Fall in love....or not

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Fall In Love

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Recent activity

mrcreedin love :)

Listening to her play the piano right now…:D 2 weeks ago

mrcreedgoing to the zoo

this weekend with girl and her daughter. =) 7 months ago


is pretty special. Im a lucky guy =) 9 months ago

mrcreed 2 years ago

mrcreeddates number three and four

happened pretty quickly…=D

i think im pretty happy with this un so far =)

cool huh?12 months ago

mrcreeddate number two

with moosical girl begins in 90 minutes. =) 13 months ago

mrcreedGuess Who

had a rather successful date last Friday night? =) we sat and talked(and had hot wings and beer)for over four hours. we have another date for the movies next Friday. =D 13 months ago


=) 13 months ago

mrcreedI got asked out on a date today

On my way to meet her now. Wish me luck :)

or maybe wish her luck….hell wish us both luck13 months ago


Sick of love! 14 months ago

mrcreedonline dating.....here we go again

met a seemingly nice girl..been talking a week or so…im going to go slow and just see what happens…thats the plan…yup…slow….like honey i love that song,sorry15 months ago

mrcreedtough guys dont get lonely

You believe me,right? :)

Whatever,im goin to bed….15 months ago


that stupid interweb dating profile…it would seem all the cool/compatible women live hundreds and or thousands of miles away =/ 15 months ago

mrcreedbeing single

is just so much easier 15 months ago

mrcreedok...here we go again

promising first date tomorrow =) 16 months ago

mrcreedits official...

Im gonna be single forever…i have been thinking of things to ask women to help me get a feel for who they are…if they might be compatible…and the idea that i should ask a woman who her favorite philosopher is keeps popping into my head…im doomed….:( 17 months ago

mrcreedi met this girl...

Im with my boss eating some wings..drinking some beers and watching college footbal.when this girl and her friend sit down next to me. Over the next two hours we chat some,i make her laugh,watched her beer and purse when she went outside to smoke…and got her number before she left…wish me luck :) 19 months ago

mrcreedmaybe im just not

The right guy for anyone20 months ago

mrcreedblonde-geddon is about

to bite the dust i am afraid…i havent given up on her just yet but i can see it on the horizon 21 months ago

mrcreedmind games

I am smart enough To spot them from a mile away. I don’t play them, but if I did I would fucking win.

The end 21 months ago

mrcreedthese past few post for this goal

seem to indicate that i might have been enjoying the rigors of an emotional roller-coaster ride of late…wonder what that means?

oh yeah,i have a phone date with blonde-geddon(pronounced blond-uh-geddon =P)in a few..we have talked or texted or chatted everyday for over a week21 months ago


i should stop worrying about finding a relationship with a decent,kind woman and just try and get laid for a change…lol 21 months ago


whatever 21 months ago


Shall henceforth forever be referred to in the annals of mrcreed-dom as blonde-geddon.
So it is written so it shall be done!
better than it sounds actually21 months ago

mrcreedinternet dating

....=) 21 months ago

mrcreedharumph!! =(

eharmony sucks…the super duper space age matching they are so proud of on the television commercials just want to match me up with women that live on other planets 300 miles away 21 months ago

mrcreedand another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone…

oh well,no biggie =)

who knew there were so many women out there that just want to use a guy sexually?22 months ago


now all of a sudden…like out of nowhere…i have 3 different hot chicks wanting to hang out with me this weekend…..=D

not at the same time but still uber cool22 months ago

mrcreedand my other problem is just meeting people(the female kind)

internet dating sites just suck…a waste of time and money if you ask me…which you didnt…but anyway =D 23 months ago

mrcreedi think my problem is

i want to do both… 23 months ago

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