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walmart sucks.


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seeking~serenity 2 years ago

seeking~serenityBy now,

There aren’t even greeters anymore…lots of stolen goods come from that ridiculous decision made by a former-Target-exec-turned-Walmart-exec…which means lost profit and decreased employee bonuses.

We should all know that Walmart wants your soul. Low price, low quality, low morals. Profits over people. It really is sad.

My mom never wanted to work at the Big, Evil Empire, but at the time, she had written out numerous applications, and the phone was silent. It wasn’t a good time to find work then. She has always worked factory positions (good money, decent insurance, respectable work force and managers). She tried to find a factory job, but a decade ago it wasn’t easy…that was about the time that US factory positions were stupidly heading overseas (BECAUSE OF WALMART!!! OUR COUNTRY IS THE WAY IT IS LARGELY BECAUSE OF WALMART!), and there was no work available. Walmart was the only one to call her back in. And, the rest is history….well, more like hell.

My sister is now working for Walmart too. Sad times, indeed. I’ve had a few of my mom’s managers ask when I would be starting (HAHA! RIIIIGHT!) I know better. My mom wants to quit so bad, but Walmart injured her shoulder to where she needed surgery on her rotator cuff. She has three strikes against her; injured, over 50, and overweight. Not many places would even think about hiring her.

We both have been trying to brainstorm various options on home businesses, so shecan get out of that place, but that’s a tall order. She went to a tech college when she was younger to be an accountant; she’s very intelligent. She has thought of going that route again. I hope I can help her to figure something out. I don’t want her to die in that hell hole. 20 months ago

seeking~serenityThank God!

My mom was finally able to have a 40-hour paycheck this last week. When the employess’ hours were getting messed with, many of them either left walmart, or took a position on day shift. What ended up happening was that the night shift that my mom works was short-staffed (idiots!)

The managers ended up calling the people whose days they cut down to three or four in on their days off to work stock because there weren’t enough employees to work. So, luckily my mom was one of those people that got called in, and ended up with a full paycheck. :)

She is now at 40 hours for the next three weeks—until inventory, at least. After that, who knows what’s ahead. This is good for the moment. 2 years ago

seeking~serenityAre walmart managers even human?

This morning, my mom was telling me a story about an older gentleman (60, maybe 70 years old) who is a walmart employee. She told me that he’s a full-time worker (always has been), and they’re starting to cut his hours just like they’re cutting my mom’s and many others’ hours as well. The gentleman has Leukemia.

So, older employee, Leukemia, hours being cut…follow so far?

The employee goes and talks to the manager, and tells the manager that he can’t support his family with his income dropping, and needs more hours. You know what the manager told him? He said, “Well, you can push carts.”

The manager told a sick employee that he can push carts if he needs more money!! This made me so fucking furious!!! >:( Apparently, it made fellow employees furious also, as a few people called corporate office and told corporate what was happening. Uh-oh, people are shining light on something bad…corporate can’t have that. One employee even went up to that manager and said, “You can’t do this. You better do something different, or I will be calling the news stations and you’ll have news crews here for his story of what you’re doing to him.”

So, instead of him pushing carts to make up money, management moved him to maintenance. I’m not sure whether he’ll be full-time or not. I would imagine he would. I think the news stations should still be called. People who frequent walmart should be aware of how the company treats they’re employees.

Just sick. 2 years ago

seeking~serenityMy mom is an employee...


9 years she has given to this sorry, pathetic excuse for a company. Sam Walton is rolling in his grave knowing what his family has turned walmart into. In nine years, my mom has always shown up on time, has never had any problems with conduct, and has given them everything they have asked-and more! She does the work of what two people can do. She pushes herself so hard in her job to do the best she can that in 2008 she injured both of her shoulders which resulted in steroid shots, a rotator cuff surgery on her left arm and physical therapy for her left and right. She had to fight the stupid place to even get them to pay worker’s comp and for her appointments. They tried to reduce her hours, tried to push her to working days as a greeter (she’s a 3rd shift night stocker), and whatever else they could do. Thank God she is such a strong, stubborn, persistent person, otherwise they would have steam-rolled right over her without a second thought. But she called people and wrote people and she made it through recovery. Although her shoulders still act up and she isn’t quite the strong, determined woman she was before her injury—she made it through.

She is no longer with the store that sat by with her injury, but with another hell nonetheless. She is now at a 24-hour super center. She is a full-time, 40-hour/wk, employee…always has been. Nine years running. The store she is at seems to not want to make sales. They don’t change out the shelving specials at the end of aisles for months, will leave product in the back of the store and not put it out, and is now cutting a whole bunch of their 40-hour employees down to 24 hours, which then leaves them at part-time status. With part-time status, walmart can give you 24 hours one day and 8 the next. A part-time walmart employee is tortured with their hours, as hours are not guaranteed.

What the overnight manager is telling my mom (to save his ass legally), is that yes he is cutting her hours, but she can work on the day shift here and there when days are available to make up the difference. This way she can’t say that they aren’t giving her 40 hours because technically they offered her day time hours. Daytimers get payed $2 less an hour. My mom also can’t work days because of the demands of my son. She is an overly gracious mom and grandma. She attends all of my son’s school meetings with me for support and to know what’s going on as she is the other adult in the house caring for Christopher, she gets us to weekly appointments…she does everything! Have I mentioned yet that my mom is wonderful? How she has dealt with me over the years I’ll never know, lol.

Anyways, if she turns down the daytime hours, in legal speak, she is denying offered hours. She feels she is being phased out of her job and that there’s nothing she can do. What the store manager said today was “I’m not phasing you out. I’m giving you hours, they may not be what you want, but I am giving them to you…what else do you want from me?” So what will happen is that she could go to days, but they will not hold her overnight position she has had for 9 years at her hourly wage, but will have her sign a paper relinquishing her overnight/full-time/40 hour title and have her work as a part-time/dayshift/whatever hours they want to give you because you’re a part-timer title. She will then be a part-time employee, and he can cut her down to no hours. They won’t fire her though. Oh no, they don’t want her collecting unemployment or anything or survive.

She is the only worker in the house. I have tried to work, but my son’s needs are too demanding. What do they expect families to do about their bills and living expenses when they do crap like this to honest people?? And what’s worse is that the handful of people (that’s right, they didn’t cut everyone’s hours) that they chopped down were all females, besides one male that they put on the list—he’s leaving the store in a week, so he really doesn’t count. She’s feels she’s being discriminated against. I feel so sad for her and what this “company” has lowered her soul down to. This is not what Walton wanted as his legacy.

I am going to try and apply for S.S.I. for my son who has Autism (Asperger’) to cover rent, and get a job to try and make up the rest of the difference. If she quits, she can’t receive unemployment, but if she stays she can’t tap into her 401K. Catch 22. So she is going to work whatever hours they give her on overnights until they no longer give her any hours, and see where to go from there. We don’t know what happens if she stays on overnights but they don’t give her hours.

I’m hoping something will give soon. Otherwise all unnecessary payments will be cut shortly; cell phone, tv, storage units (will have to move contents of ours and my late uncle’s into the basement) and anything else that needs to be cut. But even all that only saves us about $400/month. Sheesh, do I hate that place. They are the main reasoning behind our declining economy…outsourcing!!!

I wish they would just FIRE her!!!! 2 years ago

seeking~serenityAin't life grand!

It’s just so wonderful how the devil comes in and sucks the life out of everything! 2 years ago

seeking~serenityand another....

Sad but very true shirt. 2 years ago

seeking~serenityDo you hate walmart?

Me too! 2 years ago

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