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Opera Riot 2 years ago

Opera RiotBelly full of good stuff

Coffee & soymilk
homemade “Irish-inspired” soda bread
fruity omega 3-6-9 oil supplement

Luna bar

1/2 tofu avocado wrap at some friends’ cafe
soy mocha

BIG salad of mixed greens, whole can of chickpeas, nooch, homemade cayenne roasted pecans
PERSIMMON (I’m super addicted to persimmons right now) 15 months ago

annjaayPlan ahead

Shop ahead. 16 months ago

annjaay 16 months ago

Opera RiotGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!

I botched a new recipe that I’d been looking forward to making for about a month: a chocolate “mousse” using silken tofu. I didn’t use UNSWEETENED chocolate (I assumed anything labeled “baking chocolate” wouldn’t be sweetened), and the mess is too sweet to tolerate.


I can’t give it to the dogs (duh!), the chickens won’t eat it… only option I can think of: save the glop until I can get more tofu to dilute the sickeningly-sweet disaster.

... And I’m certain I won’t be so upset about this once I find something else with chocolate. That doesn’t make me want to gag.

:) 18 months ago

Opera Riotbang for buck

After moving and switching from my much-loved co-op grocer to supermarkets, I hit the slippery-slope of cheap bad food.

I caught myself last night holding a loaf of seven-grain raisin bread and a bag of marked-down store-bakery raisin bagels… and asked Steve, “Do I get the one that’s good for me or the one that’s cheap?”

And it hit my how awful the question was. So long as the budget permits, “good for me” always trumps “CHEAP”!

My diet used to consist of lots of simple but nutritious whole foods, and I felt good. This should still be my aim. 18 months ago

Opera RiotUntitled

Today, this meant ‘frequently’. I’ve read that women expend somewhere around 500 extra calories while menstruating, which explains the intense cravings for calorically-dense foods (like chocolate and macaroons…). Soooooo goooooood :D 2 years ago

Opera RiotDinner!

I should add, “Eat for wellness and AWESOMENESS” because tonight’s dinner was phenomenal! Steve and I have been cooking together since before we were a couple, and sharing the stove-top is part of the foundation of our friendship: we make great stuff, and feed off of each other when we work together (pun? eh?). Tonight was no exception, though it was a little bit more like a “real meal” than our typical one-dish-wonders: pan-fried polenta, garlicky white beans and arugula, and vegan chili modeled after my mom’s (he picked it up). The food was incredibly delicious, and I was struck by two things I never would’ve guessed would be so important to me, but now can’t imagine any other way—1. that my partner would be into making food with me, and 2. that he’d be close enough with my MOM to recreate her recipes. 2 years ago

Opera Riotnutrition tracker

I started using a nutrition tracker—I’m sort of impressed by how much junk I’ve been eating without really thinking about it (gotta love the holidays).

I’m not off of the hook just because I eat my veggies. ;) 2 years ago

Opera Riotgreat link on vegan nutrition!

I’m tempted to have the local bookstore owner order me a copy of Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet, but in the meantime the website associated with the book is a great resource. I’ve been working to up my intake of leafy greens lately, and this nutrition guide has made it harder to brush off days where I eat nothing beside the granola bars thrown into my purse until dinner: 2 years ago

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