me hate coming to work. Not just sometimes, but every day. I dread walking in to find him at his desk, doing anything but work.

Yesterday while I was training him, I was trying to actively engage him in conversation. I swear he kept falling asleep. I’d ask him questions, he wouldn’t respond. I’d look over and his eyes were shut. I tried to be nice about it but I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

I (er, we, sort of) are getting things done, which is great. What’s not great is that I’m miserable.

He’s one month into his three-month probationary period. I’m trying to give him a chance to learn the ropes and try things on his own before I decide I just can’t work with him. (And even if I do make that decision, I’m probably stuck anyway – I’m not going to quit anytime soon and my boss isn’t going to fire him.)

Edit: My coworker (technically my “supervisor”) just asked me how he’s doing with a specific task (answering the phones). That opened up the opportunity for me to tell her most of my concerns. She also seemed genuinely concerned. I tried to make it clear that I wasn’t complaining about everything (and I wasn’t) but it was also hard for me to point out his strong suits. I also acknowledged that it’s only been one month and I’m trying to be patient. But it feels so good to have that off my chest, and to know that my concerns are valid. I just wonder if/hope that my boss will see it the same way.2 years ago

bermudamohawkemployee from hell

It’s only been three weeks and I already can’t stand the new guy! I’m beyond aggravated because I wanted to hire another person, but my boss’ choice won out, and now I’m stuck working with/supervising him.

He has NO motivation. Every. single. time. I ask him to do a task, I find that he’s currently browsing online news articles or blogs, or chatting with friends online (which I hear all day), or both. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I don’t also do those things, but I also get my work done. I asked him to start working on a project around noon yesterday and he hasn’t touched it yet (it’s 10am). I shouldn’t have to hand hold him.

I had a talk with him this morning, acknowledging that there can be some lulls when you’re training in a new job, but urging him to let me know when he’s not actively working on something, as to make sure he has a consistent workload. He said, “oh, yeah, well I have this [points to project assigned yesterday] to work on.” That was nearly an hour ago. He still hasn’t touched it.

The problem (in a way) is that he does pipe up with ideas and insight from time to time… enough to make it seem as if he’s really contributing to the office (in the eyes of the other staff). In fact, that’s why my boss wanted to hire him – for the new perspective. But what’s that worth if he can’t do his job 90% of the time.

And now I fear assigning him anything that requires any attention to details, since he really dropped the ball yesterday while creating BIRTHDAY CARDS. When you only make six cards for seven people AND you missed two people all together, I’m going to question your attention to detail. How’s it going to be when he’s working on REAL tasks?!

I don’t want to tattle, either. This is partially a reflection on me, as I am his supervisor. (Also, any time I’ve ever pointed out another employee’s mistake, which I’ve done a few times in the past, I’m met with a defensive response from my boss.) But I can only do so much. I can’t force him to care. 2 years ago

JMoMimzeyOne day at a time

Some days aren’t so bad and others are just rough. Today wasn’t too bad. Till about 4:00. Then it took a bad turn. I still felt like I was doing a good job but its alot of work so the last hour was non-stop and I thought I was going to have to stay to finish what I was doing when he came out and told me it could wait till tomorrow. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkgo with it

I’m back in the office after hosting a day-long training yesterday. And I’m feeling motivated and inspired. Knock on wood.

However, I’m so tired of training the new guy. I really thought those responsibilities would be split among the staff, but most of it’s fallen on me so far. This morning I was able to give him a real assignment to work on and allow myself some time to play catch up. It’s only a small assignment, but I’m hoping it will keep him busy until I’ve got the time to train again.

And really, I need to look at training as a temporary sacrifice. If I do a good and efficient job, he’ll be more self-sufficient in no time and I can get back to focusing on my core job responsibilities. And he’ll be able to lighten the load. Just need to keep reminding myself that it’s all a temporary sacrifice.

Here’s hoping that we both find a good groove within the next month-or-so. Fingers crossed! 2 years ago

bermudamohawkend of mini goal

1. Consistent progress on my main assignments (3-5 per week)FAIL.

2. Develop a summer plan (hire 2-4 interns? projects?)
Job posting is out. Already received three resumes. Have lots of ideas on what they can help with this summer.

