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wembleyheads 2 years ago

wembleyheadsNovember assessment, December goals

Nourish vibrant health: COMPLETE

My consciousness of my health overall is better. I take more steps to take care of myself. The past two weeks of grieving have taken a toll with appetite and weight, bad sleep, crying a lot. But I know that crying and grieving is healthy and necessary, and I am not bottling things up. Though things are not perfect, nourishing vibrant health is a way of life now.

Trust my intuition: COMPLETE

It is habit now to listen to my gut feelings and heed them. Again, a way of life, marked done.

Make openhearted decisions

So heavy-hearted, I can’t even think about this one right now. I know I had been doing better, and I am hearing a better voice when fear crops up. Staying more open-hearted than before.

Develop my yoga practice

This will just move on to next year goal.

Live in abundance

This is going fairly well. My old car limped off into the sunset, and I got more for it than expected. The new car payment is manageable, considering the decrease in maintenance cost and stable house situation with new roommate. Plus job opportunity has popped up too. I think I am almost there, definitely feeling more abundant and less worried than before.

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career: COMPLETE

The current job is sustainable. Having that extra time inspired me to spend more time living, enjoying my family, enjoying activities. The job part is taking a turn for more inspiring too, as I may be on board as an adjunct starting next semester (in addition to current job). Career going in right direction.

Create a better living space: COMPLETE

Old roommate is mostly gone, new roommate is mostly in. I’ve cleaned like a maniac the past few days… constructive outlet for grief, I tell myself. Decluttering is ongoing, but the energy is already 1000% better. 2 years ago

dragonfly35 3 years ago

dragonfly35December Resolutions Review

It’s a little early to be doing this, but it’s already Thanksgiving, which means I’m not so into my 2012 resolutions any more. :) I’m beginning to think about next year, and I’d like to set these aside, contemplate what worked and what didn’t, and move forward.

Succeed at work I love and become independent of work that does not nourish me – COMPLETE

This goal definitely came together for me this year – at least in the way I originally intended. I have been successful in finally freeing myself from the work I no longer wanted to be doing. However, I have found that taking on a second college class has been financially beneficial but very stressful. I will seek a way to balance my efforts more in spring semester, and if I’m unable to do so, then I will need another similar goal. There’s no question in my mind that the work which truly lights me up is teaching yoga. The degree to which any other work remains part of my life will be a process of trial and error in the coming years, I believe.

Create abundance – COMPLETE

This goal went beautifully for me this year, and I truly feel like it has been accomplished.

Wedding planning – COMPLETE

The best part of my year. :)

Creativity – to be continued…

This is one of two resolutions that I honestly cannot mark complete. Of course, I do find opportunities for creativity through my work, but nowhere near the degree of this I need to be healthy and happy. I will continue to seek ways to approach this in the future. It is definitely a part of feeling fully balanced, and therefore completely worth working on.

Meditation – to be continued…

I considered labeling this one “total fail” but went with “to be continued” instead. I had very limited success with this goal in 2012, and am continuing my record of not achieving it with November Reboot. I meditate occasionally, but my practice is clearly lacking vigor. I think that this will be my main focus in 2013. Like the creativity resolution, I think it is essential for true health, happiness, and a balanced life.

Compassion – COMPLETE, but not as intended

I intended this resolution to be about working through Karen Armstrong’s 12 steps to a compassionate life. I made no progress with that goal, but I can truly say that I worked hard on cultivating compassion this year, particularly when faced with antagonistic behavior. I think I’ve also made a lot of progress on self-compassion. For these reasons, I marked the resolution complete. The practice, of course, is ongoing for life.

Overall, I’d say that I bit off a little bit too much this year with 6 big, nebulous, time-consuming resolutions. Next year, I think I will focus on only two main things:
  1. Practice yoga. This includes all of the practices of yoga: philosophical study, including the cultivation of compassion, a regular asana practice, a regular meditation practice, and other aspects as well.
  2. Write. Of course, I want to cultivate other types of creativity, but it’s writing that is really missing from my life. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsOctober assessment, November goals

photo from 9 October 2009, back in Chicago

What a month of many changes and many blessings! October has felt like a special month of change, ever since my time in the midwest. There is nothing like seeing the trees make their dramatic changes to inspire me likewise. Though we don’t have fall colors here, the heat begins to abate, the air still changes and sometimes gets that crispness, the wind shifts and sounds come from different directions… Change is afoot, and I love October :) November, here we come!

Nourish vibrant health

October Did not get enough sleep or water… rats! Did do an excellent job at expressing my emotions, which resolved liver pain. Digestion is up and down. Am dancing weekly. Spent amazing time with family. They mean so much to me. Made lots of camping plans, and that good fresh air fixes many things :)

November Keep this excellent dance habit! Keep acupuncture… it is always transformative and helpful. Keep expressing feelings. Try to get more sleep. That is probably affecting the digestive issues. Make more time to cook again. Go camping :)

Trust my intuition (COMPLETE!)

This has been going amazingly well! I think I have really learned how to do this! :) When my gut says things I want to believe, I am choosing to trust it, instead of doubt! When it says things I don’t want to hear, I stop to unravel why. I have yet to see some of the outcomes of this strategy, but I believe this is working!!

Make openhearted decisions

October This has really improved, too. Hung the quote in the mirror again: “The fear will not help you save what you have; it will make you lose what you could become.”

November It is really tied to trusting my intuition, and believing in abundance, which facilitate my letting go of fear. Remember the recommendation to put things into “heart-voice” and ask for what I need or want, instead of shutting down in fear.

Develop my yoga practice

October Failed at meditation goal. Realized sleep deprivation has to be addressed first. Acknowledged that I made a conscious decision to stop practicing asana last June, and have been working on re-balancing some imbalanced muscles. I will be able to practice asana again at some point.

