Clean out the clutter in my barn and donate it!!

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letterboxer 2 years ago

letterboxerComing down the home stretch on this one

I’ve given away all I can, the dumpster is full and will be picked up this week, and I have one last section to organize and then a THOROUGH cleaning (the windows probably have NEVER been cleaned in 100 years!!) One more week and I’ll be able to call this one done! I can’t believe it!!!

My hubby set up the projection player and my daughter hung a sheet and the kids are going to watch a movie out there tonight!! How fun! 7 months ago

letterboxerAmazing progress!!

The “stuff” has been donated. And the partitions have been removed and new shelving assembled. Now I’m in the process of organizing the stuff that we want to keep. Yay!! So close to finishing this goal!

Another fun bonus: I moved the furniture that we store out there into an area for the kids to hang out in. Put together the foozball table and have a vision of moving the pingpong table out there from where it is now in the basement!! Yay!! Kid zone! 8 months ago

letterboxerBig Brother Big Sister

is coming next week to take away anything I have to donate. I have a pretty good size pile in my barn and will be ready be done with the cleanout by next Weds so that they can take everything I have to give!!!

The barn is a mess, but its in the “must look worse before it can look better” phase….I definitely am making progress toward the vision of having it all cleaned out and with a manageable storage system in place!

Yay and yay! 8 months ago

letterboxerAll hands on deck day!!!

My whole family helped me today!!! We cleaned out the entire front half AND pulled down some of the partitions to open up the space!!! So exciting! We dragged a whole pile of stuff to the curb for free, have a big pile for the dump and organized the rest. By taking down the old horse stalls there was room to set up the foozball table!! Yay for progress!! 8 months ago

letterboxerHuge donation picked up today

11 boxes and 2 garbage bags full of clothes, bedding, toys, kitchen things and misc household items. Some from the barn but also some from the basement. Still have more stuff, but ran out of boxes!! Huge step!! 18 months ago

letterboxerA box a day

We don’t have horses, but our barn is broken down into horse stalls. One horse stall is stacked with about 20 boxes. I don’t even know what’s in them all! So I’m committed to going through and making tough decisions a box at a time. Today I started with box 1. I’d like to do a box a day until its empty! 22 months ago

letterboxerGotta love external motivation for an internal goal!

I’d made some progress on this goal, by getting a donation together for Big Brother Big Sister about a month ago, but then things in this department had stalled. THEN yesterday my neighbor called needing a place to store some large props for a school-wide graduation party. Could she use my barn? YES!!!! She gave me 24 hours notice and I spent 3 hours sorting, organizing, tossing and sweeping. Looks so much better and there was plenty of room for her stuff! And by sorting things so that all of the like things are together it will be much easier to get rid of or use up the excess!! Wahoo to the renewed motivation! 1 year ago

letterboxerSo proud of my kids and my hubby

My dining room table is full of items to donate this coming Thursday!! And they are still at it looking for ways to live with less clutter in their lives!! Yay! 2 years ago

letterboxerBig Brother Big Sister

Coming March 15th. I’ve included the clutter in my basement in this goal! The kids are also cleaning out their rooms. So far there is a big pile of books, clothes, games & other household things piled on the dining room table. LOVE decluttering!! ANd especially LOVE LOVE LOVE living with less!!! 2 years ago

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