3. Figure out how I want to delegate tasks after the new guy is fully trained
This isn’t as solid as I’d like, but nothing is at this point. I have a feeling that the new guy’s transition and training will take longer than I hope/expect, and I don’t know how helpful he’s going to be in the immediate future. More than that, I think he might take away from my productivity for the next few weeks. But then again, what productivity would I be referring to? I’m a freaking mess.

I’m trying harder but things just aren’t happening. I’m trying to figure out what’s different between now and six months ago when I was kicking ass. I’m so ashamed of how lazy I’ve become.

I’m starting to see a trend, and an explanation (not an excuse) for why I typically stay at a job for a year and a half. I come into a job knowing almost nothing. I spend some time learning the ropes and getting acclimated. I excel for awhile. And then I (consciously or subconsciously) get bored… and boredom turns into a lack of motivation and productivity. And then I look for the next “adventure” and move on. I can’t do that for the rest of my life. Not that I have any intention of staying in this job for the rest of my life, either. But if I leave now, I’ll continue the cycle.

And damn, I have a good job. Flexible as all hell. For example: I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and normally I’d come back to finish out the work day (and even stay late to make up for time out of the office) but today I also have to leave early. So I asked my boss if I could just leave for the day at 2pm, and without any further explanation she was encouraging me to take off the afternoon.

But considering that it’s 1:20 right now, I should be hard at work and wrapping things up. Instead I’m just now mustering up the motivation to start tackling the ever-growing pile on my desk. That’s not to say I’ve been a complete slacker; I really have been trying harder and eliminating some distractions lately, but I don’t have much to show for my work. The important things are not getting done. It makes me want to cry.

Edit: After finishing this entry, I just starting doing little things to address every file on my desk. Again, nothing major accomplished, but I am prepared for a more productive week next week. Here’s praying that next week doesn’t just bring more of the same. Or, better yet, that I don’t bring more of the same to next week. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkmini goal progress after one week

1. Consistent progress on my main assignments (3-5 per week)
Haha. Nope. Got about 1/3 of one assignment done. I was overzealous and didn’t think ahead with this goal. Spending so much time out of the office and in meetings this week made for little productivity on my main assignments. Definitely not a waste of time, but not what I was hoping for. Next week’s looking much more promising. Knock on wood.

2. Develop a summer plan (hire 2-4 interns? projects?)
No new progress.

3. Figure out how I want to delegate tasks after the new guy is fully trained
I’m thinking this is going to fall into place pretty quickly. My boss has lots of new ideas for tasks to delegate to him, but I made sure to emphasize that, technically, he’s my assistant and I need him to help with my workload. That’s the whole reason he was hired! I think we’ll find a nice balance. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkchange of scenery, progress on mini goals

We are FINALLY making progress in terms of reconfiguring our office to accommodate our recent growth. It’s been sloooow, but the pieces are falling into place. Half of our new computers are up and running (including mine) and my coworker is almost completely moved out of my office and into her new one… meaning within the next couple of days I’ll be settling into a new space (on the other side of my office, but I’m still excited!). A change of scenery should be nice. I’m hoping it comes with a change of mindset :P

I’ve also made some progress on the mini goals I created last week. Which is good because this week is going to be hectic. Not only will I be moving my desk space, but I’ll be out of the office for at least a day and a half (change of scenery #2!).

1. Consistent progress on my main assignments (3-5 per week)
No progress yet.

2. Develop a summer plan (hire 2-4 interns? projects?)
My boss brought up the idea of hiring interns again – how convenient! And everyone agreed that it was a good idea. My coworker is working on disseminating the job posting and I’m hoping to have 2-4 people hired by the start of June. This will be a HUGE help!
As far as future projects go, my boss is looking into having an expert in our field come out to train us all on strategy. If this wish becomes a reality, it’ll definitely help me with creating projects.