November This is not a huge area of focus. With this many goals, something has to get backburnered. I’m still getting exercise with dancing and hiking, so all is not lost in the health arena. I’ve done many other things to give peace of mind, and this will come back up next year. Am making good progress on muscle re-balancing with massage.

Live in abundance

October In the black. Saying yes. Giving more. Received an unexpected raise at the start of fiscal year. Raised a heap of money for my sister’s MS fundraiser. Am receiving love in abundance!! :) I am so much more able to see the universe acting in my life.

November Keep giving. Find a way to re-budget for a car payment. The regular expense will be more manageable than surprise repairs. Random car failure does not feel abundant :D Love, love, love. ♥

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career

October I still haven’t gotten rid of the teaching supplies, but have made some offers. A few miracles of the universe happened that has landed a promising interview on Monday.

November This has been sustainable, and inspiring may be on the way. STUDY tomorrow!! Keep up this positive and grateful attitude. Everything is going in the right direction, and starting to make sense. :)

Create a better living space

October Hell yes!! Rectified something with current housemate. Signed a lease with new housemate to move in here early December. This is really changing for the better.

November Clutter is really oppressive; get rid of it! Make space for this new housemate in as many ways as possible. It will not be hard to be gracious, as this is a huge blessing. 2 years ago

dragonfly35November Resolutions Review

Apparently, it’s November.

Succeed at work I love and become independent of work that does not nourish me – COMPLETE

October assessment: Although I marked this done, I said that I wanted to increase my yoga teaching schedule. That didn’t happen, and I also managed to feel completely overloaded with my other job (which, by the way, is supposed to be part of the nourishing work, although it sure didn’t feel that way this month.) I think I don’t want to make any increases (unless one falls in my lap) until the new year.

Create abundance – COMPLETE


Wedding planning – COMPLETE



October assessment: I wrote a little, but not enough that I feel it really honored this goal.

November goals: This will be part of the mental health portion of November Reboot.


October assessment: I had some meditation sessions at the Crib, but have not done well at integrating this back into my daily life.

November goals: This is also part of the November Reboot.

Compassion – ON HOLD

. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsAugust/September assessment, October goals

I completely forgive myself for not writing last month… I’m glad I spent that time with my kitty instead.
Why is this list so long? Seriously, self? Mental note, fewer areas of focus next year!

Nourish vibrant health

August/September Some backsliding on digestion with stress. Sunday cooking went very well, and acupuncture was frequently cathartic.

October Keep up drinking water, see if even more is possible. Keep trying to get enough sleep. Deal with the anger paining my liver.

Trust my intuition

August/September This went shockingly well with understanding my cat. It was a struggle to have faith during the chaos, but indeed it was spot-on the whole time. I think it would have gone as shockingly well with dating, were it not for mixed signals. Almost like my gut feeling was sabotaged from outside. I suppose we can always choose to disregard our signs. Or else my gut was totally off the mark… Either way, it has been a learning experience to see that situation unfold.

October Act on what happened yesterday…don’t ignore it. I saw something that can’t expect to change, and have to make my own move. That is not a choice out of fear, it is out of health and safety, so don’t sweat it, just go. Writing in feeling journal + acupuncture is great for honing this, so keep doing it.

Make openhearted decisions

August/September Made many decisions based on hope instead of fear. Even several major ones. A long road to go… fear still flares up like a fog sometimes.

October Live now, live now, live now…. Live in hope, but not the festering hope that holds on too long to something dead. Loose and light and free, that is what an open heart feels like. A gentle breeze.

Develop my yoga practice

August/September Asana fail. Still somehow navigating with more grace than before.

October Forgive self for fail, and read the Judith Lasater book collecting dust. There are ways to apply yoga to my life even if daily asana is not right for me right now. Meditate… shoot for 300 min this month.

Live in abundance

August/September Things are in the red but less so… Several moments of abundance were critical (thank you vet, thank you car mechanic, thank you so many…). This is up and up.

October Give more. Give as much as possible. Remember that revolutionary morning in the pink classroom? The mirror effect. Keep saying yes. This will go somewhere.

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career

August/September Classes going well. Work going fine. Valuing the flexibility and benefits of this job, even though it does not feel like a forever job. It is allowing the rest of my life to inspire me. Chose 2 nights/week of class, which is more sane and above all sustainable.

October Practicing outside of class brings me so much joy… create more opportunities to do that. Start to open eyes for a chair for November. Let go of the teaching supplies (gasp) and remember abundance- if those things are needed again, they will be available. I will not be without.

Create a better living space

August/September Lily gave us a gift of not fighting for quite a while. Still, this situation needs to change. It is unhealthy and unstable. I’m not sure even my kindly landlord is worth this. Is hauling laundry really that bad, in comparison to the past two years?

October Eyes and ears. Purge the clutter. Make abundant space for someone or someplace else. See what little is necessary. Anything that hasn’t been opened in a year needs to find a new home. Those teaching papers are holding me down like an anchor of a thousand dead trees. Give them back to the earth. 2 years ago

dragonfly35October resolutions review

I can’t believe we’re almost done with September already! I think that next year, I’ll be more focused with my resolutions. It’s been almost impossible to stay on track with all the resolutions I had this year.

Succeed at work I love and become independent of work that does not nourish me – COMPLETE

September Assessment: I lost three yoga classes this month due to the closing of the studio, and I gained one new yoga class. I’m into the flow of things at the college and both my classes are going better. Getting a diagnosis for my hypothyroid condition and starting medication has also helped me to find the energy to devote to my work. I feel like having two classes at the college and a number of yoga classes is perfect for me; much less sure that I would want full-time work at the college. I did mark this done last month (although I’m continuing to assess here) because I have finally given up the work at the language school, which was really dragging me down, and have been succeeding more and more at the other work I do.

