cultivate and maintain a relationship with an Native guy

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洞察力是抛弃自我意识 20 months ago



感情就是要讨价还价的感觉嘛 20 months ago

chaihua1show friendly is useless。 有故事的人,历险经历

the only way is show your ability.

respect is precious resouce, that’s why people like that.

only respect you can win is because people know that they may need you one day. 20 months ago


大方得体有品位 21 months ago

chaihua1I am not introduced to his friend

So, not so good yet 21 months ago

chaihua1facebook rather than renren

i should be on facebook, rather on renren

i lost my chance long ago… 22 months ago


The best part I know what I myself think and what’s he think

What I want is a friend, and I am just a little motionally rely on the person , but actually, I didn’t agree his lifestyle, know what he want to be in the future, and whats his self building image.

For the 6 parts:
1 appearance :Win
2 wealth: equal or win
3 social status: loss
4 knowledge: equal or different
5 social manner or characteristic: win
6 moral quality: equal 22 months ago


I should know reason.
Because I feel a little boasted. And I am a little lazy.

I didnt give many things to him, so I didn’t deserve anything extra. So what can I do to make a native friend? I 22 months ago


Yes, ran is always a good friend to me, and he is native.
But seems I am a little into him, again! 22 months ago


CJ is friendly to me.
And hug me today. Which did’t make me uncomfortable. I think he may feel happy to be my friend. 2 years ago

chaihua1My listenning is too week to make friends with foreigner

Epecially be as humorous as in chinese 2 years ago

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