3. Figure out how I want to delegate tasks after the new guy is fully trained
Again, part of this depends on if and when we bring in this trainer. But I have an idea of how I think I want to split things up. I’ll give it more thought over the next two weeks to see if my ideas are realistic and if they’re really what I want. 2 years ago

bermudamohawktake this job and shove it!

I had a few good days in the office, then slipped back into slackerdom. Trying to keep a steady work flow around here is just proving to be difficult. That’s not an excuse, but it’s certainly a big factor is why I suck at my job.

I’m reading through a grant report that my boss just completed. As I’m reading it, I’m getting more and more frustrated about my job duties. I feel like I’m at the mercy of my boss and our grantor, and that’s not a happy place to be when I so wholeheartedly disagree with the way some of my work is accounted for. (i.e. some assignments are “worth” more than others, even though they require the same amount of work on my part.) I tried to talk with my boss about my concerns, and her reply was a suggestion to do half-assed work instead of giving something my full effort. Seriously? Maybe that’s OK with her but it’s not OK with me.

Since when did “succeed in my new work role” actually mean “bitch about my job as much as possible”? And when will I realize that all this time spent complaining or avoiding the inevitable could really be used to make SOME progress? SOME progress is better than none. Let’s see if I can trick myself into believing that.

Goals for the next two weeks (before the new guy FINALLY starts):
1. Consistent progress on my main assignments (3-5 per week)
2. Develop a summer plan (hire 2-4 interns? projects?)
3. Figure out how I want to delegate tasks after the new guy is fully trained



I had a mini meltdown this morning. Technically, it started last evening. I put it on pause for the night and it started back up this morning. R walked with me to work, taking a detour for a morning coffee date (two days in a row!). Sitting with him, sipping delicious coffee, and staring out at beautiful blue skies… I didn’t want to go to work at all. I dragged myself into the office around 9:45. Slacker.

Long story short, I’m not happy in my job right now. I can’t pull myself together. It feels like everything’s going wrong. I know that’s being melodramatic but I really don’t know what to do. I keep talking about taking a day off but I don’t see how that would fix anything – even on the least productive days I make a tiny bit of progress.

I tried making a “6-week plan for success.” I failed on the first week. And the second. Tomorrow will be the end of the 4th week and I haven’t even accomplished what I hoped to do in week 1. WTF is wrong with me?

How do I regain the momentum I had late last year? How do I thrive in this environment? I’m not ready to give up on this job, but if I don’t pull myself together soon it won’t be my choice… 2 years ago

bermudamohawktomorrow's a new day, a new week, a new attitude

I hope to put in a nine hour day tomorrow. I want to start an hour early and take advantage of my early morning brainpower (as well as some peace and quiet). I need to take some time to analyze what I’ve been doing for the past 2 1/2 months, what’s working, what’s not, and then develop a plan to catch up by the end of next month. Not that I’ll be able to do that all before 9am :) but I’d like to be into a groove by the time the office fills with other people.

I’m not living up to expectations – my coworkers’ or my own. I need focus and determination. I’m capable, I’m intelligent, and I’m good at my job. It’s time to prove that again. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkbut I don't wanna

I’m definitely having a “I don’t wanna” kind of day. Half way through and I have very little to show for what I’ve done with this Friday. I expected to have the office to myself today but instead it’s actually a nearly-full office with a reasonable amount of commotion… not what I was hoping for.

A recent cleaning out of my boss’ office has, once again, resulted in a heaping pile of files in MY office. I spent awhile this morning sorting through them, seeing what needs to be done for each file. And thus the internal whining commenced. I’ve got work on my desk that shouldn’t exist but, thanks to some intern (no offense, I’ve been an intern, too!) or a lapse in judgement, it does. I’ve got things that should’ve been in my hands months ago. I’ve got files that just make me groan. And I have to deal with it. So much to do yet nothing to do at all.

Our new employee starts training VERY part time next week. For the first time ever, I’ll be supervising someone that’s not an intern. Ca-razy. That really should be incentive for me to pull it together and bust through these tasks. So far, it’s not.