October goals: I want to increase my yoga teaching schedule by a class or two, if I can. Otherwise, I’d just like to continue along the same lines of what I’m doing now.

Create abundance – COMPLETE

September assessment: Oh, my goodness. In September, I finally made what I would call a decent amount of money. I’ve been able to buy myself a couple of things, and I’ve put some money into savings. It’s amazing! I feel so abundant right now. I marked this goal complete, and I won’t post to it any more unless I feel like it.

Wedding planning – COMPLETE



September assessment: I did start blogging again, but I haven’t written up the wedding, nor have I thought about Christmas crafts. I also didn’t blog as much as I would have liked.

October goals: Write more (blogs, poems, etc.) – also write up the wedding, figure out Christmas gifts.


September assessment: This has been such an on-and-off goal. I didn’t re-establish a regular practice this month, but I did go back to yoga class and do some meditation from time to time.

October goals: Keep trying to do this daily.

Compassion – ON HOLD

Of course, I won’t stop trying to be compassionate in my daily life, but I’ve decided to put the resolution of trying to make a systematic study of compassion on hold. I won’t post to it any more unless there’s something particular to say. 2 years ago

dragonfly35September resolutions review

Finally, we are married and I am trying to get back into my routines. It’s slow going, but I am patient. :)

Career building

August assessment: It was lovely to have a break from work. I really needed it, even from the work I enjoy. Since returning from the honeymoon, I’ve been thrown right back into the swing of things. It remains to be seen if this new schedule is nurturing or draining. I have been doing lots of (yoga) subbing, which I worried would be overkill but has actually been really nice. I have been able to completely turn down work from the language school except exam consulting, which is liberating after all these years of feeling I couldn’t afford to leave the industry entirely.

September goals: Keep working on finding a solid schedule or routine that will allow me to care for my physical and mental health. By the end of the month, be ready to reassess and make some decisions about (a) whether I want to add more yoga work, and (b) whether I am interested in keeping two classes at the college, whether I am interested in any future full time work there, etc. In other words, by the end of September, I hope to know enough about how my new schedule is affecting me to start to consider what I want to do “when I grow up” (or at least in the next year or so – ha ha!)

EDIT: I went back and looked at the wording of this resolution, and I decided to mark it complete on the resolutions tab. I do feel I’ve been successful at the work I love AND that I’ve become independent of the work that was draining my energy the most. I will continue to work on this and post about it, though, because this requires constant reassessment.

Create abundance

August assessment: I did not stress about money, which was my goal. I did dip into my savings, but I still need to sort out what C is going to give me money for (towards wedding costs) so I will recoup some of that. I enjoyed the wedding experience without worrying about money, and although I still haven’t really gotten a paycheck and although my bank is screwing me over with some new $12 fee for not having any direct deposit income this summer, I still feel abundant.

September goals: I’m finally having a little money come in over this week, and should be getting a decent paycheck at the end of September. I’m also getting put on hubby’s insurance! My goal for September is actually to spend a little and make some purchases I’ve been putting off. I desperately need some new clothes for work (both at the college and yoga teaching) and to get some medical things done.

Wedding planning – COMPLETE

August assessment: Done and dusted. Of course, not everything went as planned, but our wedding was a smashing success. Everyone got along great, we got married, there was tenderness and love in the air, and a good time was had by all. Our honeymoon couldn’t have gone better. And to my surprise, getting married actually has changed things between us. I like it. :)

September and beyond: This resolution is complete and no further review of it is necessary. :D


August assessment: We had a fun and creative wedding. After that, the only creativity I’ve really had time for is lesson planning! I want to get back to writing – desperately want to! – and maybe some crafting that isn’t wedding related. And I’d like to write up our wedding properly too! But so far, I’m just keeping my head above water.

September goals: Write up our wedding. Start blogging again. Also, by the end of September, I’d like to come up with some ideas for making Christmas presents (maybe).


August assessment: I didn’t really fit in meditation or yoga in August. Since I’ve returned, I’ve struggled to re-start this part of my routine. I have been teaching a lot and even meditating while teaching meditation, which is never the same because you are in charge of directing things and watching the clock, but it put me back in the zone a bit.

September goals: Sit. Daily.


August assessment: Once again, have not really found time to consider this in any conscious way.

September goals: I am seriously feeling like this is going to be the resolution I give up (or rather postpone until next year). Next year, I’d like to do some in-depth spiritual study of the Bhagavad Gita and do some of the compassion exercises. If this happens, it happens. More likely, I will focus my energy on the other resolutions for the remainder of this year. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsJuly assessment, August goals

Nourish vibrant health

July: Digestion has been amazing! I am pleased with my tummy’s progress being off gluten for so long. A lot of foods have come back into my diet. Sunday cooking has been going well. Acupuncture wonderful as always. Had a good massage. Visited with family members a few times. Skin broke out really badly, either from wheat-based kitty litter or massage cream. Should be sorted out soon. Not sleeping enough, but getting the hang of it.

August goals: Get more sleep, drink more water, and keep up the good work :)))

Trust my intuition

July: Trusting my intuition has been going better. I am not writing in feeling journal that much, though. It is more intense than I expected it to be. I am talking more about my feelings out loud… it’s accomplishing something without going all the way down the rabbit hole yet.

August goals: The biggest challenge is listening to my gut and trusting that I will know what to do for my sick kitty. She still has so much life in her, and intuition is the only thing that will let me know when that right time is. Working on trusting that I will know, and listening to sweet kitty. Also, my gut has scheduled a session this Friday that has intriguing potential.

Make openhearted decisions

July: To make decisions not based on fear, that is the point. Still working on it. Have been patient with myself.

August goals: Take deep breaths. Have the courage to let my guard down more often. What is that guard actually good for, besides keeping myself locked in? Keep taking the kitty for daily outdoor adventures. It is going to be so fun taking her outside at the farm this weekend. :) And figure out how to let her go with an open heart when the time comes.

