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LeezelNovember 2012

Saw E and H. I haven’t seen them in 3 years when they were still living in Newport Beach. They bought a home in Aliso Viejo and are living the good life! Good for them! 17 months ago

LeezelOctober - R and A

...and J and B and a new friend, S.

We met up after work one night for A’s birthday. The group is really low-key and low-may and I really like that. A is a tattoo artist which means he has a group of VERY interesting friends. It’s refreshing finding a common connection with people you otherwise wouldn’t really have a connection with! 18 months ago

LeezelMay - V

I saw V for dinner at a sushi joint last Friday. V doesn’t have too many friends because she’s too blunt and just tells it like it is, which doesn’t suit today’s seemingly sensitive society. I, on the other hand, have always appreciated that in her. It’s refreshing to me. 23 months ago

LeezelDarn, skipped April 2012

I can attribute this to my getting-ready-to-go-to-Italy frenzy that happened in April. I had to make sure the house, the bills, and work were going to be okay.

I guess I’m going to have to start over with May, and fortunately, I already have an “appointment” set up. 23 months ago


My husband and I saw my friend J yesterday for lunch. He had some exciting news to share with us: he had gotten engaged a week ago to his lovely (now) fiance C.
This september, J and I will have known each other for 19 years, and it is nice reminiscing about the way we’d goof off in Junior High, and the fight we got into in high school.
I did some not so smart things in the past (see other goal “seek forgiveness”), and he has been my pal through thick and thin. I look forward to knowing him for the next 19 (and more) years. 2 years ago


I saw P on 2/13/12 for brunch. P is so special to me because our backgrounds are so similar.

I hadn’t seen her for more than a year, and coincidentally had been thinking about her the days before. I got a phone call from her letting me know she was going to be in town. I got up early on a Sunday to head downtown to see her, but it was SOO worth it. I feel so blessed and honored to be her friend. 2 years ago


I made a lunch “appointment” to see my friend H who lives just 5 miles from where I work. She is currently in between jobs and I haven’t seen her in about, well, 8 years. It’ll be really nice to have lunch with her. 2 years ago

Leezel 2 years ago

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