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survive my statistics class


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change everythingSURVIVED

Only by the grace of God though, and I’m quite literal when I say that. There is no reason I should have done as well as I did, other than I let go and said, “well, I didn’t study. I will gladly accept whatever grade I deserve, but I hope it goes well.”

Every question that was down to two answers I must have chosen correctly. But studying a lot on the earlier exams so that I had some slack on the final was an important part of it too.

I’m SO happy to be done with statistics and starting up some harder albeit more interesting and fun classes this summer! 5 years ago

change everythingis this a bad sign?

I posted the book on to sell it before I’ve even taken the final test.

WHICH IS TOMORROW. I’m so excited, and a little terrified.

I did exactly ZERO studying for this exam. In fact, I still have to READ for the first time one of the chapters.

However, I know what I need to get on the final to get the grade I want in the class, and I think that’s doable, even with just a read through. It is open book, after all. 5 years ago

change everythingI asked, and they answered

FINALLY, and for the first time ever.

The test originally was going to include some short answer (boo) but they rewrote it so it will only include multiple choice (YAY!!!)

This was very good news. 5 years ago

change everythingsome perspective

I could get HALF of the available points on my final test and still get the minus side of the grade I’m hoping for.

So let’s not stress out more about this than I need to. 5 years ago

change everythingTest 3 done

once again, no short answer, even though the syllabus says there is. Not that I’m complaining, unless I get used to this and then there are short answer on my final. That would suck.

I’m actually a little pissed…not very much math, and I worked hard on the math. But whatever. I got a nice grade. One test left. If it’s anything like this last one, I should do just fine. 5 years ago

change everythinglooking ahead

After I take my test on Tuesday, I have THREE WEEKS before I take the final to conquer FOUR CHAPTERS. Boo. I can’t take a week and slack like I usually like to. But I planned out my work schedule for the final. As much as I’d like to push it to the last possible second in the testing window, I am going to a wedding that weekend and it would be nice to just have it OVER, so I’m going to take it the first day of the testing window.

I’m also going to cancel my volunteering on Tuesday morning. With feeling kind of sick lately and taking the test Tuesday evening, I think I need to take a break and just sleep in and have some more time to study rather than push myself too hard. 5 years ago

change everything3 hours

I have never studied for 3 hours in my life. Seriously.

Things I have learned:

1) The confidence intervals section in my textbook is poorly written. There is no reason that one page should have taken me an hour to figure out.
2) I probably should have started working on this material a week earlier than I did.
3) I take notes better if I put them directly on index cards rather than filling a page of my crappy handwriting.
4) I need a homework bag. I assembled it today. Bag includes all my books and notebooks, pens, highlighters, index cards, calculator, smaller notepad for calculations, and mini flask. I’m kidding about the mini flask, though I did have one. All this crap doesn’t fit in my work bag anyway, so now I can grab one bag to go to library, work, friends, or on the way to the test instead of running around making a stack of things.
5) Given the whole span of the bed and an afghan folded at the foot of it, my cats will still prefer to lay down on my notes, even if that means the spiral from a spiral notebook is sticking into their belly. It makes no sense. 5 years ago

change everythingof course

Still no answer as to if there is short answer on this test or multiple choice only. They are hell bent against telling me. I ask every test and never get an answer.

They gave me a bit of info on the next test, but not much, more a “just learn everything” kind of answer. Boo. I know I’m taking this as a distance course, but I still have a professor and am accustomed to getting some guidance. But I take the good with the bad…my other classes with a different professor are so great…he apparently took some master’s and PhD classes by distance and so he knows how to craft a class that is insanely interesting without feeling too assignment-y and, well, distant. So if I can go back to him this summer (which I plan on doing) this will be but a pain in the ass for one semester.

Ok. Now, upstairs to hunker down and focus! 5 years ago

change everythingperhaps I was a bit hyperbolic

It’s not quite like German. I’m a smart girl and I can understand this stuff if I just have the patience to sit down and a lack of distractions. Brought the car in for a long service appointment today and was able to devote 2 hours just to statistics (what else was I going to do there?)

Nearly 1/3 done with the course work for this test…

i also sucked it up and emailed the prof and TA with a few logistical questions about the test so I at least know what to expect. 5 years ago

change everythingI didn't want to make it a goal, necessarily

but this is sucking the joy out of my life. I think it is at least partially a reason for my rut…I either feel guilty that I’m not learning statistics or painfully stupid when I’m trying to understand it.

I don’t even care that much. It’s a required class. I just want a C and enough knowledge that I don’t fail the next class that might actually require some of this information.

I’ve done two of the tests. Two weeks to my next test (just started looking at it today), and then one month to the final test. They are open book/open note, but the syllabus has been saying that all the tests do have some short answer (though so far it’s only been multiple choice). The next two tests are twice as long each as the first two, and I’m just…nervous that they will be in German (or at least they will appear to be like that to me).

I just need to put some work in. Study a few times a week, do the problems, read even though it’s like a foreign language, and just pass. Just survive. 5 years ago

catspajamasWill, I had hoped for an A

but I received a B. Since math is not a good subject for me, I will accept this grade and move on. I think the next class will be Spanish. It’s time to accomplish another goal! 7 years ago

catspajamas98.34% on my first exam

I missed one problem. 7 years ago

catspajamasTotally Bummed Out!

I received a C in my statistics class. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I did on the final exam, but I assume from my C that I didn’t do as well as I thought I had done. This is my first C in a class (in the past twenty years at least). I guess I’ll just keep this goal up for another term. I will re-enroll in the class, and take it while they’re still using the same text book, and the information is fresh in my memory. I had hoped to take Gerontology this term, but Statistics is a required class, and Gerontology is not required. I can’t afford to take them both. This time I should EXCEL in statistics (pun intended). 7 years ago

catspajamasI survived

now I’m waiting to find out what my grade is for the term. 7 years ago

catspajamasDidn't pass the third test

I am floundering in this class. My final exam is on March the 21st. I can still pull a B if I do well on the final exam. I really hope I can do that. If I don’t I will retake the class. I don’t want anything less than a B in the class. Wish me luck- I need it! 7 years ago

catspajamasBarely passed the second exam

but the third exam is tomorrow. I’m feeling much better about this one. The last one was received late at the testing center. I had to reschedule for the next day. When I got there, they told me that the school was closing early because of the snow storm. I felt rushed and didn’t do well on the test. The test tomorrow should be much better. 7 years ago

catspajamasSecond exam is tomorrow

I received a B on the first exam. I know I could have done better, but I don’t have the time to spend with the class that I should. 7 years ago

catspajamasReopened this goal

from last year. Actually, I don’t want to just survive the class, I want to thrive in the class. 7 years ago

catspajamasI'm spread out too thin

so I’ve decided to take statistics later. I need to focus on my nursing classes and keeping up with everything at work and home. Statistics will need to wait. 8 years ago

catspajamasI'm working on it

but I need to learn to allocate my time better between my online statistics class, my online nursing trends class, and 43things. It’s so easy to flip over here when something gets boring on my statistics class. I am beginning to think that the class may not be as hard as I first imagined. I’m just not a mathy person. I like numbers and logic (like a good sudoku puzzle) but I have never done well with college math courses. Maybe it’s all in my mind. I need to think that I will succeed in this class so that I will succeed in this class. Thw power of positive thinking, right? 8 years ago

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