Develop my yoga practice

July: Asana and meditation practices obliterated by full-time job, full-time classes, and realizing I need more stability than flexibility.

August goals: Think about yamas and niyamas. Start with the basics, and breathe in the belly. Need strengthening.

Live in abundance

July: Accepted little things here and there. Doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes changing the little things is a bigger deal than changing the big stuff. This was progress. Think about all the stuff at the pool party. Good job, me.

August goals: There are so many kitty bills and broken car bills… don’t let them get me down. A week into August, a friend has helped me abundantly. Strange things have happened to give you small reprieves…. There is so much to be grateful for.

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career

July: Taking classes full time after work. Got amazing deal on table off craigslist. Made the right choice to not apply for south pole.

August goals: Really consider taking four nights of class all fall, and go for it. Go boldly and suck some marrow out of life. What I’m doing now isn’t cutting it, and the future is wide open…

Create a better living space

July: Made a list of things I appreciate about the housemate. That’s going alright. Totally failed at my Olympic bootcamp of decluttering.

August goals: Get rid of more things. Clutter is not healthy. Talk to housemate about rest of semester and choose to stay put. 2 years ago

dragonfly35August resolutions review

To be honest, there isn’t much on my mind but the wedding, and won’t be for the next week or so. Most of my goals are on hold, to be picked up again after the wedding. Fall semester will be busy and bring its own challenges, but I’m looking forward to the change of pace.

Career building

July assessment: Actually, the full wording of this resolution is: succeed at work I love and become independent of work that does not nourish me. This month, I finally wrote to the woman in charge of the language school to say I will not be able to sub there any more in fall. Becoming independent of the language school world is a huge step for me as I move towards this goal. (I will actually, time permitting, continue to consult with exam prep students for at least one more session ~ because I enjoy that, not because I have to.) Not to count my chickens, but I’m hopeful that I will make a living this fall for the first time in ages. There will be challenges with the new work schedule, but I’m trying it on for size, and I’m excited. I have not done as much as I’d hoped to get ready for the semester, but I have done some good work and hope everything will go well in the fall.

August goals: Take a good break from all my jobs, and come back refreshed and ready to rededicate myself mid-August. By the end of September, I’ll hopefully be in a position to make some decisions about whether my schedule is working for me and what I could add or take away to make it work better.

Create abundance

July assessment: I have not been very frugal, but I still seem to be hanging on and haven’t dipped into savings yet! I probably will have to by the end of this month, as I’ll have more reduced earnings due to my vacation/ wedding, but I’ve been feeling surprisingly unrestricted lately and have been “finding” the money to do the things that matter.

August goals: Don’t stress about money. Use my savings when I need to – that’s what they’re for. Enjoy the wedding and honeymoon.

Wedding planning:

July assessment: We leave town tomorrow and get married in 8 days. I feel relatively calm and prepared. I’m excited about the cool details and surprises we have for our guests. I’m sure not everything will go as planned, but I feel like I will take it in stride. I’m excited to see everyone and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

August goals: Get married on August 4th, and then mark the goal (and resolution) complete.


July assessment: Still a couple of fun, creative wedding projects that I enjoyed and feel proud of. Wrote my vows too. Some creative lesson planning as I prepare for fall semester as well. That’s about all the creativity I’ve had energy for.

August goals: Take a break. When I come back, I’ll be busy. I’d like to renew my efforts towards this goal in the fall, once I get my new schedule established, but again I think I’ll be carrying this one forward another year.


July assessment: Not really happening.

August goals: Find time for meditation around the time of the wedding and during our beautiful hike. Then, reestablish a routine when we return.


July assessment: Again, other than my constant practice of this principle through teaching and living, which I do do, I haven’t put conscious effort towards this goal this month – but didn’t expect to.

August goals: Same as before. Any intensive investigation of this will have to wait until September or later, I’m afraid. 2 years ago

dragonfly35July resolutions review

I guess it’s about that time. I have to say that I don’t think I really understood how much work I would have to do to get ready for this wedding. I really thought it would be pretty relaxed to be not working and just doing wedding preparations and course preparations, but it has actually been quite hard. I am challenged to really develop the other areas of my life right now.

Career building

June assessment: I did not create a yoga workshop, nor did I really advertise or do much work on building the business. Sadly, business has been really poor, too. Apparently this is common in summer, even at established studios. The good news is that I have gotten an opportunity to start as a sub at another studio, and hopefully will start to pick up other hours. And we are not giving up yet. :) I have also been working on the cultural SLO project and putting a lot of work into building really effective course materials for fall. I will have two fall classes as well, which means I will be dropping off the grid at the language school at last (other than probably continuing with exam consulting, which I enjoy). This means success with this goal is on the horizon, although I will still need to work to make the workload doable.

July goals: I think for July, I just want to get as much work done on materials and syllabi for fall semester as I can and continue with yoga the way it is for now. The owner of the main place has some marketing tricks up her sleeve, and I will go along with them and see what happens. I will reassess everything when I return and fall semester begins.

Create abundance

June assessment: Amazingly, I have not dipped into my savings yet this summer. I’ve been able to pick up just occasional ESL subbing and I haven’t really had that many students at yoga so my income is abysmal, but somehow I’ve managed to do fine with the money I had in checking and the money I’ve made. C’s generosity (and that of a few others) has, of course, helped. I actually haven’t been as frugal as I probably should be, but somehow I’m feeling pretty abundant.

July assessment: Just keep on keeping on. This seems to be working somehow. I may just be able to maintain my savings account this summer by some miracle.

Wedding planning:

June assessment: We are almost there, and we are doing a good job of forging ahead with the plans. There is still more work to be done, but it is looking doable now. Great job in June and the first few days of July.

