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what i like about myself and my life

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What I Like About Myself

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el mfood

i’m a good cook 4 months ago

el mmy friend sent me this - flying lawnmover

does anyone think it’s as funny as i do?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9zXqexS8Ic 5 months ago

el mMy room is clean!

I spent many hours today changing sheets, putting laundry away, sweeping, mopping and organizing. 6 months ago

el mdvr

dvr + oprah’s super soul sunday + eckhart tolle = (-: 17 months ago

el mi spy

seeing the cats relaxing in the window when i’m riding home from work. 19 months ago

el mgood day

i’m not bragging ok? i rarely have a day like this. here’s why i liked it:

.vacation day = no work; yay!
.taught my first yoga class ever and did a good job [there were only 2 students but still]
.listened to music like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Wf46tLonM
.went to the dentist and no cavities :-D
.went to a yoga teacher training info session and met this lady i have been emailing who is super nice also the owner of the place is super interesting and seems like she’d be a great teacher
.sun and no clouds and a reasonable temperature
.glass o’ red wine
.work seemed to have done itself at the office [as evidence by the emails i read]
.seeing the prince harry headline on tmz.com 20 months ago

el mi know interesting and good people

talked to an old friend today. crazy life he has had. can’t relate to the extreme craziness, but we have the basics in common. he is swell. 20 months ago

el mneighborhood

i like to go for runny walks through my neighborhood. not far from me are: a river, a park, a dam, a hospital, a train station, downtown, a college. so much to see! 21 months ago

el mapartment

my new apartment sometimes reminds me of a fairy tale scene. it’s super old and pretty.

and sometimes when i leave to go to work, the hallway smells like my grandmother’s kitchen – coffee and ?... 1 year ago

el mspringtime

i love spring! today i noted some cute flowers that appeared out of nowhere and the buds on the trees definitely have turned into leaves. 2 years ago

el mmy job!

after having a job that made me frown for 5 years, i really appreciate the one i have now. even though it is stressful [but do i create this stress?] and requires some OT, it makes me smile for the most part. the people, benefits, actual work and culture all are aok. and i get a ton more respect than anywhere else i’ve worked. 2 years ago

el mvoila!

in an attempt to cultivate self-love and appreciation for what i have, i’ve created this goal.

here we go:
.i like that i do yoga
.i like sleeping with the air purifier on and cats at my feet
.i like living in a place that gets snow 2 years ago

el m 2 years ago

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