I HATE THIS ATTITUDE. I want to shake it and make some progress. This is not the employee (or person) I want to be. Time for lunch, caffeine, and Friday part 2. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkhappy monday!

I woke up early (again) today, so I decided to embrace it and start working at 7:30am. By working, I mean driving around town and posting flyers for our next event (which I started on Friday but did not finish like I was supposed to). But it was great to get out, get some fresh air, give myself an excuse to order a 24-ounce coffee, and get something accomplished so early. I was wired and ready to go when I got to the office around 8:15. Where the last three hours went, I’m not sure. I checked the messages. I responded to emails. I acknowledged the files on my desk. I set up my new shredder. (Hey, it’s something!) But I am FEELING motivated and eager to take on (slightly) more responsibility.

Great way to start the week. Jus’sayin’ 2 years ago

bermudamohawkworked up

(no pun intended)

We have a work event coming up next week. The largest event I’ve been a part of since starting this job. And my co-worker is making it very clear that I am expected to have friends, family, acquaintances, and everyone else I know attend. I am NOT OK with this. It’s an uncomfortable OBLIGATION. I just want to keep boundaries between my personal and professional lives (and I know I’ve ranted about this before, so I won’t go on TOO much). Yes, I care about the work that I do. And if someone in my personal life WANTS to go, that’s fine. But I don’t want to push it upon them. My dad and R both feel obligated to go. They have no real interest in the topic. And I can’t even offer to take them to dinner or out for drinks afterward because I’m (once again) OBLIGATED to go to dinner with staff, volunteers, and speakers. I could probably invite my dad and R, but I’d rather not. Actually, what I’d REALLY like is to go straight home, order a pizza, and watch Modern Family. But that’s DEFINITELY not going to happen.

Anyway, despite my hesitance, I sent an email to 10 people. Most of whom I know have no interest in attending, but either live in the area or maybe slightly care about the issue. My dad responded “yes,” his girlfriend has to work, and my friend is going to be away for a work training. Oh, and R verbally responded “yes.” No one else said a word. I also posted a mass invite on Facebook and it got the same response that most of my work-related posts get – NOTHING. No “likes” or comments of any kind.

The interesting thing is that my boss and co-worker both seem to be a part of the same larger network of friends (yes, they have their independent circles, but also many mutual friends and acquaintances). Many of their friends are in the nonprofit world and WANT to be a part of events like this one. My small social network does not fit this mold. I am OK with that. They’re not.

I guess I just need to take a deep breath and realize that I’m not always going to love every aspect of my job, and this is just a TINY part of what I do. I will survive. I may even end up enjoying the event. I usually do. 2 years ago


I’m trying to keep track of the new tasks I’m taking on. This includes assignments that are new to me (but old had for the organization) as well as new things that I’m implementing. Though I’m still playing catch up, I’m optimistic that by the end of February I should be in a good place. And at that same time, we’ll be bringing a new staff person on board, so that should allow me time to help train that person as well as time to focus on my newer job duties and projects.

NOTE TO SELF: update resume in a few months with my contributions to the position/organization. Just for future reference. Not going anywhere anytime soon. 2 years ago


My boss told me today that I seem overwhelmed with my workload. Truth be told, I am. She told me to ask for help if I need it. I asked her, “what would you help with?” and she responded with, “well, I don’t know… is there anything you need from me?”

I explained to her that things were going fine until she suddenly cleaned her office and loads of files ended up back in my possession. I told her it would be helpful to get things back gradually instead of all at once. (For most of November and December I was completing less-important tasks because I didn’t know there was “real” work to be done. Then, just after the new year, my “to do” wall file was spilling over for weeks and I’m just now getting it back under control.) She nodded in agreement, but I KNOW my dream of having things streamlined around here is just that – a dream. My coworker and I have DESPERATELY tried to get my boss more organized, but every attempt fails. Resulting in a mass pile of files accumulating in her office, then magically making their way back to my desk in one fell swoop.

For now, I’m playing catch up… and completing several new tasks, as well. It’s a lot, but at least I’m making progress. I won’t let my boss get me down, dammit! 2 years ago

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