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declare VICTORY in 2012 by doing one NEW & FULFILLING thing in Jan, Feb and Mar


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Triniprincess 2 years ago

TriniprincessMarch 2012

Microsoft Office Workshop

I started hosting workshops in order to raise money to pay for school. Really interesting how our skills can save us when in hard times. I plan on having more and learning from each session to improve my offerings. I guess I’m becoming the teacher I’ve always wanted to be.

Brochure designs

Someone in my 8-4 company saw a design I did for a cover sheet for someone in the office and asked if I can do brochures. I’ve never really done a full one before but decided to give a go. It got some good reviews, so much so the Marketing Manager asked me to join her department. (I refused)....great opportunity though.

Art Event – UrbanStreet Heartbeat

Hosted by AboveGroup and the German Embassy it was such a great art event! There were artists painting murals outside of a wall in the Queen’s Park savannah! Alot of art enthusiasts were there…great music and just something different to do! Had myself a blast.

La Vega

My adopted parents and I spent our March holiday in a ranch like establishment in South Trinidad. It comprises of acres of land with a nurseries of gorgeous plants, lakes where people were fishing, huts, open fields, kids parks, hike trails and even rivers. Had a great time and never knew that place existed. It was so peaceful and nice. Would be going back. 2 years ago


The highlight of my February activity was CARNIVAL!

There are not many words that could sufficiently describe my 2012 Carnival experience!...and to think I did not partake to the full extent of what being in Trinidad for Carnival could bring!

PANORAMA – (a competition held for Steel pan bands)

This was the first year I actually went into the Queen’s Park Savannah and watched the bands playing from the stands. Usually I listen to the bands as they practice in the streets or on what we call the “stretch” leading to the stage! All three venues definitely give you a different experience. And this year I experienced all! Oh and what an experience! “See video here”:

In the streets….the vibes was mellow and everyone was milling around sipping on coconuts and beers and just enjoying the cold air and the nice music!

On the stretch – the pace was raised as the bands have their last practice before they go on the stage! Let me tell you….I stood in the middle of one band as they played…..OMG! I took pics and was besides myself! The energy was amazing! Seeing the players beat those pans upsided down and sweat and smiled and played their hearts out whilst keeping a rhythm was out of this world!

Semis on the Greens – Oh the vibes couldn’t done! Just booths of djs, food and drinks! One big lime/fete! People in the Greens came for the lime not for the pan…but pan was in the mix. Soca artists made their guests appearances and people were in a frenzy. I bounce up so many ole friends! Not missing it again next year!

Pan semis & finals in the North Stand – This is where the “real” pan lovers go! These people come to hear the pan. They usually have their favourites and come to back a side! Listen…open air….more food than on the greens….great company …. Great convos and good vibes in the North Stand. People were dancing in between sessions and everyone was simply feeding off of the energies of other. Smiles were in abundance!

Panorama – never missing it again as long as I am in Trinidad!


Well I left when the actual Jouvert started BUT….I never knew there was such excitement BEFORE J’ouvert! Listen, the words can’t describe the scenes of that night/early morning. Hundreds of people were on Aripeta Avenue that night! The streets were flooded with people dancing and liming and having a good time! Drivers had to move slowly through the crowd as people whinned in front of their vehicles, put their hands in the vehicles and blowed horns, some were jumping up on trucks! There were fire-blowers! There were buckets of drinks! There were tourists! There was food! And there was non-stop, uninterrupted music!


I volunteered to be a Tour Guide with our local Tourism Company during the Carnival weekend. It was a marvellous experience! The last 5 years I have been going to camp for Carnival…being up close and in the middle of the bachannal was unbelievable! From Kiddies Carnival to Tuesday parade of the bands…the spectacle was amazing! Being a part of this made me want to press pause…take photos….write about what I was seeing…and/or….just play mas! I never thought I’d feel that urge (so strongly) to play mas.

I met alot of “famous” people! Took a pic with Brian Lara. Met lots of past beauty queens and soca artists. Got to take some great pics as well.

I think the words of a tourist who just started talking to me on the Avenue would describe the heart-filled, love I had for my Carnival experience. He said: “Oh my gosh! I love your country! I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life! I can’t understand it but I LOOOVVVEE IT!” ... there’s no other way to describe it! 2 years ago

JWillow 2 years ago

JWillowJan-Feb-Mar Reflection

What NEW & FULFILLING things did I do?

January really was a significant month as D and I moved in together on 21st January after having been going out together for just 5 months. Very NEW & Very FULFILLING in a myriad of ways! :-D

I also got to meet Magpiesong in January, which was just wonderful! :-)

February signified a turn of the tides with a couple of my long-standing friendships. After way too many months/years spent weighing up the pros & cons of one in particular, I made a clear and rational decision to take a big step back, allowing myselfthe power to choose as I desire and be true to my own priorities, as she had done without hesitation for 20yrs!
Definitely NEW (to me) and definitely FULFILLING.

March became the month of ‘firsts’!
- the first ‘live’ Soccer Match I’ve ever been to in Australia (NEW but BORING!)
- the first time I’ve had the opportunity to do Ticketing Training in almost 10yrs!
- the first time I got to go to a raved-about Brisbane Tapas Bar called The Sardine Tin. it will be the only time!
- discovery of a new Garden Centre/Cafe in outer Brisbane; serene & beautiful; a place to retreat!
- D & I took off on our first overseas holiday together.
March was an interestingly NEW & mostly FULFILLING month!