July goals: Get ‘er done. We leave town for the wedding July 28 and the wedding is August 4, so with a few exceptions, what doesn’t get done in July won’t get done. :) I will be saying goodbye to this resolution early next month.


June assessment: I have been writing a little, but not terribly creatively. My wedding crafts are saving this goal for the time being.

July goals: I don’t know how much I will have energy for creativity wise this month. This resolution may be carried with me into 2013… :)


June assessment: Fell off the wagon completely in June. I’m not sure I meditated once outside of yoga class.

July goals: It’s easy to think “I don’t have time” but that’s when I need it most. Get back on that wagon in July, girl.


June assessment: Besides practicing in my life when it has come up, I have not had energy to devote to this goal explicitly.

July assessment: I think I will just keep implementing this “in the flow” in July. This doesn’t seem to be the right time for in-depth study and contemplation. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsJune assessment, July goals

Nourish vibrant health

June: Very hectic month with too much travel. Ramped up acupuncture during a period of transition. Mostly maintained healthy diet, got in hikes and even hit a gym once. Sunburned, not so good. Quality family time with two home visits and a couple of sister lunches, and excellent time with long-lost-friends. Started writing down feelings in a journal, but fell off after about a week. Said no to an obligation that was not healthy for me.

July goals: Sleep is a higher priority with night classes now. Preparing food on Sundays is key to healthy food through first half of each week. Still need to look at my food more while I’m eating it… slow down and be grateful :) Reduce acupuncture to 1-2x month. More water, fewer supplements? Also, feeling journal helps my digestion.

Trust my intuition

June: Part of my intuition this month involved better communication. And the biggest thing… jumping on an opportunity with my gut, instead of letting my brain shred it :D

July goals: Feeling journal, feeling journal, feeling journal… it’s the only way I’m actually going to take the time to listen to what’s happening in there and get out of my head. Sit and scan first, then write. DAILY or at least 3x/week.

Make openhearted decisions

June: Yesterday, I wondered what actually constitutes an open-hearted decision. This is going to take some pondering.

July goals: Continue to ask myself why I am choosing what I am choosing. There is still a large fear component in my decision-making. Add some reflection on this to the feeling journal. Let go of someone without closing them out… really a challenge.

Develop my yoga practice

June: Private yoga session developed some guidelines for my cikitsa. Practiced several times on my own, and used as many classes as I could on the expiring pass.

July goals: Cikitsa for integrating my legs. Return to other studio 1-2x/week until pass runs out in August. Be more mindful of muscle pairs and what actually needs balancing. Higher priority on the other 7 angas. Try to make it to one of the meditations per week.

Live in abundance

June: Trying to say yes more, to be open to receive. Used an abundance of tuition vouchers. Accepted little things like figs and grapes, and larger things like car mechanic work and healing touch. Still found myself saying no to things that I should have accepted; that is okay, room to grow :)

July goals: Continue to recognize and value the abundance in flexibility I have right now. Be more open to touch. Say yes as often as possible. Yes Man ?

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career

June: Finally understood why I have this boring job… to have the time, flexibility, and tuition vouchers to get a license in massage therapy. Making that decision quickly and getting into the courses has been an excellent gut decision. I feel very good there, even when nervous about not knowing how to do things. This helps with being open to receive, and practicing open-heartedness and connection with others. I’ve even worked harder and more efficiently at day job with less sleep.
Also talked to friend about south pole, a job I am not well-qualified for, but with an opportunity for amazing travel. Funny… travel was not a part of my 2012 vision. Maybe that needs to happen in a different year. My intuition wants to seize this health-oriented opportunity.

July goals: Keep up with night classes. Get sheets and table in the second half of this month or early August. Reflect on sending resume for south pole, or letting it go this time around.

Create a better living space

June: Put out vibes for a new place. Window-shopped a bit. Mostly laid low, and spent little time on this due to travel and time spent in night classes. Got rid of 3 boxes of stuff.

July goals: Continue to lay low. Frankly, too tired and busy to worry about the housemate situation, and seeing him less anyway. Moving would not be easy in this brutal heat or with this night class schedule. Get rid of more things. The less I have, the more mobile I will be when the opportunity arises. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsAssessment of year-to-date progress

Heck yeah, I’m gonna assess my progress on goals I didn’t know I had ;)

Nourish vibrant health

So far: Doing acupuncture twice per month. Stopped eating gluten, corn, soy, cow dairy. Avoiding nightshades and sugar. Drinking at least 4 L of water per day. Three visits to chiropractor. Yoga gaining consistency (more below). Have dusted off the bike and ridden more than the past two years combined. Been on several walks, slow-paced, admiring birds, usually with a companion or two. Have spent quality time with family. So far so good on this one :)

June goals: A good swift hike this weekend (see how the old shoes are). Hopefully will be okay with altitude and do my first 14er this month. Continue acupuncture twice per month. Do more cupping at home. Keep up with yoga. Spend time with friends. Look at my food more while I’m eating it… slow down :) Need to schedule a chiropractor visit. Further out, do a reiki attunement. Will ride bike more after summer heat.

Trust my intuition

So far: Well, this one hasn’t been so good for a long time. Doing major work in this area. Yoga and acupuncture have helped with some emotional blocks that make this one hard.

June goals: I’m not sure exactly how to get better at this. Maybe I need to write more things down when they pop up. I’ve been trying to notice more, and some things have shocked me. I changed a supplement this week and it turned out well… my gut instincts aren’t bad, I just don’t always listen to them.

Make openhearted decisions

So far: Sometimes I’m okay at this, but have made a lot of big decisions in the past few years out of fear. Both yes’s and no’s (Hey English majors, what is the right way to type that?! I have no idea!) are too-often coming from a place of being closed.

