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blahblahblah14 12 months ago

atalboy 13 months ago

ian20xFirst adventure of the year

I’m keen to accomplish goals this year so I found myself a close by trail to go out on my bike and get back into this. After googling “mountain bike trails Los Angeles” and seeing that I had previously viewed many of the search results and evidently not found any of them compelling enough to ride, I went through Yelp of all sites finding good reviews on a number of trailer. I ended up chosing Westridge Canyonback Wilderness park up in the Santa Monica mountains about 30 minutes from here. I put my bike on the back of the car and headed up there. As all good rides start, the first half was all up hill, mostly quite doable although I was overtaken by some joggers at one stage. Not to worry though, I soon overtook them again further on up the hill. The great part was the peacefulness and tranquility of the mountains. I stopped for a moment and realised the only sound I could hear was someones footsteps much further on up the trail. What a great escape from the city. Once I reached the summit, I turned my bike around and sped down the hill and back to my car. Fun times. 15 months ago

ian20xMy nice new not so shiny bike

So I had a mountain bike all my like until I emigrated to America. I used my bikes to commute and for pleasure. But alas, the LA lifestyle doesn’t easily lend itself to cycling. This has to be one of the least bike friendly cities. So much so that people take to riding in groups of 100 to feel safe.

Anyhow, my friend was moving and sold me his beach cruiser and this got me back on track. I dismantled it, cleaned and greased everything- made it like new again. I only rode it a few times to local places but soon realised this was not the style of bike for me.

I had previously seen my ideal bike and knew it was a bit more expensive but decided it would be worth it. So I splashed out on a new mountain bike- aluminium frame, disc brakes, front suspension all in mat-black. I bought the bits and bobs I wanted to add like a set of road tyres for the beach, a racing stem got it all set up. I probably used it 6 times in 2012 and always at the beach. It was just too hot to venture into the hills or explore anywhere else. Now it is the winter and temperatures have dropped. There’s even occasional rain/mud. I need to get out the and find some trails. Start off with something easy and then explore. 15 months ago

ian20x 15 months ago

Marit93 15 months ago

sandhosa 17 months ago

sandhosaHelmet. Elbow pads. Knee pads. Armor. Neosporin.

Last night, at a banquet, I found out that my patent lawyer friend is a mountain biking expert and is part of a mountain biking organization. So, being that I have logged very little time on a normal bike on flat ground, I jumped at the chance to suddenly upgrade to mountain biking tomorrow morning. O__O She said she has an extra mountain bike that is the right size for me, so she will bring that as well as a water pack for me. How very nice! I will be bringing the rest of the armor and first aid, thank you.

I will be mountain biking in 13 hours. Bring on the bruises. ::gameface:: 17 months ago


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