Take a moment, smell the roses

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molliemoonlight 2 years ago


Having the radio on again in the morning on the way to work (at last!) And time to think!

And the fact that the hire car that I picked up today has a heated steering wheel and heated seats. I’m going to enjoy this tomorrow! 17 months ago


Friday night. 18 months ago


in the bath. 18 months ago

lob 18 months ago


Taking time for music :) 19 months ago


Listening to the rain, lost in thought, even if only for a few minutes. 19 months ago


Thur – seeing a miniature pony being led along the pavement on a semi rural road. Listening to the radio to wonderful songs.

Fri – that moment I breathe in after closing the door at work on Friday knowing the weekend’s ahead. I seem to be at my most content as I drive at around 5.30. But today is even better. It’s bank holiday weekend this weekend. That means three days break!

Oh and the other thing I feel rather smug about is the fact that the Conservatives are licking their wounds a bit today. Must check the news for results of the mayor election. 23 months ago


The rain has been awful these last few days, but today it’s been interspersed with pockets of sunshine. On the way home tonight I had anticipated a rainbow. Not only was I not disappointed as I turned into the long road leading to the village, but it was a very bright, full arc of a rainbow. The driver a few cars in front of me slowed to admire it. It may have annoyed the other drivers but I was delighted as I got to have a good look.

The cars all turned off the road and I got to drive on a deserted road, more slowly down and up the hill so I could fully appreciate it. But it got even better at the top of the hill as I observed the spectrum of colours projected on the trees and the end of the rainbow stop on the grass in front of them! I had seen the end of the rainbow, something I have never been lucky enough to do before!

Sadly there was no where to stop to take a photo and by the time I got home, the sun had come out in all its glory and the rainbow was gone. 1 year ago

molliemoonlightSo many roses,

this could be a gratitude entry…

Lovely coffee in the coffee shop.
Club classics on the radio in the car.
Hugs and catching up with lots of friends who I’ve not seen for a couple of months.
The prospect on the whole weekend ahead.

The joy of Friday! 2 years ago


This moment just happened. I realised I was in it just after I’d got to the roundabout at the M1 in time to avoid being stuck behind a slow lorry. As I travelled unimpeded up the road, I realised how far back the lorry was, with it’s line of cars behind and saw that there was nothing in front. When I’m driving, there’s nothing I like better than driving in the dark on a clear road. Oh wait a minute – add some gentle rain and singing along to Michael Buble’s ‘Just haven’t met you yet’ at the top of your voice and you’ve got yourself a PARTAY! 2 years ago

molliemoonlightThis goal

is about appreciating the little things. Taking that moment in the madness to stop and wonder. It might be something that I plan, or it might be something that happens in the day, like today, and I realise ‘this is my smell the roses moment’. My aim is to have one of these moments every day, although I won’t post every day, I may post several examples in one post, if there are a few I want to share. But I feel I need to actively take more of these moments, take a breath, so I’m ready to submerge myself back into the hectic pace of everyday life.

2 years ago

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