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sort77This is my most difficult goal

I have the mind that is both scattered and focused. One that must be engaged but wont be rushed. I really need to find some coping techniques to keep myself on track. I’ve got a bit of an internet addiction. I love reading and finding new information and this is my biggest downfall. I need to balance this against my goals. Its a hard road but I want to be more committed to it. I think I really need a weekly schedule. There are so many things this could help me with. While I was in school my time needed to be split between times that were predetermined. This could definitely help me here too.

I’m going to see if I can figure out how to make this work for me. 4 months ago

aswedishlime 2 years ago


I’m not making the most of most “todays,” and I would like that to be different.

Today I am up at 2am, trying to get a work project done, so I can submit a draft to my supervisor tomorrow.

Instead, I am on here, and seeing the official announcement of 43T closing I have been so longing to hear, if there was to be one. And it’s making me open up all my lost and forgotten “given up” goals and find some resolution on them.

I suppose technically that does have some flavor of “making the most” though. 5 months ago

sort77The last week or so yes

So there is a certain peace of mind when one isn’t responsible for being the sole bread winner in a household. I’m so grateful that J has found a position that he enjoys. I’m not stressed about needing to be working constently now and so I’ve been given the freedom to work on some business systems here. I’ve been archiving files, diggin up old business hard drives and seeing what is on them, a lot of it is just old junk.

Yesterday I tacked the mess that was the storage closet in my office. It felt good to weed out what was in there, I’ve got things a bit more organized and the space is more useable. I had a few archive drives in there back in a corner and required a game of jenga to fish out. I’m also considering taking time to join some trade organizations. I think this will be helpful.

Anyway I’ve been saying I’m the new me. Version 3.75. I’m getting an action plan for everything that needs tackling right now and it feels good, even cathartic to just push through things. 8 months ago

sort77I better.

I’m going to do my best. 13 months ago

sort77I'll persist.

I’m going to try my best. This has been a hard year for me. Some painful anniversaries just passed and I’m doing my best to move on now. I feel like I could use someone checking in on me to keep my on track but I need to step up and realize that no one is responsible for me but me.

I’ll persist. 13 months ago

sort77I'm entirely lost

I’m finding it harder and harder to recenter myself. I’m too distracted. Something needs to change. 16 months ago


There seems to be a certain kind of anxiety that comes with being very productive. I think I’ve over done it and tried to tackle too much at once. Either way, things are happening. I should be happy. I’m still just… not. 2 years ago


feeling antisocial and not seeing the point in most things is helping this along right now. 2 years ago


nothing like a huge loss to shake up your routine. I’ve canceled my FB account and its been helping me put life back into perspective. I’ve got the ball rolling on a project that I’ve been messing around with for the last 15 years. Its embarrassing to put that down in type. Half of my problems is that for the longest time I didn’t have the money to peruse it, then it wasn’t a priority and then indecision made me not know what to do with it.

My problem now is depression and apathy. I cant say that I’m making good use of my time but I have had a kick in the ass. 2 years ago

sort77Trying my best.

I’m still having a problem with distraction. I need to work on my self restraint. Its easy for my mind to wander when I’m facing a difficult challenge. 2 years ago

aswedishlime4/6/12 - yes

Worked on a task that has been bugging me for months by calling the credit company and working out a way for the annual fee to be reversed. Sadly, I had to pay for it, BUT I have their assurances that they will reimburse me when the house purchase goes through, so as to not tamper with my credit until after that’s done. I took down the gal’s name and she said she added a note to my account regarding this request with a supervisor’s approval. I think it should all work out, pending on remembering to call them back in June to close the account and get my annual fee back. Phew!

I left a message for my friend S who asked me if I could come back to help her in DC in early May. I should be able to, but just wanted to check in about specific dates.

I touched base with our loan officer who sent us more documents to sign. So I got those printed out and I’m just waiting for J to get home.

I called a moving company back about wanting to get a quote. They said they want to come here to get a visual in order to provide an estimate. Hmmm.

I meal planned! But didn’t go shopping…. :/ I think J and I have enough leftovers to cover us for dinner tonight, but am mad I didn’t do more to make something for us. At least I have two great ideas for future meals.

I emailed our realtor who was supposed to send something to sign off on the inspection report, but we never got it.

I am in the throes of cleaning the kitchen as thoroughly as I always dream of doing, with the inspiration of Sink Reflections backing me up. Still not there yet, but I got the butcher block completely wiped down, which I always hate doing.

