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lessisPersonal Injury Litigation...

I’ve bought a book about personal injuries, so am planning to read cover to cover and see if there is anything in there that I can think of that will max my claim. I’ve just calculated that at this stage I think it is worth anywhere between 2M and 5M (plus house) but of course what I will end up getting may be something very different. At the moment, things to do to max clam are:

- more care more care as much as I can possibly take
- reading above said book
- organizing all the physio stuff (hydro, knee, riding, cycle)
- getting a szobabicikli maybe
- lobbying for a running instructor to be paid and running legs of course
- Rea in thailand :I would have flown out alone and met her so Jameses costs cant be offset
- Add in driving test – IAM fee into costs
- When I get around to driving: Do it with carer each time
- Complain about loss of sleep
- Complain about stress at work
- Complain about being worried about everything
- Complain about fear of being outside
- Fear of being around cyclists and lorries in car too
- Fatigue during the day
- Nightmares
- Taking a bit of amatriptalin 2 years ago

lessisPhisio today

I need to tell her that
- I feel I am not excersizing enough
- I used to cycle, run, ect, I need to do more
- I cant get my heart pumping hard enough with walking and torna
- Id like to go horseback riding (do I need physio?)
- Id like to do hydro (do I need phyio?)
- Id like to do regular physio sessions with her – something more heart pumping maybe
- Advice on knee – flexion – not forcing it, Tony ect
- I have pains, feel sore 2 years ago

lessis"Nem tudok se setalni se vezetni egyedul"

Pszihologiailag kellemetlen :) Vezetes egyedul? El sem indulok! Nagyobb seta forgalomban? Egyedul nem! Mindenhova kuldjenek carert! 15 font per orás dijjal. 2 years ago


Whats the max hours of cleaning I can claim? 10 an hour id say is about the most in terms of hourly rate, though shall have to investigate.

I think 3-5 hours a week is ok. I’ll just need to make sure the receipt thing is ok. 2 years ago

lessisMore stuff to do

- start hydro – check which pool is better
- Start riding lessons!
- Start knee treatment plan
- maximise car – taxi ratio
- always chose most exp things (leg covers x 2)
- prepare for psycho lesson
- taking care of parents into claim
- schooling of children into plan (area) 2 years ago

lessisPhysio assessment today

Na ma aztán el kell nyognom minden bajom, minel tobb (es dragabb) fiziot irjanak elo minel hosszabb idore.

- Faj a labam jaras kozben
- Terd foleg – ami este be is ragad
- Reggel nyujtas kene minden nap
- Meg napi terdhajlitgatás
- Seta utan le kell ulni,fajdalom hegyek
- A hipem is faj termeszetesen
- Az is beragad
- Jo lenne a hydrotherapy
- Az uneven ut meg a hegyek dombok meg nem mennek sajna
- Nem vagyok megteherhelheto
- Max napi par ora gyaloglas a jo
- Sebes is lesz neha a labam
- A hasizmom nem a regi
- Ha par napig nem jarok utana kulonlegesen faj es nehez
- Estenkent toloszek termeszetesen
- Nem tudok gyorsan menni foleg ha busy nap van es egyelotlen az ut
- Kulonos gondot jelentenek a crossingok
- Biztonsagosabb ha ott van velem valaki

Talan a kulsore is figyelni kene….lehet kicsit becsampitok :D 2 years ago

lessisCant wait to start having time for my goals

So hopefully once I get my working hours reduced I will be able to concentrate more on my other personal goals. But first to get this out of the way. Basically I want to work maxx 2 days a week. Thank goodness insurance is going to cover it. I have a meeting with my boss Tuesday, where I will need to emphasize all the reasons why working 4 days a week is not the best thing for me right now.

- I was very keen to get back to work and prove to myself that I can
juggle everything and thought I would be able after I learned to walk
- But it is turning out to be a lot harder than anticipated
- I find myself delaying appointments
- Doing physio / appointments in my free time
- Doing work instead of extra physio
- Working overtime to ensure things are done
- And not having any time to just think things over, rest
- Things I am juggling as it stands now are:
- 4 days of work
- 3×3 hours of physio (one on the weekend)
- psychology appointments
- prosthetic appointments
- medical appointments
- legal appointments
- days out in court
- Coming up: meetings from both my legal team and the defence lawyer’s team with several professionals to assess long term needs and settlement value – which will be a long, exhausting process
- I never take lunch breaks, start early, finish late to ensure
everything is done
- But I feel work still suffers (things not being done)
- It is also extra stress – knowing I am unable to handle it all
- I feel it is holding me back from taking on bigger projects and
talent program (I had so much work I couldnt take a day out to go)
- I feel I need to put health first for the next months / year / tbc
- Also dont want to feel that I am being paid by the company for not working – this is something insurance needs to pay
- 2 days a week would leave me enough time to concentrate more on getting better / legal case
- I would feel more at ease with less responsibility at the moment

This should be enough to go over Tuesday. Insurance will need to pay the difference! Im still going to keep my toes in there, because you never know, but as Jill said, it might be eventually best to do something completely different – in a place where if say I need to use my chair I can (I cant do that at informa) 2 years ago


