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know what kind of man I want n dont want to marry in a 100-list


Recent activity

chaihua132 do crazy things for me

do sth crazy with me…like skydiving

like shouting

like exposing his depression

What I can give?
I don’t know 2 years ago



  清楚地写下你的“需求”和“给予”,并在心里随时提醒着自己,你就为自己的婚姻理想,打下了一个地基,再美丽的建筑,没有地基,也会在瞬间崩溃。 2 years ago

chaihua1Why I want a BF?

1. I want wake up find sb by my side. I want fall asleep with an warm arm under my head.

2. I dream of watching the sky and stars on the grass in the park or on the beach.

3. Every time I cook new food, there is one person who can taste it with me.

4. Walk after dinner and talk sth funny.

5. Have a luxury present to resist other’s showing off. 2 years ago



"没有哪个男生是天生好男人",天生多爱你。 2 years ago

chaihua130 grow stronger for me

if he love me, he must be growing stronger do sth. he cannot do before.good for him, good for me. if he is sure he love me.

and I will do sth to prove I deserve it. 2 years ago

chaihua129 dare to do crazy things

those who never did crazy things, never know what he really need inside his heart.

i did lots crazy things to expose my depressed life 2 years ago


Love letter 10000 words

run 10000 meter

what i need to do? you name it.
maybe do 50 dishes for you? how many different dishes you eat in a month? 2 years ago

chaihua127 I know his selfish side

I must know what he care most above me. 2 years ago

chaihua126 talk

whenever we are on line, we have lots in common to talk with.
if we dont chat, then its sooooo distant in heart 2 years ago

chaihua125 give me a wonderful wedding? Give my child wonderful wedding

I admire Mizi and Mila who have wonderful luxury wedding, kinda of social shining, but it’s not my consuming style, so how?

I want it to be unique memoral lasted long, it indeed need money, for my daughter or son. But no need for me. 2 years ago

chaihua124 let me know what I can do for him

let me feel i am being needed.
I will do the same. 2 years ago

chaihua123 自爱never change himself for me

it wont last long.

and when u tell a lie 10000 times, it will become a truth. if u say i deserved to be loved so much, u will win love 2 years ago

chaihua122 念旧\淡定status of woman is decided by the man around her

I want a man always care me.
not the man when need me, care me so sweet;
when everything is used up, abandon it without pity.
上善若水 2 years ago


21 at any time, he will reply my message. I will try to do that for him. relpy to each others weakness 2 years ago


20 I am attracted by interesting people. so if you have lots of high level friendship, it may easy attract me. so I will make funny friends too 2 years ago


19 be willing to accompany with children. Because I like my children be well accompanied 2 years ago



有自知之明点最好 2 years ago


不知道自己钟情哪样的男人,一切感情都会是烂桃花 2 years ago


18 i trust himself for who he is, not trust his money. And he also trust me most. 2 years ago









搜索的第二步是界定、面试和评价一众候选人。和不同的人相恋再相别是件很重要的事,因为它能帮你更好地了解在一段感情中你需要什么、不需要什么。难道你对男人没有好奇吗?这将是你的生命中唯一能够探索各类浪漫恋情和性经历的机会,所以你应该走出门好好享受。 2 years ago

chaihua117 loyalty

a.his left shoulder must belong to me. no woman can take that place from my husband, no matter how sad she is, you can use his right shoulder, but the left side close to his heart must only belong to me.

b.the 23:00 to 7:00 night time is always only belong to me, no matter what you feel, what you do, who you like, where you stay at daytime, I need your comfort at that night time, at least 23:00 to 7:00, i know its human natural to experience new lifestyle and friends, but i need safety at night, be in your heart, by yourside. No matter how buzy you are, who need your comfort at that time like best female friend or your female boss, I must be feeling we are together at that time. you shouldn’t stay with other women(or gays!),answer their phones or relpy their message, let the girls find other single men, or talk about it any time at daytime, now you need rest( and your wife need your heart to stay inside)! this is my rule,or otherwise I will find other man, or I wont be by your side when you need me very much. be continued2 years ago

chaihua116 affinity

16 he has kinda of charisma. To attract congeners naturally. Affinity. I don’t want sb always be alone. So I won’t ditto.