June goals: Put a different kind of thought into decision-making. At the very least, ask myself why I am choosing what I am choosing. Friend suggested I watch a Jim Carrey movie, Yes Man ;)

Develop my yoga practice

So far: Yoga immersion in January, then a lull, followed by practice 1xweek with teacher. Workshop in March, private session in May and June. The insight from my teacher Saturday was perfect timing.

June goals: Keep practicing yoga chikitsa from last Saturday. Did it Sunday and Wednesday mornings. Really want to start going to bed earlier and waking to practice for one hour every morning. That is my biggest goal on this topic. Also, use the 6 classes on the pass, and continue to go to other studio until pass runs out in August.

Live in abundance

So far: This needs an attitude change! I worry too much about what is missing instead of realizing what is here, especially with finances. I like the idea of writing in a notebook every time I spend money, to see if my spending is in line with my life goals. There are also non-monetary things I need to view as abundance.

June goals: Get a little notebook. Abundantly use the tuition vouchers I just received. Recognize and value the abundance in flexibility I have right now. Celebrate the frequent flyer miles and friends in Denver that make this upcoming trip possible.

Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career

So far: Ugh. Current job is sustainable in stress, flexibility, and benefits, but is sooo uninspiring. I am not completely surprised that I’m this bored, but I had really looked forward to working here. I wonder a lot about why I can’t just be happy with this. I am sure it doesn’t help that the only person I interact with regularly hates our job. If I could also teach, that would be an improvement; teaching is a wonderful fit for me (unfortunately, the school I was at was not), and have applied for a relevant adjunct position. On other job fronts, I private tutored all semester, but was not paid in full even the half-price rate I offered my friend. I did enjoy it, and he is a friend… will probably chalk it up as business loss and learn a lesson. Have also been made a lovely offer to gain free experience on another front, which needs some bravery on my part, as well as 3 tuition vouchers for this summer and 3 for next year.

June goals: Chill for this month. Try to regenerate a spark for the job I’m in. Register for a night class. Talk to friend about south pole. Plan on scary goal for July.

Create a better living space

So far: I love my home, the location, the quietness, the landlord. I do not like living with my housemate, mostly because I do not like cleaning up after him or nagging him to do it himself. I don’t understand why this continues to be an issue. Well, and there is my lingering discomfort after his unwanted advances New Year’s Eve; things went downhill from there. Other options: plan for the higher expense of living alone or find a different housemate.

June goals: Lay low on this. Hell, some days I don’t even know if I want to stay in Austin. Get more clarity on job thing first. Until then, be more gracious with my housemate, and try not to sweat the kitchen messes, sweaty gym towels, etc. Work out a cleaning partnership—could it be that simple? 2 years ago


I’ve been pondering my resolutions for the remaining months of 2012 (and beyond?). It is important that my word choice be meaningful and inspiring to me, which has already improved by writing this entry.

Nourish vibrant health
Trust my intuition
Make openhearted decisions
Develop my yoga practice
Generate abundance
Cultivate a sustainable, inspiring career
Create a better living space

This seems like a lot! Briefly I thought this might need to be trimmed to make it more achievable, more focused. But I lean toward “no.” I’ve been on a small island for refueling for six months. I’m not refueled, and the map for the next leg of the trip is still missing, but the overhaul that began in spring 2011 is still full-on. It feels odd and disconcerting, to be in such a boring lull with a distinct undercurrent of uprootedness and unrest; to be on this precipice of change, not knowing what that change is going to be, just that it has to happen. Like the eye of an internal storm, that I shall brew just as I desire. There is just a hint that winds are picking back up. :) 2 years ago

dragonfly35June resolutions review

Career building

May assessment: I got through the semester and got all my grades in early. I still have a student who is complaining that I discriminated against her – we will see if she proceeds to a formal complaint. Hopefully she just goes away now. I certainly did not discriminate against her, but I would hate to have to go through a review process because it would be unpleasant for everyone. I have made some notes for how to improve next semester. I have been pursuing yoga opportunities and started a new class this month. I’m doing a demo lesson on Thursday for another studio, so hopefully I’ll be able to build my schedule even more.

June goals: No more messing around – create a yoga workshop, get more advertising, and really work on building my business this month. Take a brief break from ESL, and then work on the cultural SLO project and on getting ready for Fall semester.

Create abundance

May assessment: I actually did a good job of picking up extra money for teaching yoga and other jobs this month, and have arranged some extra work for the next couple of weeks. Although I feel I’ve been indulging in some luxuries, my spending is also way down this month. I didn’t exactly reach my goal of keeping these treats to healthy and nurturing ones, but I guess I didn’t overdo it financially. I’ve been having trouble remembering to record my spending again, but I am more or less back on track with that. Although I am approaching a time of reduced income, I’m still feeling pretty abundant as I approach the month of June. I think abundance is mostly an attitude after all.

June goals: I’d like to do the extra work I have scheduled for now, but not accept too much ESL subbing for the rest of the month – maybe a day here or there, but no more full weeks of work. I’ll continue to be frugal except for planned expenditures and to fully enjoy free or cheap indulgences. It’s a good chance to get healthy and enjoy some of the things that are available to me for free.

Wedding planning

May assessment: Just over 2 months remaining. We did work a little on the ceremony and reception details, but need to do more of this next month. We didn’t get his suit (he’s putting it off, but I’m not too worried about it…) We contacted all our guests about their travel plans, but they aren’t being the most communicative. There have been a few hitches with the guest list, but we are remaining pretty calm about everything so far.

June goals:Big wedding organization push next month. Most stuff needs to be completed! I have a separate list, but I’d like to be working on this pretty actively daily or nearly daily, except for the days I have work scheduled.


May assessment: Not much happened in May, although I got more creative about my yoga class plans this month. I also started designing our wedding reception centerpieces.

June goals: I want to write a lot in my blogs, maybe some poetry… There will be wedding crafting to be done this month. I need to write my vows, too!


