Figure out the storage unit with all Mom's stuff in it

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As a Phoenix RisingWhat I have figured out

is that this can’t be done any sooner, even though I gave a start to sorting the storage unit out.

Really, I’ll sell this house, buy another and that storage unit and the storage unit I’ll have to get after selling and before buying another house for the stuff in this house will both go to the new house to be sorted and culled.

Only things I Love will go in to the new house. The rest will move on to their destiny.

So, this goal, marked complete. 16 months ago

As a Phoenix Rising 2 years ago

As a Phoenix RisingLife Lesson Learned. While talking about storage units.

Life is short. You don’t know how much time you have.

Right. Glass blowing class tomorrow. Boxes in house on Sunday. Sigh…
Time to move the things in the boxes and the past that goes with them on to their destiny. He is right. It is time to do this. 22 months ago

As a Phoenix RisingAfter I took the custodian to social security to see how it was impacted by retiring

He rang me up later in the day, some what in a panic. I calmed him down. We talked about the two storage units he pays for and what was in them. When he emptied those it would be like a pay increase and simply that was motivation to do so. We talked about what was in them and why. It’s like talking to myself on that score. I really need to deal with Mom’s storage unit. Sigh…..... 2 years ago

As a Phoenix RisingThis is the third month running

the storage place hasn’t been able to do an auto pay to my credit card correctly.

I asked to talk to the guy I’ve worked with for the storage units for years and learned he sold the place and three women now own it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So that’s the problem. New people with lack of experience.

I think I’ll check out other places. Simply moving the storage unit will cause me to cull it. 2 years ago

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