He is not the one who always try flattering try to take advantage of peers, but the one who can always do other’s favor without too much efforts.

Energy generator rather than energy stealer. 2 years ago

chaihua115 one family, one dream

15 We both know what to share to satisfy yourself and sacrifice for the family in the future. We are in harmony of what to do in the weekend, we discuss who take care of the child… We fight equally with each other. 2 years ago


13 he loves sport, so he can deal with his health and mood much better. And so do I.

14 his room of heart should not be crowded , and he don’t always invite other girls into his heart, the room is single apartment, not a shared room with some others. I need a room of my own, I need a quiet space which I can stay alone anytime I want. In the same way, I want every time I need your comfort, there is no other guest in your heart, so I can stay in your heart peacefully to lick my wounds.
I know it’s man’s nature to chase for new sexual tension. But our relation must be above sex, I know what you want most and love and so do know how to comfort me you know what mood I am in even I try my best to conceive it.
In your soul, you know , nobody can understand you better than me. The soul is only for me.

what can I do for you? am I a loyal person? I think loyalty need to be trained, but an attractive people like me always lack this kind of training.
I can’t give my love a whole space in my heart yet. Let him feel safe inside my heart. First , I must make sure if he need it. So I won’t waste my emotion. second, I believe he is unsubstituted for me. So we both try very hard to meet different kind of person but finally come back belong to each other because the speciality each have is just what we value and can’t be substituted. 2 years ago


12 所有人都必须向命运妥协,但这个男人在和我在结婚典礼上想起的必须要是前四个字,如果是后四个,不论他人多完美,我也不要他以这样悲壮的心情娶我,不要他心中有个被命运击败的烙印 2 years ago





唉,想谈个恋爱不容易啊~ 2 years ago


10 he let me feel I am the most attractive girl he has ever met, but he won’t le me be arrogant and despise him. I shouldn’t get arrogant and feel above him. in contract, I am always trying to helping him to reach higher level. gives him broader view, insightful opinion, and be part of his behaviour model. If you have more , its because god give you more, god trust you and you have responsibility to share with others, not let you to make benefit of yourself.

11 I think he will appreciate a lot of other girls, sometimes I don’t know if he have ever loved me , or is this ongoing one is his true love, I am just a compromise of reality. the feeling of love come and go, especially for those busy people, old memory is always useless unless the hurting heart ones which whip you run forward. anything not so useful is destinied to be forgot. the only lasting couple is the one who can share their growing up together,* you always forgot the old memory and creat new ones.*
so make sure the one and you can make cherished memory continuously in the future. not just in the past.
tell me more about the girl you love. I want to feel the feeling you have. we can appreciate her together, and I can always learn sth in the future to be better girl for my future lovemate.If I am dumped, I always get out of the old one and finally get a better one, I don’t know why, but maybe the god just want me to learn more before i meet my best match, so I won’t perform badly in front of him. 2 years ago


8 Age range: at most 3 years younger than me, so he will protect me rather than being protected,also I won’t feel self-abased by my maturity; at most 5 years older than me, so I can understand his life and company with each other in the older age.

9 figure and height: i am counted as slim now 103lbs but actually I am not very tall, scrape through 160cm in the morning,or even less at the night. Though I want my partner be higher maybe 178cm-180cm, kind of strong(I used want him to be slim too but now changed), I think i maybe urge for too much.
He shouldn’t be fat n loose but firm is very good,
best if he can loss weight for me
the height 173cm to 178cmis best for me.
But it’s not so important if he can treat his height in a proper attitude. He mustn’t be self abased on his height , not a single sign. Then no matter how short he is, I don’t care. But to face his shortness is so tough I don’t think it’s easy to overcome, at least I didn’t yet. 2 years ago


7 can earn money , but don’t love money too much. Don’t love luxury cars. If u have, u would better gift it to friend rather than own one yourself. 2 years ago


6 he himself know he is smart, and I believe he is smart, but he never try to prove he is smarter than me unless I beg him. And I won’t too. 2 years ago


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