May assessment: More consistent this month, although there have still been some lapses.

June goals: Continue to build on my daily practice.


May assessment: Doing a lot of loving kindness meditation for someone who has caused a lot of difficulty in my life. Very challenging and rewarding practice.

June goals: Reread the next chapter of the book and make a plan to proceed. (Yes, this has been my goal for several months.) 2 years ago

Paige 2 years ago

dragonfly35May resolutions review

I’m feeling pretty chilled out as I begin the month of May. This is because I’ve let go of some of the things that I wasn’t getting done. I’ve decided not to work full-time in June and July, so I hope to dedicate myself to my goals during that time.

Career building

April assessment: It’s been a tough month at work, but I’ve been doing as well as I can at managing my time and energy, and it helps to see the end of the semester on the horizon. I’ve had some great feedback from my boss, and he is trying to get me more hours and a better schedule for next semester, which is great news. I’ve decided to try to build my yoga classes as well, and while I haven’t put the time and energy into some aspects of that as I’d intended, I’ve put in applications to work at a couple of studios and it sounds like I’ll be starting at one of them in May.

May goals: At the college, get through the end of the semester with grace, while meeting all the key deadlines. Also, I will continue to pursue yoga opportunities so that I can build my resume in June and July.

Create abundance

April assessment: I didn’t make as much as last month, but I did bring in enough to live on. However, I completely failed to make a budget or track my spending in April. In one sense, this created a sense of abundance because I was more casual about money, but it probably wasn’t good in terms of saving money for the lean months ahead. I did a better job at saying no to work that was going to put me over the edge of my endurance. I also talked to my fiance about money and made the decision about focusing on yoga in June and July. Being able to try this, financially speaking, makes me feel my life is very abundant! I’m truly grateful to him for his support, financial and emotional, in my endeavors. I also enjoyed my birthday trip to Kripalu, and enjoyed the abundance of this experience in so many ways.

May goals: My May paycheck will be short, and then nothing at all in June and July in terms of the college job, so I will have to be fairly frugal. Having said that, I need to update my wardrobe and a few other things, so I’m not going to be ridiculous. My goal for May is to be intentional about my treats for myself – making them things that are healthy and nurturing, and that serve me long term.

Wedding planning

April assessment: Three more months! In some ways, we are doing well, and in some ways we’re still behind. I have finally sorted out my alterations and all my accessories (except I’m still having minor issues with the shoes). He is behind on his attire, but that’s not really my problem. We finally got our plane tickets, and I’ve started crafting but then gotten stalled after spring break. That’s OK, though, because I’ll now have time in June and July, and I have a sense of how long things will take. We have most of the RSVPs in, and can really start honing in on the details. We are stalled on the ceremony, and need to get on that. We registered and have received some camping and backpacking stuff from REI! In spite of some setbacks, I’m excited because I really do feel this is going to be beautiful and personal and meaningful.

May goals: Most of the remaining things will be done in June and July, but for May, we should try: to get his suit, to work on our ceremony, and to start working on the reception details (once we have the guestlist finalized mid-May). We also need to nag all our guests and make sure they’re taking their vacation bookings seriously.


April assessment: Wedding crafts happened in the first week of April, which is good. They didn’t happen after that, but I think it’s OK.

May goals: Hmmm… I know I want crafting and writing to start in earnest in June. I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have to spare for creative pursuits in May, but I will try to work on these two areas.


April assessment: It was going great! And then kind of not so great… Progress in the right direction, though.

May goals: Get back into the daily habit. Keep starting again without judgment.


April assessment: Can’t say I really moved forward with the book or stage 2 practice. I have had to work on my compassion, though, towards a difficult person.

May goals: Keep living it. Read and apply myself to the practices in the book if I can. 2 years ago

dragonfly35April Resolutions Review

Overall, I just want to say that this year has been way harder than I anticipated. The first quarter has been a struggle on various fronts.

Career building

March assessment: The full-time position was withdrawn due to budget cuts (but no fault of my own). Still, working very hard this month to be successful with my class. This time is the most challenging every semester, with students starting to feel stressed and complain, and I often feel doomed to fail, but I’m learning tons and getting better with time. My new yoga class has been fairly successful, although numbers have dropped a bit after the first class. I got some new props, which is very exciting. I also got a couple of opportunities to sub at a new studio in March – very exciting and totally unexpected.

April goals: I will continue to work hard, and also manage my time better at work so that I’ll be healthy and have energy for my students, and also to prepare them as best I can for the end of the semester. I will continue to build my yoga classes in April as well.

Create abundance

March assessment: By picking up extra work at the language school, sub work at a new yoga studio, and cancelling my money-draining class/ starting a new weekend class, I’ve finally made a decent amount of money this month. Of course, I’ve also spent a lot, and I felt tired from overwork.

April goals: Continue to seek opportunities, while remembering to say no to the kinds of work that are most draining. In particular, I’m trying to limit myself to exam training (no subbing) at the language school this month. I’ll also be enjoying a trip for my birthday, and if that isn’t abundance, I don’t know what is! :)

Wedding planning

March assessment: Still falling behind. This was a crazy month! We did get invitations out, which is a relief, but I didn’t get to work on the details that I was hoping, nor did I move ahead with dress alterations (although I did visit David’s, and was told to come back closer to the wedding).

April goals: Oh, my goodness. We are only 4 months out! We really need to sort out the following: his and my attire details, our transportation to the town where we are getting married, our registry. We need to make serious progress on our ceremony, and I need to do the decor prototypes and start crafting (as I meant to last month).


March assessment: Neither wedding crafts nor writing happened this month, though I did do one blog post.

April goals: Two words: wedding crafts.


March assessment: This did not go very well in March. I reconfigured my goals this month, which I’m trying to use to stop the slide…

April goals: Daily meditation in April


March assessment: I took the book off the shelf a couple of times, but didn’t re-read step 2.