Last thing for today is to decide how long I’m visiting my sister for, and make sure I check with J before purchasing my tickets… 2 years ago

aswedishlime3/30/12 - yes

I have chosen a new doctor and made an appointment. Now I’m just waiting to see if they’re able to refill my prescription for birth control before the weekend.

I have emailed the loan officer a couple more of our documents & am waiting to hear back from him how I go about choosing an attorney. Does he make the initial move, or am I supposed to, if we use dual representation?

I have heard from our realtor that the inspection report is available for viewing. Unfortunately, I’m unable to see it online, so I have an email out to him and to the inspector to see how I can access a copy.

My best friend is coming in about an hour to hang out. She wants me to upload some pictures and I once told her I’m much more accountable if she sits down with me to do it – haha. I’ll be able to show her more of our house, too!

I’m going to do a quick pick-up of the living room and have a bite of lunch. And find the camera cord!!

I talked to my sister and asked a lot of the things that were on my mind about stuff later this month. She’s coming tomorrow!! :)

Getting lots done today, fortunately!! 2 years ago


Still in negotiations for the house. I sit here, refreshing my inbox, just to make sure I’m not missing anything, because from 8:30-10:00 there was a lot of frenzied activity. When I’m not looking at my inbox, I’m poking around the internet, finding old and new playgrounds, to satisfy my curiosity. (That said, I did print out statements from our savings account that I’ll scan in and send to the loan officer as part of what’s needed.) What I need to do is only refresh my inbox every half hour.

I cannot waste my time today. Our so-called vacation reminded me I value my time and my abilities. In order to get what we need to get done, there’s much I can work on during these days.

There are some bills I set aside to pay for when we got back. Well, we’re back. Pay the electric bill, pay rent, find the homeowner’s insurance and make sure that’s up to date and they’re using the right address, find the property tax bill.

When J gets home, we should do all we can on our tax return so that we can complete our loan application. We also said we wanted to do some calculations to see if it makes sense to do a bigger downpayment or pay off more of his school loans, and how much of either. Our risk is calculated by debt-to-income, so J’s residency salary and my unemployment status is not working in our favor, despite our careful planning and the assets we have. So reducing the debt or my miraculously finding a job when we don’t move until June are the only ways.

I want to clean up. After seeing all the decluttered homes for sale, I’m inspired to get ours to look more like that. The house we’re bidding on has all kinds of beautiful built-ins; it’s going to behoove me to learn how to put things away properly. ;) This is for later, but perhaps I should look into FlyLady.

I need to eat. I’m excited and worked up, but if I forget to eat, that’s going to be problematic.

I think my sister and brother-in-law are coming this weekend, and I would like to offer to my sister that I’ll drive back with her and help out next week. If I do in fact do that, then I’ll need to make sure I’m not leaving any tasks to do until I get back. I know I have some library books due back in somewhere in there.

Laundry, perpetual laundry.

I should call my dad. He asked that I keep him in the loop regarding the house hunt.

I need to find a new doctor and make an appointment. Mine left the practice, and therefore, on their books I have no primary provider. Dumb, stupid.

I’ve been delinquent in scheduling a dentist appointment, even though I’m one of those weird types that actually enjoys going to the dentist. If I could get that set up in April, that’d be good. J has already been seen by a dentist out here, and I think my reluctance was because I wanted our old dentist’s office to send our records, but I never sent in the release. Send in the release form.Schedule appointment.

Later this week,
-Return books to library & check out Flylady
-Go grocery shopping, keep clearing out fridge
-Find something fun for the weekend if my family is in town
-Learn some options stuff (My father-in-law is likely to call on us this week if he’s in town for work)
-Finish tax return & submit documents to loan officer
-Do anything needed if our house offer is accepted (i.e. schedule inspection)
-Anything from above that rolls over to another day
-Call my friend S back about going back to visit at the end of April
-Call my other friend S back about getting together this week
-Order new sheets
-Work on all my One Little Word prompts, print pictures, fill album 2 years ago

aswedishlimeI need to figure out how to set myself up for success

First, I thought this question would be enough to do it. But too often it just makes me feel guilty that I’m not being productive enough, and I find ways to distract me further from those feelings of inadequacy.

So then I thought that if I made a plan the night before that would allow me to think through all the things I say I always need to do, but give me my excuse of “tomorrow” legitimately. But alas, that had its own failures for reasons I’m still trying to work out.

So what is it that will bring me success in simply carrying out my to-do’s. Why do I struggle with it so much? Why isn’t it a struggle for others? What am I gaining by not accomplishing things? How do I overcome those reasons?

