volunteer with local wildlife rehab

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health.alot.com/Rehab_Centers     Rehab Centers In Your Area. Search In Your Local Listings Now!

Wildlife volunteer

www.responsibletravel.com/     Worldwide wildlife conservation projects, from 2 weeks to a year

Veterinary Experience

www.safari4uvet.com/     Work HandsOn With Wildlife in South Africa- No Experience Necessary!

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Virginia Wildlife rehabilitation

virginia.local.com/     Find wildlife rehabilitation here. We offer local search in your state

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wembleyheads 2 years ago

wembleyheadsPossum graduation

looking way more fierce than reality ;)

My first batch of baby possums have weaned and more than tripled in size. Last night they graduated to the next level—living in an outdoor cage! They had to move to another location for this, so they aren’t in my care anymore. Unexpectedly sad to see them go, but so happy they are thriving and movin’ on up! How exciting for them, to smell the outdoor smells, have more room to climb and run, get used to temperature changes. A whole new world :) 2 years ago


Turns out the squirrels fell ill and went home with an expert, so I picked up three baby possums instead. Feeding every 8 hours, via tube into stomach. Faster than bunnies, but tricky because possums wiggle and have really fast hands! Very… bitey! They yank at the tube, clamp their teeth, but when the warm food hits their bellies you can almost feel their sigh of contentment. Getting the hang of it. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsGetting two baby squirrels this weekend

Hopefully they will be more hardy than baby bunnies! Someone cut down a tree, and the two babies toppled out. The mother didn’t come back for them/find them/whatever the case may have been, so the stranded duo will need some tender care. 2 years ago

wembleyheadsTook a class two weeks ago

and already have been caring for two baby cottontails since Monday. They are precious, and exhausting. Unfortunately cottontails have about 75% mortality rate without their bunny-mamas. None from their litter are doing well (three are with the woman training me). I’m probably going to be learning a lesson on letting go soon :’( but at least if our souls bump into each other again someday, they’ll know deep down I loved them dearly. <3 Time to go nurse the bunnies! 2 years ago

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