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SnowUh, hello?

Hello? echoes6 months ago

Snow 6 months ago


this is the correct one

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a0/LakshadweepIsland.jpg 15 months ago



This might be a deserted island idk or not so yea just trying to help out a bit 15 months ago

aquamarinne3800 15 months ago


you need like a deserted peice of land… idk where though… 2 years ago


ok, listen:
you aren’t going to be able to make an island. just forget it. you need something else! 2 years ago

Tisa WingsI THINK

We should pick a place before we start planning. Because we need to know what the land offers. And we need to know if it is abandoned, for sale, or highly populated. And we need to know how far we can go with this idea.2 years ago

moonsoul7Summery of plan

We get the mermaids to help us find a high place in the water and get sand and rock and build an island. Once that happens the people who live on a farm can get animals to raise on the island.

More but that’s the gist 2 years ago


Ok. We need someone to have a plan. We have been silent long enough. I have a plan. But ill need your full cooperation. This goal shall prosper under my plan. Please. 2 years ago


Who’s gonna be the dominant species. That makes a huge thing in our plan. 2 years ago

NekoWerewolf 2 years ago


We need herb gardens and other foods as well. Farming. 2 years ago

Ray 2 years ago

moonsoul7 2 years ago

user7156 2 years ago

KamalahThe village should be practical and sutiable for all Otherkin.

Rivers for mermaids, forests for centaurs, trees for avians-ect.

It would be best if all slept in the same area, in a large room, but with seperate beds of course. As for a market-is that really nessecary? All could do chores. There could be a large garden in the village where we can grow and harvest our food and herbs for medicine.

There could be seperate houses in the trees for scouts, for mixing medicines, storage, crafting tools and so forth. We could have underground rooms (i.e basements) to keep things cool.

What about livestock? Like goats and sheep? We could make a corral or a pen for them for wool and milk. Perhaps a cow? Maybe horses? 2 years ago


Perhaps the name of our little village could be Haven? 2 years ago


Have any of you thought on a combination of tree houses with cave/underground systems?

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and if any of you are really good artists with access to a scanner, maybe we can bring a possible design to paper :)

comment if interested! 2 years ago

Kamalah 2 years ago


Alright I have an idea (had a dream about this). We can have a little market that has trees and multicolored lanterns with a little river to walk around. There can all different shops like a herb and flower shop, wiccan store, book store, potion shop, magical pet store (like a dragon or some others), and whatever else we can think of. We can also do ,when we find or make one, a spell to telport people to the magic academy. 2 years ago

tori102098 2 years ago


Hi. So…. What’s this about? XP 2 years ago

ClairHowls 2 years ago

Tisa Wingsif we use

IF we use these ideas we need to find an area with HUGE TALL trees with MANY branches. anyone want to help me?2 years ago

Tisa WingsI THINK

There for I’m single! jkjk I’m not single ;) .

I think this village is a good idea that way we have a SAFE place to meet up! 2 years ago

asparas midnight 2 years ago

。◕‿◕。 Sekiel Sora 。◕‿◕。 2 years ago

x0xshewolfx0x 2 years ago

DeathCries 2 years ago

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