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cheer 100 people


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anypasswordwilldohalf way there now

i like giving cheers coz i know how nice it feels to recieve them 6 years ago

anypasswordwilldo22 and counting

it fees great when you get a cheer for something you want to do or have done! it makes you feel like ou have really achieved something even if it is something simple like riding a horse! the smallest things can be the most important! am gonna keep cheering!! 6 years ago


I’ve completed this goal, but I will keep cheering as many people as I can. I just wanted a habit to be formed. 7 years ago


It always makes me think… 7 years ago


It’s really good for me to read through what everyone wants to do. It’s refreshing to know people aren’t as bad as a few make them seem. 7 years ago


It’s so weird to know I only have 20 left.. I will keep on cheering after this is over though! 7 years ago


And I love doing it. 7 years ago


Yeahh… I did it the most random way too! =) 7 years ago


You know, some of these people are really inspiring… I’m glad I chose to do this. I may even raise how many people to cheer. 7 years ago


I just added 9 more. =) 7 years ago


Just made 10 more people feel a little bit better… I hope. 7 years ago


I used up 3 more cheers, but I won’t count those since I’ve cheered those people before. 7 years ago


I cheered 7 more. And I always look for things that either inspire me, or that I know has inspired that person 7 years ago


I added 4 more 7 years ago


6 more cheers! =) A goal I will definitely do! 7 years ago


3 more cheers.. So I’m up to 9 =) 7 years ago


I cheered 6 people!=)

I have to wait until I have more cheers. 7 years ago

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