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Miss Villainess 16 months ago

Forester321 2 years ago

Forester321Do you think that comes with beverage service?

I was trying to finish making some travel plans today, including booking tickets for my father, brother and I to tour the Boeing factory while we are in Seattle later this year.

I had difficulty finding the “reservations” tab on the Boeing website. Finding a tab marked “pricing,” I clicked…It was the pricing for their airplanes.

But if any of us has a spare 332,900,000, we can fly home in our very own 747. Once we hire a commercial pilot2 years ago

Josh 2 years ago


Looks like trips 1 and 3 are going to be combined. It’s going to work out better financially for everyone, including myself, if we wait till May (Memorial Day Weekend) to head out to the Grand Canyon. 2 years ago

Forester321Continued Travel Plans

I’ve been busy planning and here is where things stand:

We leave next week for a week in Los Angeles. We have definite plans for one day (ferry ride to the Channel Islands NP – weather permitting) and ideas for other days. This sounds like a good vacation to chill out. I am excited to take my wife on her first trip to the Left Coast.

For our big Iceland trip, I spent a couple of weekends developing an itinerary. The airfare was cheap, but nothing else there seems to be. I’ve actually made almost all of our hotel reservations already in order to get into places that seem both decent and affordable. There are a couple of “splurge” nights on lodging. It is not especially luxurious; it’s just the only hotel style lodging in that area.

For the trip to see the Red Sox play the Mariners in Seattle, I’ve booked the flights and hotel. The game tickets have yet to go on sale. We are going to do something other than baseball on that Saturday, but have not decided what exactly to do, yet.

Finally, for the last two weeks of vacation, I’ve decided to fly to Vancouver BC and bicycle down to Astoria, OR. It’s about 400 miles over two weeks (give or take). If all goes well, I hope that over a series of trips over a few years, I can bike the length of the US west coast. 2 years ago

JoshI think...

...I have a few ideas for traveling this year (hopefully there will be more opportunities, as well).

1. – Two friends of mine mentioned to me the other day that they would like to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon in March or April. The total trip would be about 10 or 11 days long, and sharing the expenses with two others would make it more affordable since I’ve had to spend so much on medical expenses in the past few months. It’s not a sure thing yet, but if we go, we would take I-70 out Utah and hit up Moab (just split the driving between the three of us and drive 24 hours straight to save time). After a day in Moab we’d head south towards Arizona and stop at the Grand Canyon for three day and hike the Rim to Rim trail (25 miles). Afterwards we’d circle up to Las Vegas and spend a day or two (they’d probably site see… and I might a bit, too, but I’d probably spend most of my time playing blackjack) and then we’d head back to the Louisville, KY area via I-15 and I-70… and hopefully on this trip I could meet up with TG for a bit, too. :)

2. – In addition to the Grand Canyon trip in either March or April, I would like to take another road trip with Mun Kulta and show her some of cooler sites here in the US. :)

3. – I’d like to plan a short backpacking trip for Memorial Day weekend to help celebrate my 31st birthday.

4. – There is a Cherokee Pow Wow in June on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina that I would like to attend.

5. – I want to plan a trip to Spain for August. One option might be to spend a month and walk the Camino de Santiago. I’ve had to postpone my hike of the Appalachian Trail because of some personal things going on, primarily with my father (I would like to reschedule the AT for spring of 2003). I have wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago since reading Paulo Coelho’s book The Pilgrimage in 2001. This would give me a chance to see many small Spanish towns and get a lot of walking in, as well (more than 400 miles). The trip isn’t very expensive either (I believe I can do the entire trip for about $3000) and I should have plenty of money to do so after August. Even if I don’t walk the Camino, though, I would still like to plan a trip to Spain.

6. – While in Europe I would like to see Finland. :)

7. – I started a tradition a few years ago where I try to spend New Years Day on the ocean. Something about the vastness of the ocean helps me keep things in perspective and aids in my reflection of time passed and time to come. I think it would be awesome to plan a trip for this coming New Years Day (1/1/2013) somewhere outside of the US… maybe Australia or New Zealand.

All of these trips except the last one I see as being easily feasible if I plan for them and make budgeting for them a priority. The last trip is going to require that I think outside of the box and exercise my faith for the finances to appear. Most importantly, though, I’m not going to beat myself up if these trip ideas change, evolve, or don’t even work out. And while making plans helps you decide how to live the present, I am going to live the present and not live the plans until they arrive… rather I am going to enjoy each day for what it is, a blessing.2 years ago

Forester3212012 Travel

Right now, I’m looking at four trips at varying stages of planning:

In February, we are going to continue our vacations to the US National Parks by spending a day on one of the Channel Islands, near Los Angeles. We have some ideas for other activities while in LA. The flight and hotel are booked, but the rental car and ferry still need to be reserved.

In August, we are going to Iceland for 10 days. It is a place I’d wanted to visit for a while and the price on flights was right. I’m in the midst of reading travel books to develop an itinerary and book hotels, tours and the like. We don’t know much about Iceland, but we’re learning.

June, my brother and I plan to continue our tour of baseball parks by seeing the Mariners play the Redsox in Seattle. This is a long weekend trip. Nothing is presently booked.

There remain two more weeks of vacation that have to be used by the end of June. Hmmmm: decisions, decisions. The trick is that my wife gets less vacation time than I, so this will be a solo trip. 2 years ago

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