I shall declare Victory!!!2 years ago

~ John Lee ~ 2 years ago

Jess. Dream. 2 years ago

rockwilder 2 years ago

rockwilderMarch 2012

Films I saw: Singing In the Rain, Rear View Window, A Thousand Words, Marry Me (0n tv), The Searchers, How the West was Won and I also attended the SA Neighborhood Film Project.
Live Music I heard: Cantalope St. Pierre, The Infidels with Michael Martin, Ritmo Machine, Pop Pistol, Ruben V and Los Lonely Boys.
Self-Help stuff I did: Outcome Mapping, Tapping for Ultimate Success, Learned how to Muscle Test myself, Did Affirmations, listened to my Sedona Method and Silva Method Cd’s, signed up to receive “Starting a new habit” emails and printed ‘to do’ lists.
Writing/Media stuff: Started editing for a writer, Listened to “How to get an Agent” Screenwriting Webinar, signed up for Scriptalooza, attended a lecture on “What I learned from being an Editor” and one on “The future of Social Media.”
Business Ideas Explored: Ebay Webinar, Usana Healthcare, Cable/Tv Internet Biz, Mobile Optimization, Larry Goins Book and CD’s and webinar. Also ordered Moo Biz cards.
Personal: My daughter came home from South America. Threw a Mad Men Welcome Home party for her and her boyfriend and had all my family over. It was great! Also, I took my extensions out and got my crap out of storage that had been there since Aug 2010. Whew! 2 years ago

JadedForever 2 years ago

JadedForeverDone -

Last one for March!
I test-drove a brand new Nissan!

This is a goal that I really enjoy!
-JF 2 years ago


Segsy 2 years ago


I saw the movie The Lorax! What a great movie! Go see it!!! Go see it NOW!!! 2 years ago

lob 2 years ago

JadedForeverOne More New -

I tried the new Doritos Tacos Locos Supreme from Taco Bell!
I liked it!

-JF 2 years ago


I did it! I bought my new car! 2 years ago

JadedForeverAnother for March -

I tried Black Pepper Chicken from Panda Express!
I liked it!

Panda Express is pretty new to me, I’ve only been twice or so!

I still prefer Pick Up Stix!


2 years ago

HippieChick2 2 years ago

Collectorofcats 2 years ago

Legionella 2 years ago

LegionellaMagnificent March

And hereby I declare victory!!! March was great, did lots of new things! On the 1st we flew to Cape Town, which is an amazing city! We did lots of sightseeing, ate in great restaurants, meet in my husband’s newly found relatives, drunk wine, shopped exotic african souvenirs, saw seals (I even touched one) and penguins, went for tours, so it was really the perfect holiday, we enjoyed it very much! Then we flew to Hungary, so it was a really long journey, took almost 24 hours! I went to dentist to finish my root canal, there was no pain at all. And then my mother came to visit us, so it was an exciting month. I know, there are still 11 more days, but nothing else is planned, so this goal is completed! :) 2 years ago

Collectorofcats March 2012

So far, the most exciting new and fulfilling thing I’ve done is make the list up for March Forward Into Spring Scavenger Hunt. I have never done it before and it was a spur of the moment thing for me. It has been so rewarding seeing all the photos being posted for the hunt. 2 years ago


I think that the Versatile Ravioli class at Le Cordon Bleu is my new and fullfilling thing for March. It was so fun and I learned so much. I’m just not sure anything else this month will top it! 2 years ago

JadedForeverMarching On -

I tried yellow bell pepper today!
I think I liked it!

I also tried a wheat tortilla!
I don’t think that I liked it.

2 years ago

JadedForeverMore for March -

I tried Broccoli Cheese soup at Subway, it was OK!

I also tried spinach on my sandwich, it was also OK!
Glad that I tried something new!

Looks like March is going to be mostly about food!

-JF 2 years ago

lobit was definitely new

and can be fulfilling, but I still have to wait and see the result. I got laser hair removal on my upper lip. I can’t believe how nervous I was to try this, but I finally did it anyway. 2 years ago

Lost Wayfarer 2 years ago

Lost WayfarerJanuary, February and March 2012

January 2012: I had a wonderful New Year day with the Cowboy and his girls. I have to say that it was a very NEW & FULFILLING as I have never had a guy that really wanted to spend celebrating the New Year with me. It was wonderful 24 hours.

February 2012: My friends, J. and L. took me out of my birthday. They picked me up and took me to the Franklin Conservatory to see the orchid show. (I posted photogragh I took of one of the orchids that I loved.)It was LOVELY! And then we went out to eat at BJ’S Brew House, which was just awesome! We walked around the mall and visted the little shops and then we went to see Star Wars Episode One in 3D. It was great. I ate lots of delicious movie popcorn. Of course, the Cowboy wished me a Happy Birthday and wished he could have spend the day with me too. I had lovely phone calls with both of my parents too. It was just divine!! I felt very loved, more so then I have in years on the day of my birth. It was lovely

March 2012: I spend Saturday with the Cowboy (celebrating his birthday) This sounds weird, but we cleaned the house together over 5 hours. We went out to eat at a little diner, and had delicious pasta. I walked around the mall to check out video games and books (I couldn’t leave the books store without buying something for him as well as me. LOL) and when went back to his house, had relaxed had a couple beers (Samuel Adams ale), played video games and watched Full Metal Jousting until the early hours of the morning. I have never spend such a normal yet such a funtastic day with a person. We cleaned for over 5 hours yet it wasn’t work (well, it was, yet it wasn’t) because it was so much fun. Listening to music, cleaning and laughing as we did.

I have had a couple very sad moments in 2012 which will always remain with me, yet I can be VICTORIOUS with all the new and fulfilling things I continue to do this year. 2 years ago

JadedForeverMmm -

For March!
I tried Skinny Cow ice cream it was Dulce De Leche!
I liked it!

-JF 2 years ago

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