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welll yess…in love again…sumone will surli say…but i’l say i guess…dis is love…showing me each of its new shade each tym i fall into its fists…\but truliii its again that i feel…”oohh…dis is not rediscovering this is inventing..hihihi,,”

newazzz its leading to nowhere..but yet making me happie n alot…much needed for the pretty survival..n mmmm ppl say its d wrong tym n stuff…but i say..”evethyng happns for a reason…so letz see wds der in hold for me….

speaking abt studies..
well still going down n down!!!..nuthing elzzz can i say!!!...n explain!!!....n its just quater tym remaining to the goal set.. 21 months ago

iitjeejust a bit better..

welll things r getting better…got 100 rank dis tymm…out of 200..heheheh…double century to centuryy…
mmmm…i half of them were…i must say…due to luck…
so mmmm…realllyy want to work harder dis time…!!..n planned to get list of work done..
#phy chap1
#phy chap2
#phy chap3
n if possible the booklets tooo.. 22 months ago


m feeling..totallii …what to say!!
sucked up presently
i got 202 rank out of 220 students…n gosh !!!...i never did so bad..!!to be honest..dis is the very first tym…
n i duunnooo…whats going just wrong…physics used to be my favourite n now i suck at it,chem was friendly n now i have to fight for it,though maths i did some improvement still not better dan others..(n dis all started after 12th started)...m not even getting the simplest thing being tought!!...n damn!!..how badly i hope my bro was around!!..he rocks!!...he can solve all my doubts!!better than any of the teachers!!...:((
feeling like heck…feeling like crying…i have olwaz dreamt of cracking iit…but m just drifting away!!!...i cant studyy to that satisfactory level…even..i cant blame anyone but myself!!:(
n dont know i am just trying my best to cope up now!!..ol the things that i’ve missed from the beggining…and just pleading my dear God to help me..!! 22 months ago


done a nice lotof studing…since morning….and i hope to do the same for next half of the day!!//..just bless me that i can…coz that part of studing if competitive based…and is quite tough…n i feel sleepy when doing it…
fingers crossed!!!.... 22 months ago

iitjeehere..fo one of my 43thingers:::)))..thanxx...

- Take the colour code from here

- Choose the colour(s) you want to use (you can Google to find some colour hex code sites)

- Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V (or ⌘C and ⌘V if you’re a Mac user) the flower bullet 22 months ago


have cs exam tomm!!!gotta learn the logics of ol the programz!!gotta concentrate!!p…have whole 14 chaps n i cudn read a single chap since 8hrs since the morning!!!dunno wazz gone wrong with my head today..ugg!!just hope the invigilator in the exam hall tomm doesn mind me cheating..hehehhe..(rather than hoping for studing hard for the left ovr tym m hoping this!!piss me).. 2 years ago

iitjeeso so..

well!!now i think i am going to quit my biggest addiction after fb..lolz sounds crazy ‘texting’ at a go…atleast for one n a half year!so mmm…till tomm…i used to get so pissed if i couldn’t text or reciev texts from my frnd!!n used o used to waste hundreds pf buck on recharging on phne!!n nw today..morning while doing my daily five mins for a strt meditaion i decide to acheive this goal today itslef!!i told my friends that my mom is taking my phone lolzz….i knw they wont belive it…but just to prove it to b honest atleast i wud not text frm my part!!n realii feeling sorry that i lied to my besties!:((...so…mm lezz c//....hw i cope up…for two three days i think i’l miss texting badli bt m sure to gt ovr it…aftr dt.. 2 years ago


well today i ws being paid with a 5000 rupee(our currency)
check .. welll my biggest earning till date~!i mean just as student we cant expect to earn much here!well i got that thing from school for performing extra good!in last session!like for getting a+ in all the sub. soo…p…i think my parents wud b reali happy!!for this acheivment n m happy coz i am able to return a bit of the smiles that they offered me throughout the life!!:)..ol’g God’s mercy!! 2 years ago

iitjeeannual exam tommorow!

from tomm its starting n still i m in air to be honest.its not been like this ever before!like this time i do have to get done two books of physics part 1 and 2 in less than 24 hrs!coz the xam is olready started tomm at dis tym1oh my god save me..n look at me m still stuck up here..on this idiotic site with reali cute people around!though…

phhoohhh just a long brethe ,,, telling myself yes i have been in top ten every tym so it cant be reali bad!u know like failing or sumthing wont be there!...mm:)so just hopes high that i’ll study ol two books today n get it done by heart…n grabbing ur blessings..p … coz i need em’ !!!determined now after writing this!!!phhooh agn a long brethe..now i’l study peacefulli!!
:))))) 2 years ago

iitjeeall my precius movies n nsongs got deleted from my phone out of a suden

well today its reali a sad day n i know it will be a sad day ahead!when i woke up in the morning today i found all my songs,themes n videos deleted!..i mean yea you may think whats the big deal reload them but they were reali reali precious..as mmm.what should i say..the collection of songs i had reali made me feel proud .. some boasted of being the most unpopular n best in tune songs..wel but ol this ws no doubt expected..yest my day ws super osum n i knew something is gonna turn wrong soon…so here it is 2 years ago

iitjee 2 years ago


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