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Take a distance-learning English GCSE course

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Mimic WThis sounds feasible

I need to improve upon my English too, I just need to get an idea on what to do afterwards, so I don’t get stuck having no idea on what to do when I finish. 2 years ago

Mimic W 2 years ago


I’m printing the enrolment form this weekend and filling it it. I don’t think I’ll be able to send it off until next month, however, as they want a deposit of £87. I’ve finished Assignment A (practice work but if the course is still the same I’ll submit it) and one half of Assignment B. I’ve taken 10 pages of notes on To Kill a Mockingbird and been brain-training on Lumosity.com. I am serious about this goal but my parents, who I live with, are not so thrilled about it. Especially my mother. She says, ‘You don’t want to pay for something that you might not pass.’ She was never really one for education, she bunked off school constantly in her time and hates English. She could not possibly understand that it is my dream to be a writer of some sort, and always has been. Her comment hit me hard, and I am afraid. What if I fail? English was always meant to be my subject, and I expect nothing less than A on each. I am setting myself up for a fall but a B would be disappointing, a C, complete fail. What if I fail? What if it has been too long, my brain is rusty, I have lost all ability? What if I fail? 2 years ago

BlackSwan90Getting to work

Well, I guess I am serious about this! (Amazing, haha.) I dug out my old course book and have started writing the first assignment… I’m calling it a practice assignment, but if the course isn’t too different – after five years =S – I might actually send them in. I hope it hasn’t changed too much. I hope they still set To Kill a Mockingbird.

I have sent NEC an email. Exciting! 2 years ago


I was chosen to take a distance-learning English Language GCSE by the Prince’s Trust when I was 17. That means I didn’t need to pay the fee. But… I guess it wasn’t the right time in my life. I started, but then stopped. I don’t even remember why. I guess I gave up, or other things got in the way. I regret missing the chance. Trust, ha! I betrayed that trust. I want to try again, but this time I’ll probably need to pay for it. It’s around £350 so I’ll need to save up three months worth of pay to cover it, or pay in instalments. I’d like to take an English Lit course, too, but first things first. Maybe I won’t even pass the language exam? (morbid thinking. Hmmmm.) Taking the free literacy class at the same time might help. 2 years ago

BlackSwan90 2 years ago

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