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TeahupooA shopping adventure as well!!

21. Alicia Silverstone’s Magical Miso Soup

So healthy and good for you. I went to the Asian supermarket to hunt for some of the more obscure ingredients like seaweed, tofu, bok choy, miso, and mochi. Added lotus root, cabbage, and leek into the mix. I ate a ridiculous amount of yummy healthy veggies this weekend, especially dark green stuff.

And now I know where to find obscure ingredients, so I will be much less intimidated next time!!!!! 21 months ago

TeahupooFree-styling cooking!

20. Bruschetta Pasta

This was my own culinary invention. Tomatoes, garlic, onions, cheese, pesto and pasta = yummy gooey excellence. Go me – inventing things!! Whooohooo!!!! 21 months ago

TeahupooNewest culinary adventure...

19. Daikon Tea

According to Alicia Silverstone, this magical healing Japanese radish relaxes the liver and cures menstrual cramps. The texture is a bit funky (radish grated to a pulp, boiled in water and mixed with soy sauce) but I got over it and gulped it down… it has a light soft flavour, almost like a very mild refreshing ginger.

This is not a crowd pleasure but I definitely feel mellow and relaxed after a cranky day. I will keep this in my repertoire for the next time I am sick.

Alicia Silverstone’s cookbook is filled with obscure ingredients and very quirky recipes, but if you are open-minded it is quite the adventure! 22 months ago

TeahupooChickpea, Black Bean and Avocado salad

18. Chickpea, Black Bean and Avocado salad with garlic lime sauce

Sooo delicious and yummy and healthy!! and easy – this will definitely be a meal to make to take for lunches! 22 months ago

TeahupooAlicia Silverstone's Magical Healing Soup

17. Alicia Silverstone’s Magical Healing Soup

For real – so easy!!! chop up 10 different kinds of vegetables and boil water in a pot and let everything meld together. So easy, so yummy, so healthy, so nourishing!!

Secret ingredients:

  • daikon root (a japanese radish that apparently cuts through fat, relaxes the liver and cures menstrual cramps)
  • ginger juice
  • soy sauce
  • miso paste
  • shiitake mushrooms
  • tons and tons of veggies (load it up!!)

such a warm yummy meal for a girls (or guys) night in when you need to recharge after a long week! 22 months ago

TeahupooHomemade Granola!!

16. Homemade Granola

Turned out amazing. I have decided to move cooking back to the top of the list, but in a very self-nurturing and self-nourishing way. It is a key step to looking after myself. It should not feel like a chore. 23 months ago

TeahupooMade a quiche last week!!

It turned out fantastic. Adding it to the list.

15. Quiche with onion and parsley 2 years ago


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