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mrsrad 2 years ago

mrsradFriday January 10th

Today I am grateful for
a plethora of good weather even though we need the rain badly
money in the bank
finally getting over this cold of four weeks

I did these things well
went to the gym for the first time in a long time
stunned my client with an awesome response to their schizophrenic requests on their new building
stayed not only calm, but amazingly pleasant as I talked to the IRS agent who is going to audit our 2010 tax return. 6 months ago

mrsradMonday November 4th

I am grateful for:

A signed contract for my temp job
A great gig yesterday. One of our lead singers has a herniated disc in her neck and has not performed with the band for a few months, nor has she been able to work. Her husband brought her to the charity gig the band played yesterday. She came back to hang with me at the board and I heard her singing. I went and got the wireless mic and handed it to her and she sang back-up from the back. As soon as the band realized that she was singing, they all broke out in big smiles and the energy on stage changed dramatically. She started off tentatively and gained her confidence after a few songs and was soon belting it out. It was great. I was so happy it gave me goosebumps. It was good for her and the band.
A fun after gig band dinner. Lots of laughter and fun.

I did the following things well:
went back to the gym finally
Gave the wireless mic to the vocalist and got her to sing at the gig.
Encouraged mrrad to invite his brother’s goddaughter to his birthday dinner even though he didn’t want to. 8 months ago

MamaKitty 2 years ago

mrsradFriday September 20th

Today I am grateful for:
just about everything, particularly synchronicity
a new car, replacing my 13 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee. My new car, a ‘13 Honda CRV is perfect for us.
selling my old car for a fair price to a good friend, I’ll get to visit it.

I did these things well:
went to the gym
went to the chiropractor
ran lots of errands. 10 months ago

mrsradTuesday, September 10th

Today I am grateful,

My contract schedule being extended a month.
Being very busy this week so I’m not thinking too much about the anniversary on Friday
Being contacted by a former colleague to do more consulting work. I have two more possible gigs besides what I am doing now.

I have done the following well:
Have provided great service to my client and my client’s client
Have stayed on my eating plan with only planned lapses.
Been back in the game! 10 months ago

mrsradWednesday August 28th

Today I am grateful for:

The lovely quiet solitude with the windows open listening to the crickets chirp. So very different from last year at this time.
A part-time short term gig with a decent hourly rate. Money coming in, but not killing myself and getting paid for the work that I do.
Getting back into the working world. Makes me feel useful again.

I did these things well:

Competently took care of a lot of items for the presentation tomorrow.
Took pressure off of my client/boss by taking over things that he was going to have to do. He is grateful to know that things are competently handled.
Just did it! Got ‘er done! 10 months ago

mrsradMonday August 12th

Today I am grateful for:
starting back in the work force, albeit part time and short term, its good to feel like I’m contributing again and am of value
that the DOJ approved the grant for ADC and mrrad will have funding for a job for the next three years.
that I am only working part time right now—it a tough adaptation, my brain has turned to mush and my eyesight has worsened over the last year.

I did these things well:
went to work for the first time in 13 months
made progress on my to do list
didn’t wrap my hands around the neck of the guest “famous” singer at yesterday’s gig who walked off the stage three times because we were having a few sound problems, which were quickly sorted out. What a flippin’ baby. He was playing a block party not a 50,000 seat arena. 11 months ago

mrsradThursday August 8th

Today I am grateful for:
Having lined up a new temp work gig (6 months)
That my hourly rate for the temp gig will allow me to work part time and still make close to what I was making full time.
Always being taken care of

I did these things well:
Took care of today’s errands
Made it to the gym as planned this week
Have been making jam for the first time ever! 11 months ago


I am grateful for:
my unemployment being sorted out
being pretty content and happy with my life, knowing unemployment is temporary
some relief from the constant leg pain

I did these things well:
applied online for a job
did NOT take it personally when I finally got the news that one of positions I applied for went to a different candidate with a different background. I understand their reasoning and would have probably made the same decision.
made progress on my daily to do list. 11 months ago

buffalosnowangel 23 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for yet another sunny, 75 degree day in Buffalo.
- for my BFF who has helped immensely with my trip stuff
- that it is Friday! 3/4 through my exams.