I can’t say that the whole day was a wash. I actually did a lot of the mundane things I always push to another day – emptied the dishwasher BEFORE needing the dishes in it, reloaded it with the very few that were beginning to pile up, washed the dirty towels and changed the sheets on both beds without the pressure of guests coming, did another load of clothes laundry because I was in the groove, cleaned the cat’s water fountain, and a few other things. I just didn’t get to the things I had really set out to do, and that frustrates me. 2 years ago

sort77Holy Jebus

So there are times when you are really tested. I joked earlier today that for all the times I wished that I had an extra day in the week between the present and a work deadline, I finally got Leap Year.

Well I made the most of today alright, and pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks working 12+ hour days. Its astonishing the amount of work we’ve finished on a project since starting just over 2 weeks ago. Seriously. Its insanity. We should have hired someone to help. Things always take longer then they should and I need to remember to allow for discovery and experimentation. Fortunately I found some immensely useful background rendering scripts that have helped me stay productive while stuff goes in the background. Its great not having my machine locked up. Yeah, totally grateful for that.

Anyway the result of all this work productivity has been pretty much EVERYthing else. I couldn’t be bothered to get out of my pajamas today and every meal for the last 2 weeks has been take away. Its terrible. I’m going to look forward to finding a nice happy medium… or better yet a mini vacation. Soo tried.

so tired. 2 years ago


I don’t know if I’ve made the most of today, but I certainly had fun! I’m pumped for the week, and have lots on my to-do list, and full energy to complete them one by one. 2 years ago

sort77Time to live life as a game.

What a great presentation. 2 years ago

aswedishlimea hint for success

Eat regular meals.

J and I had a big lunch today with his parents. Greek food. Yum! But holy cow: bread with tiramousalata (sp?) – creamy decadent fish roe weirdness, flaming cheese, more bread, and I had pastaschio (which is like fancy lasagna). And of course, my second stomach (reserved for desserts) called out at the end of the meal, “But I didn’t get my fill!” so we had baklava too.

Because we gorged ourselves, we weren’t feeling particularly hungry at dinnertime so we skipped it, and now at 9:30 my tummy is rumbling a bit, I’m distracted and unfocused, and I keep hovering over recipes over on Pinterest and drooling… ugh. So, I need to make it a practice to eat, even if it’s just a little bit so I’m not in this crazy head-fog, thinking of nothing else but things I’m salivating over. 2 years ago

aswedishlimeToday I'm struggling with the wording of this question

I keep feeling I look at it and instantly answer no and feel ashamed.

I feel like I need to ask, “Will you make the most of today?” to which I believe the answer is always yes, but that’s only setting the intention; it’s the follow-through I have trouble with. I originally asked it as, “Are you?” to create a feedback loop.

Today I need to go grocery shopping for dinner, do some more laundry, and change the sheets. I have a growing pile of paper clutter that I have to address and I was really hoping to do more of my One Little Word January prompt. I got The Hunger Games from the library, and wanted to make time to read some more of that while my sister and brother-in-law are out later.

If I got that much done, I think I’d feel like it was a good day. Plus, getting in good time with E is a goal that should be easy enough to accomplish. 2 years ago

sort77I could always do better

Works been hectic. More then a normal hectic. I worked through to 6am on monday so I’m lacking lots of motivation and spending lots of time in front of the computer. That said I’ve accomplished some.

Finally fought for and got our screen doors from an order we places with HD Supply over an year and a half ago. They were never delivered. So annoying. Asked the husband to handle it and he never did saying too much time had passed. I had too employees tell me the same thing until I told them I paid for something I never got. End of story they owe me. Fortunately the manager was super helpful and understanding in spite of my very very old recite.

I’ve also made time to see a friend for lunch today. cleaned some of the kitchen even though half delirious from overwork, lots of laundry to get it out of the way, actually made it to the gym (though I should have rested in retrospect) and tended the garden: cleaned it up, de-infested & planted seeds.

I need to get a list to keep me going for tomorrow. I’ll need to focus and try and blast through some things. & I need some planned down time this weekend both with my husband and with friends. I’ve got a brunch scheduled on Saturday morning that will be nice but I’m feeling isolated this week. I think the most I can make of my weekend will be to reverse that. 2 years ago

aswedishlime1/4/12 - holy crap, yes

After a not so great start in the day, I got it together and really had a productive day with my sister.