April goals: Re-read step 2 and make a plan! 2 years ago

dragonfly35March resolutions review

Career building

February assessment: I successfully got my job application in, but have no idea if they will go through with hiring because of the changed budget scenario. I didn’t apply for new work teaching yoga, but I did go through with canceling my class that was costing me money, and I’ve received the green light to try a new class on the weekend in the other location.

March goals: I will start preparing for a possible interview by looking over my interview prep materials from grad school and brushing up on the literature in my field as I have time. I will open a new yoga class and put some more effort into promoting it this month.

Create abundance

Not losing my ESL class in spite of low enrollment was a lucky break. I’ve received various gifts and the stability of my relationship allows me to feel more abundant in spite of the apparent scarcity in my own finances. I will continue to seek new opportunities with the intentions of inviting more financial security this month.

Wedding planning

February assessment: We fell behind in some areas in February, but overall we’re still ahead of schedule. Invitations have caused some tension, but I think we’ve worked it out and overall I’m proud of how we’ve been able to work together in spite of frustrations. We are still tidying up loose ends on all the February goals I’d set, but we’re getting close on all of them, so I don’t feel too far behind.

March goals: After finalizing all the February things, it’s time to really move ahead with some of the details (decor, attire, ceremony, etc.) My friend K is coming to visit and help me a bit in March, so I need to figure out what we can work on. I want to start putting together prototypes for possible decor options and the “bouquet”. I also need to make a decision about getting my dress altered.


February assessment: Feeling very uncreative, and having very little energy to direct towards creativity in general in February, although there’s a little that’s come out in wedding planning and lessons this month.

March goals: Ideally, I want to make some wedding crafts this month and also start writing regularly again. That may be a bit ambitious, but I’m going to put it out there.


February assessment: Had some rough spots in February, but I’m still meditating several times a week.

March goals: Daily meditation in March


February assessment: Reading little bits and also receiving teachings in various classes. I haven’t gone and gotten any of the books I’d picked out, but generally I feel the study of compassion has been in my life. I know this will be an ongoing project for my entire life and won’t ever be completed.

March goals: Although I want to continue with Step 1 and still would like to check out some of the books I’d selected to investigate, in March I’d like to re-read Step 2 and move forward with this. 2 years ago

dragonfly35February resolutions review

I realized it might be too much to expect that I’ll work on every resolution every month. These are my resolutions for the year, and they don’t all have to happen in January.

Career building

January assessment: I put surprisingly little energy into promoting my yoga classes this month. I just didn’t seem to have the will or energy. I struggled a bit with student numbers, and I know I have to do something, but I’m not sure how to approach it. I did pour a ton of energy into my ESL class, and I was so excited about it – really creatively energized and feeling like I’m on track to be really successful and enjoy this class. Unfortunately, I have low enrollment because it’s a night class and most students want to study in the daytime, so I’m at risk of having my class canceled and be laid off right now. Not good for this goal. However, I learned that the full time position application is due February 22 and I’m working on that.

February goals: I will get my application in for the full time position as soon as possible. I will start preparing for the interview (especially if I get laid off, I should have lots of time!) I will consider applying for new work teaching yoga to take some of the financial pressure off myself so I can focus on building the class size at locations I enjoy working.

Create abundance

With the possibility of losing my ESL class and the poor performance of my yoga classes in January, this looks like a tough start for this goal. I’m not feeling very abundant in any aspect of my life at the moment. However, I’ll keep putting the intention out there, and I still believe that I will explore both the financial and other aspects of this goal fully this year.

Wedding planning

January assessment: Finally, a goal I’m doing well on! All my January goals are done except for ordering my dress, and at least I’m making good progress on this (and could still be done by the end of the month – planning to do more looking today or Monday, and maybe make an online order.)

February goals: We need to get information to our officiant about a ceremony draft and reserve our rentals. We need to work out the registry portion of our website. We need to get everything else ready for the invitations too. Time permitting, I’d like to start working on some of the details, especially figuring out things I’ll be making by hand and starting work on that.


January assessment: I was able to get creative with my lesson planning towards the end of January, and I really enjoy having this element back in my working life again.

February goals: This depends on whether or not I get laid off. I definitely want to keep exploring creative options for yoga and ESL lessons as I’m able to. However, if I end up having more time to myself, I intend to explore writing (and trying to sell some of it) more. I’d also like to start getting crafty with the wedding stuff this month.


January assessment: After a rough on-and-off start, I’m feeling more into a routine and more committed to this in the past week.

February goals: Continue with daily morning meditation.


I didn’t get to this goal this month. (I’m reading a Buddhist book about transforming our relationship with time, which is partly about self-compassion, but it isn’t really what I intended by this goal.) My same goal will stand for February, as time allows of course. 2 years ago

dragonfly35January Resolutions Review

Career building

Yoga: I will focus on advertising and trying to get more students in my yoga classes. January is a good month for this.
ESL: I will apply for the full-time faculty position by January 5th. I will also focus on getting my new course ready for the start of the semester (January 24th for my course).

Create abundance

I admit that I have no idea how to start breaking this goal down.

Wedding planning

At the beginning of January, a number of decisions need to be made (signing the venue contract, booking and deposit for officiant, deciding on a caterer). The wedsite needs to be finished and go live, and the STDs need to go out. I’d like to make a decision about my dress in January and order my shoes.


Honestly, this will probably be confined to lesson planning in January. I’m OK with that.


Daily practice in January (once I return from my trip). It’s time.


Choose and start on a reading about compassion. 2 years ago

dragonfly35My resolutions

are listed under the Resolutions tab, and I’ve also said a bit more about them here.

Some time before January 1st, I will list some doable subgoals and points of focus for that month. 3 years ago

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