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Juicing or Detoxing every Tuesdays and Wednesdays through out 2012


Recent activity

A_butterfly_kiss 3 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 52 - Thursday and Sunday

I will be having juice in the morning and for lunch tomorrow. I will also try to have a juicing and detoxing day all Sunday. Not in 2 days in a row but this is how it can be this week. 1 year ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 51 - Monday and Tuesday

All planned and all the ingredients are in the fridge. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 50 - Monday and Tuesday it is

It will be plenty of juicing these two days. Need to use my stock in the fridge as well. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 49 - Monday and Tuesday it is

Detoxing on Monday and juicing only on Tuesday. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 48 - Monday and Tuesday

I will be juicing and detoxing two days in a row next week. I have all the ingredients and all is planned. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 47 - Wednesday and Thursday

This week I am only doing detoxing. Cannot do juicing as I am not in the mood for it. However, I have had lots of home made health soups, very tasty lentil dish and fruits.

I have done as much as I can. It is a little hard now it is winter. Having winter blues already.

Hoping for a much better week next week. Maybe two full juicing days. We’ll see. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 46 - Back to normal life + An update

I am back to London and can do this this week. I will be doing shopping tomorrow. Will see which days I can fit this 2 days detoxing and juicing in this week.

I will be doing detoxing on Sunday. Which is only one day this week. But doing this only a day is better then doing not at all. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 45 - Did not manage to do it

Again, I was away and I was very busy out all day long. I did not manage to do it but I am back to London and can have a detoxing 2 days at week 46. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 44

I was away and did not have a chance to do it the way I like it at week 44. However, I had a very healthy eating 2 days with lots of salads, fruit etc. Still not the way I like to do it. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 43 - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 1/2 a day juicing on each of these days

That’s what I can do this week. I guess better than doing nothing. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 42 - Monday and Friday

I am really glad this goal is here. Otherwise I would skip most of the weeks from now on. But the thought of writing here makes me do it. This week I did this on Monday and will do it tomorrow.

And from now on I will probably do this twice a week but any other day rather than two days in a row. I will try to do it two days in a row but it seems like it will not always be possible with the new arrangements I have to stick to now. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 41 - Tuesday and Sunday

I am planing to do this on Tuesday and Sunday this week.

Good Luck Me.
x 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 40 Sunday + Update as not done this week :-(

This week has been extremely busy with new things. So I could not concentrate on juicing or detoxing but I usually eat health anyway. I am not telling health 100 % but eating health most of the time.

Anyway, I hoping to have a better week next week. And do cleanse my body only tomorrow. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 39 - Jicing half a day on Monday and Tuesday

I am juice fasting only half a day each day this week. I did well yesterday and will do the same today too. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 38 - Monday and Tuesday

I have planned this already. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 37 - Monday only -- Update for Thursday

I had really heathy soups and lots of fruits on Monday. But I think I will leave the second day this week as I do not have appetite and am eating very little this week for some reasons. Still eating healthy though.

I may update this later in the week if I feel like I am up for a juicing or detoxing planned day.

I woke up in high spritis this morning. I went to the gym and felt healthy and full of energy.

So, had apple, cucumber and celery stick juice for breakfast
Lentil soup for lunch
Mint and lemon tea and green tea as a drinks
And have tomato soup for tonights dinner.
Today should be a good cleansing day for me.

I have a water workout class tomorrow morning and an aerobics class in the afternoon. After all of these hard works I can enjoy the rest of the week end feeling heathy and happy.

:-) 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 36 - Monday and Tuesday

I will be planing this today. I just need to do some food shopping this afternoon.

And I did really well during week 35’s tasks. Had two full days of juicing and detoxing and had a very healthy eating week most of the time. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 35 - Monday and Tuesday

I am not feeling too motivated today but I have started to the day with apple, cucumber and celery stick juice. And, I had mushroom soup for lunch. Not sure what I want for dinner. Guess need to pop to the supermarket and get some vegetable to make maybe soup again.

I guess I will plan tomorrow after my trip to the supermarket but want to get motivated and get these two days out of the way and feel happy with the result eventually.

So good luck me. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 34 - Detoxing on Wednesday and will do juice fasting all day on Thursday + Update

All planned already.

I have done great on Wednesday and Thursday and additionally I did do detoxing on Friday too. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 33 - I am away on a holiday

And I have skipped this whole healthy eating thingy this week :-) 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 32 and an update about week 31

This week I will do this on Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday too.

I did not do too well last week. I did it but not fully. I will still count it as done as I was eating health more than unhealthy. Just was not in the way I like doing it!

Another things is that I made asparagus soup yesterday and was out in the evening. I did not blend and put it in the fridge before bed and this lunch time it was gone off and tasted like vinegar! I cannot believe that even though the summers here are not hot but must be still too warm for it to keep outside. Anyway, made leek and potato soup earlier on. Will blend and stick it in the fridge soon. I will buy more asparagus tomorrow and make asparagus soup again as I am gagging for asparagus soup.

Healthy days, happy days. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 31 - Monday and Tuesday

I have just planned this now. It is much more easier if my fridge is full with what I want to have during my 2 days super healthy eating. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 30 - This week it is Monday and Tuesday

I have very healthy home made soups and lots of fruits/veggies to juice or make smoothies in my fridge for next couple of days. So, am happy and feeling healthy :-) 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 29 - Tuesday and Wednesday it is

I want to have a super healthy week this week. I am juicing/detoxing today and tomorrow. I have lots of veg and fruits to juice in my fridge and planned to have plenty of exercising this week as well. Plus I have started taking 2 different vitamins everyday that I feel I need to take.

I will get a yearly thyroid blood test done today too. Hope the result will be normal which I believe it will.

So happy with my healthy living plans this week. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 28 - Not done

For many reasons I did not stick to this goal this week. I was away and stayed at my parents and had just salad and fruit day one day. But I do not feel like it’s done the way I’d wish to do this. So I count this week as not done. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 27 - Wednesday and Thursday

Just a quick update that I am doing this today and tomorrow and may be adding Friday too. I have a very little appetite anyway so all good. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 26 - Monday and Tuesday

I did not have breakfast. I had no time for it. ( Just a short note that I rarely miss breakfast. I always have breakfast before I leave home. But things have been a little hectic since my return from hols. )

Lunch and dinner:
I had tomato soup for lunch and big bowl of salad for dinner.

2 small apples, 1 apricot, 1 plum and half of orange through out the day as snacks.

Fresh mint tea
Green tea

Small apple as breakfast. I did not have much time to have anything else.

Lunch and Dinner:
Asparagus soup for lunch and mushroom soup for dinner

Dried figs and apricots and muesli as snacks.

Fresh carrot and ginger juice
And will prob. have evening primrose tea

All home made including the muesli. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 25 - Missed it this week

I went for a big food shopping today and hopefull will start to it in week 26. 2 years ago

A_butterfly_kissWeek 24 - I will be away this week too

Same as last week. I will be enjoying the life. But will be going back to normal at week 25. 2 years ago

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