I made my family scrambled eggs and toast this morning before heading to the airport to drop off my brother-in-law,

then my sister and I went to Babies R Us to get some stuff for E (where we proceeded to buy out the store),

then we came home and I made carrot-ginger soup for lunch (to which my sister remarked that I had made two meals already and it wasn’t even dinnertime – haha),

then while the soup was on the burner, I did another load of laundry and after lunch I hung it all on hangers to dry,

then we went to the dry cleaners so my sister could get seven pairs of pants altered,

then we went to my library for the heck of it,

then we went to dinner with J and had a fabulous time,

then we came home and I packed everything up for our trip tomorrow,

then everyone else went to bed, but I emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, cleaned all kinds of pots and pans from the last few days and knives and large mixing bowls that take too much space in the dishwasher, wiped down the countertops, wiped down the stovetop, wiped down the kitchen sink, bench-scaped the butcher block, put most everything in sight away, and besides the floor still being grungy, the kitchen looks amazing.

I didn’t get to the credit card application, I didn’t get to Walgreens like I was hoping to, and I didn’t download the pictures on my camera so it can be clear for the trip. But otherwise, wow. 2 years ago

sort77THis is a great question

And its something I will need to ask myself everyday. I don’t even want to think about the number of hours I’ve just wasted away.

I visited with my niece on Christmas and we actually came up with a an entire board game with full board design, illustrated pieces, extensive rules and did it in under 2 hours. That was with a couple run-throughs and adjustments to the game play. The game was actually fun too. After that I came back into the other room to talk to my in laws and laughed about what I could accomplish… if I just tried to accomplish something.

I’m feeling a personal renaissance coming on. Maybe its the time of year or maybe I’m just at a point in life where I need it again, but this last weekend I’ve been feeling like I need to get things back on track. Work has been too consuming throughout the year and in many respects I’ve effectively cut myself off from a non-vitrual social life. Ive had a couple weeks where I’ve been slow and its easier to sit back and reflect on what needs amending. I’m only 2 days into the new year but I’m making good progress. 2 years ago

aswedishlime1/2/11 - yes, I believe so

It is 1pm and I feel like I’ve already done a lot.

I got in touch with my friend (same one from the last entry) about getting together today, and she is coming here to watch the Rose Bowl with J and me.

J and I reviewed our bank accounts, and we made a loose plan for paying off his school loans. We paid off one small loan in full, and made the monthly payment on the bigger one. We also made some preparations about how to buy our next home (come May or thereabouts). I call that super-productive.

What’s left is heaps of laundry. My friends have left, and I have to strip the bed, wash the sheets and towels, and make the bed again, as my sister and brother-in-law are coming again on Tuesday. I also have to wash a load of whites and a load of darks so J and I have enough clothes this week.

I need to clear the table and load the dishwasher.

I need to make a hair appointment for my sister at my salon, since she asked me to. 2 years ago

sort77 2 years ago

aswedishlime12/30/11 - no, not yet

I slept in, I showered, I had breakfast, but now I feel myself putzing.

It’s the end of the year, and I had wanted to go through our stock portfolio with J, and clean things up. The market is open for another half hour, but I can tell he’s not really in the mood to do it, and I’m not either. This is not something you rush through, so I’m just going to have to give up the idea that we would get this done. Ok.

I got in touch with a friend earlier who’s home for the holidays, but is headed back out again next week. I think we should be able to get together the 2nd or 3rd, but we haven’t come up with A Plan, and I think the ball is in my court. Call her and work it out on the phone.

My friends who were staying with us are coming back tomorrow, and I just want to make sure I get the house back in order. This means clean the toilet, replace towels, quick sweep of the floors, make sure we have food/snacks in case stores close, wipe down the sinks, hang jackets. I also got a present that I didn’t give because it wasn’t wrapped, and it still isn’t. So wrap present.

I have a pile of growing paper clutter that I keep saying I need to go through. Something in my attitude is still not allowing me to get it done, though. I think I just need to pull out the box and start sorting. If I see it, I’ll remember what needs to get done.

I have the makings for carrot-ginger soup, but I don’t have the vision in my head of executing it. Decide to make soup for dinner; start assembling at 4pm.

The last thing is to finalize what we’re doing for New Year’s Eve and determine if there’s anything open on New Year’s Day... 2 years ago

aswedishlimeI'm beginning this goal as a question

to give myself the opportunity to answer yes or no each day, and keep track of the things I’m trying to get done, while making it an answer to a question and not a way to self-sabotage. 2 years ago

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