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To not give up on finding the perfect guy for me

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BaptzTo each his/her own

Yesterday on face book a guy asked what a perfect guy is to a girl. 1 girl answered that there is no perfect guy but only an ideal guy. I added there may be no perfect human but…here’s the copy-Me personally, i’d like to think though there is no perfect human, that there is a perfect men for me but sometimes fear I set my goals to high so I guess I won’t know until I meet him. They always tell me I dream to big but I can’t help but imagine, A man with a pure purpose and debth, strong and understanding. He will never make me feel like I need to change but has the instict to find the real me and why am am who I am, the courage to feed the light in me, exite me and hold me interest. He’s intellectual with a good vocabulary so will express his opinions without calling me out my name. He’s conscious and doesn’t wear his pants under his butt. He is aware of the turmoil this world is in and wants to help the world. He loves nature and wants to get closer to it. He is a free spirit but respectful. He has hobbies and goals. He loves to stay active and healthy. somehow he knows how to make me smile or laugh in this world where aint shit really funny. I guess he just has that special something that makes him perfect to noone but me. He loves my soul and is not afraid to show it in a healthy manner. He doesn’t try to control me because he wants to get to know the real me. Patience is a must. He doesn’t judge because it makes me put up my gaurds. Basically, There’s just something so pure and beautiful and strong about him that I glow with the thought of him and shine in his presence. He must have some but not necessarily all of them He sees me as his equal and respects my thoughts and is interested in a majority of my projects… The closer to the image I have of Jesus, the better. He is spiritual, not religious. He believes in something beyond what he can physically see even though a physical chemisrty is very important. If I were in a cartoon, Goku from Dragon ball z would be perfect. What i’m looking for is a needle in a hay stack. He’s like searching for the dragon balls. You find a peice of the puzzle dispersed and scattered around the world. It would be a miracle to find them gathered in one place because only then is the greatest gift of unconditional love in my grasp or biggest wish or right of happiness in your hands. In the same, maybe only after the greatest risks and adventures have been experienced are you even ready to receive this blessing. Only after you conquer, find, or join in oneness with yourselve will you even deserve something so out of this narrow world. Sso beyond definition, a supreme essence. I’ll just have to be hopeful and not settle for less or that’s exactly that i’ll get. I’d rather spend this life alone if this perfect reflection of myself doesn’t exist. I’ll spend eternity perfecting myself.lol thanks for asking. It’s so easy to get lost in him…where ever he is (: I’ll just have too keep looking to the lord for hope, earth for my strength, and my animal friends to keep me laughing because of how they see things, the warm sunshine as a reason to smile, the sky as a reason to daydream, the sea as a diary and breeze a hammock whispering close your eyes, A library to exlore, Children to live and die for. I’ll look to anything beautiful to remind me of all things warm. The mystery of God is Irony so even with a million true friends or family member the debths of my heart will remain locked until comes along that one key that fits. Some say I live in a fairytail, but then why is it so real to me. This world is a distraction teliing me where to go or who to be. I see past the illusion, I won’t accept any copies. I need the original with them imperfections that make him my Mr. Right, my Prince Perfect. To settle for less would make me weak.We’ve loved each other in and out of time. Nothing and Noone else compares to how we manifest and materialize. Maybe in the next life. Hope to see everyone else I love there too so if he still doesn’t show up, I won’t have to learn to be utterly alone. I love each person I love for who they are andwill never resent them for who they aren’t. You’re all important to me and have your own perfect place in my heart. (: Irreplaceable just like my missing Moon Light Knight. :)))))))) I’d also like to add that if I were in a movie romance it would have to be with Bruce Lee Roy and my celebrity crush is Method man for some reason. 2 years ago

Baptz 2 years ago

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