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LaineyrainNow to maintain it, lol!

It took some doing! I’m afraid all the old cliches really do work.

If it helps anyone, these are the tips that worked for me.

  1. Set goals. So many posts a week/month. But be kind to yourself if you don’t achieve that many. It’s just a goal post to aim for.
  1. Properly decide what you want to blog about, it got easier for me when I decided to change from niche blogging to a more general blog.
  1. Try different platforms. I worked on Blogger but just didn’t get on with it – I liked the feel of Wordpress, stuck to that and then integrated the two. If you like the format, you’re more likely to go on it regularly.
  1. Once you’re happy with your first couple of posts, tell some friends/family. Knowing you have friendly faces reading gives you a bit of encouragement.
  1. Read blogs, for inspiration!
  1. Sometimes just a photo will do.
  1. Keep a notebook handy for ideas that you get while out and about.
  1. Keep a list of prompts/ideas for regular features. I started a “5 for Friday” of blogs/sites for readers to look at over the weekend and that became my biggest prompt! You could do music monday, throwback thursday, product day, film night…

The internet is full of abandoned blogs so don’t be angry if you stop one – they take a lot of tweaking and maintaining.

Good luck! (To me as well, lol…..) 4 months ago

Laineyrain 10 months ago

I’ve done some tweaking, but more importantly got it straight in my head, what I’m doing and how. It seems to be coming together – finally. Being something I’m doing for fun, I’ve found I’m enjoying it much more.

I’ve still got some pages to flesh out, and I want to blog at least a couple of times a week for a month before I’ll consider it re-started ;) 9 months ago

Celtic Christian 11 months ago

Celtic Christianrestarted

Today I posted the first real content post to my blog. From this week on I am determined to post a minimum of one post a week. If anybody that is close to me wants the address let me know and I’ll PM you. If I had previously sent you a link to my blog, the address is still the same but if you need the link again NP just message me. 10 months ago


Made a little progress. Chose between my wordpress and blogspot accounts. Changed the template design and posted one new entry. It’s a teeny tiny start ;) 10 months ago

Celtic Christianphoenix style as in from the ashes

After letting my blog go inactive for around a year I was amazed to find out that a well known simplicity blogger has me listed in her blogroll. I was blown away that my blog had made such a big impression upon her. I’m guessing it was my last 3 posts that were a series of deeper reflections upon the 100 Things Challenge. Regardless looking over them now I am less than happy about those posts and the others. So I have decided to blank slate my blog by burning its digital contents to the ground. I will than go through my local archives of the posts from when I wrote them on my computer and rewrite and further refine what I think are the best of the posts from the first time around. So out of the ashes of the old a new blog will rise with higher quality content. I will then more seriously embark upon blogging more often with the absolute minimum of once a week if not more often. This time things will be different as I now have a wider goal in mind to start a writing business on the side. Yet in order to be able to effectively market ebooks, one has to be able to prove that you can produce quality content to others before they will be willing to spend money on your best work in the form of ebooks. 11 months ago

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