I did these things well:

- prepped
- took my exam
- went supply shopping for my trip 14 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- that this is the 222nd entry on a goal with 22 cheers and it happened on May 2nd.
- for a friend I can be open with and who cares enough to just listen
- for getting through two exams
- for a frank conversation that eased some fears

I did these things well:

- studied
- took my exams
- spent time with new people 14 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for sunshine to sit in as I study
- for my mom taking my news better than I thought
- for s’mores

I did these things well:

- booked my trip
- studied my ass off
- spent time in the sun 14 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for a review session this morning
- for another successful driving lesson
- for patience and kindness

I did these things well:

- reviewed some
- answered work emails
- took care of work paperwork 14 months ago


Today I was grateful…

- for the last day of classes
- for going out to eat with my girlfriends from school
- for being asked on a date. Even if I never go, it was nice to be asked!

I did these things well:

- went out
- stuck it out in class
- spent time with a friend 14 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for kindness
- for being almost done
- for moments of peace

I did these things well:

- worked on homework 14 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for an incredible experience
- that we were able to rescue baby ducks!
- for trying something new

I did these things well:

- went out to dinner
- helped out with an animal rescue
- worked on homework 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- that school is almost over
- that I have friends at school who keep me sane
- for a visit from a friend

I did these things well:

- had a healthy discussion
- worked on homework
- spent time planning 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- to find out that recent question marks were just misunderstandings. Crap was about to go down in the math department!
- for my students; who I will miss so very much.
- for ice cream to celebrate my last day of teaching

I did these things well:

- relaxed a little
- proctored exams
- went out for ice cream 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for students who make me laugh til it hurts
- for coffee time with Z
- for getting up at 4:30, being at school at 6 and spending all day doing a job that I enjoy. (The school part sucked but everything else was good)

I did these things well:

- tutored
- finished final grades
- make lunch for tomorrow 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for the support of my BFF
- that Z’s (at the moment) cancer free
- for laughs with friends at school
- for an amazing opportunity to teach
- for responsive students who were great at rolling with the lecturer change

I did these things well:

- ran a review for my students and their final
- taught my first ever full new-material lecture
- studied, then went to bed 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- that the news wasn’t bad (though wasn’t great)
- that my job is something I can get lost in
- that Z and I have an understanding
- for heartache

I did these things well:

- prepped some
- came up with the outline of a plan
- daydreamed just a little, the first time in so long 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for a nice day with Mom for her birthday
- for homework help
- for my friend K at school
- for a walk down memory lane

I did these things well:

- worked on homework
- helped relax Z
- treated my mom to dinner and a trip to Canada 15 months ago


Today I was grateful…

- for Jurassic Park 3D
- for getting moments back that matter
- for reality checks

I did these things well:

- went to the movies
- worked on a homework assignment
- stayed up to help with worry 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for an enjoyable, pressure free night
- for a laughable Sabres blow out
- for a friend who helped me in a moment of crisis

I did these things well:

- stood by Z
- had serious necessary conversations
- proctored a quiz 15 months ago

mrsradThursday April 18th

I’m grateful for:

25 years clean and sober today
the ability to get a way for a few days to a beautiful quiet spot
peace and quiet

did well:
enjoyed the day
took a hike
finished a cross stitch bib for my goddaughter 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for beautiful warm weather and eating outside near the lake with friends from school
- for reruns of L&O
- for ice cream and stolen daffodils

I did these things well:

- gave quizzes
- went to class
- made a plan just in case bad news comes tomorrow 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for making plans with friends tomorrow
- for friends who are supportive
- for Z and everything we’ve shared over the years. No matter what Z will always be in my life. 15 months ago


Today, I was grateful…

- for a job that’s engaging; that I can get lost in.
- for being able to fix a favorite shirt that I thought was gone for good
- for a new friend at school and he has a friend with POTS

I did these things well:

- gave a quiz
- prepped students
- kept it together and under control 15 months ago

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