Ma volt egy meeting a fonokommel. Tudtam hogy ez hamarosan elo fog bukkanni, hogy bizonyos dolgokat nem tudok megcsinalni idoben a fizio – egyeb appointment miatt. Hat most volt itt az ideje, halisten pattogos kovetelodzos bunko a fonokom, aki kijelentette, hogy nehogymar az o bevetele szenvedjen emiatt. Hala a jo egnek hogy ilyen, mert ezt meg a javamra fogom forditani. Igy szepen talalkoztam a fonokkel, es elsirtam neki hogy tul sok munkat vallaltam magamra, meg rengeteg ido kell a fizioval, a jogi talalkozokkal, valoszinuleg nem fogok tudni ennyit dolgozni. Ugyhogy teljesen realisztikusan megbeszeltuk, hogy valoszinuleg le fogom csokkenteni az oraszamom – napszamom, persze kevesebbet fognak fizetni – de ezt a biztositonak ki kell fizetnie.

Azt is elujsagoltam, hogy a pszihologusommal is talalkoztam, es megalapitottak hogy PSTDm van.

Na hogy ebbol mennyi valodi mennyi nem….ha nagyon oszinte vagyok, heti 5 napot is tudnek dolgozni, de akkor ugye nem fizioznek tobbet.

Ha nagyon oszinte vagyok, mentalisan nem vagyok szarul (halisten)

De ha mar egyszer egy shotom van arra, hogy annak fuggvenyeben kapjak kompenzaciot, hogy mennyi bajom van, akkor nana hogy minden bajom van.

Csak nagyon remelem, hogy ez nem lesz hosszu tavon rossz hatassal ram mentalisan.

Ha tehetnem, benyognem hogy total kao vagyok, es hogy soha nem tudok majd dolgozni – beszednem az osszes kiesett jovedelmet elorevetitve 40 evre, AZTAN dontenem el, vissza akarok e menni dolgozni.

Vagy adott esetben vegigutazni a kovetkezo 40 evet.

Most mar nem vagyok benne biztos, igy, hogy 3mal megelegednek. Meg nem szamoltam ossze, es persze az egy dolog mit akarok es mit is fogok kapni, de lenyeg az hogy ez nem lesz nekik olcso. 2 years ago

lessisA nagymama

Majus utso hetvegejen be fogom jelenteni hogy haldoklik a nagymama igy uzsgyiba kell hazamenni meglatogatni – DEEE sajnos j nem ér rá igy carer kell. Mindez persze cirka 3000 fontba fog kerulni, holott en kb 150 et koltottem volna anno erre. Nohát!! 2 years ago


According to my psychiatrist, I have PTSD. I told her all the things that trouble me. I’ll have to think about this one carefully as I dont want to mess much with my psyche, de ha nagy penztobbletet jelent akkor miert is ne.

- Felek kimenni kiseret nelkul (tobb gondozo)
- Felek vezetni kiseret nelkul (tobb taxi, tobb gondozo)
- Aggodom a jovo penzugy miatt (tobb penz?)
- Tobb orvosi eloiras 2 years ago


I need to get absolutely everything.
- Best water legs
- Genium as alternate and most new one going forward to replace
- Both to have covers (one real, and one cyber art)

I need to get this going with prosthetist asap when I see him next
and set up appointment with someone on the Genium. 2 years ago

lessisHolidays abroad

I just realised I wasted all of Jan – April with no holidays. This is unaccceptable. I need to make the most of long weekends and go abroad – especially to visit friends and family (ie I would have had a place to stay) I am going to plan a long trip to thailand, a long weekend in Poland, one in Hungary, and one more after thailand somewhere before the winter holiday season kicks in (Grenada again and Hungary)

I really need to be travelling at least 5-7 times a year and take carers whenever James cant come with. I have travelled once so far this year – that sucks. I could have easily already been to Hungary.Oh well – Ill do this all in the summer – hopefully flights and hotels will be more expensive then anyway as it will be high season. Point is between June and August I need to go at least three places. That means Ill have four done, and at least two more during the winter. One more in September and its 7 – perfect. So the following is the plan:

- June – Poland or Hungary
- July – Poland or Hungary
- August – Thailand
- September – Somewhere to visit a friend
- December – Grenada
- December – Hungary for the holidays

That is six plus the Italy I had in May – perfect. 7 this year, 10 next year. 2 years ago

lessisMaximising / Minimising spending

Mostly I need to minimize to save more, however, at the moment spending a lot on certain things (things I will be able to claim) is what I need to do. Namely:

- Housing / Hotels / Accommodation
- Care, Physio
- Cleaners
- Spending of carer / James on holiday
- Taxis and car
- Psychologycal care
- Insurance
- Flights
- Bills for house 2 years ago

lessisLife expectancy

Obviously they will calculate costs based on life expectancy. I need to make sure that my life expectancy is as high as possible. That means the healthiest lifestyle you can imagine, all grandparents still living, nobody with serious illnesses…I am going to go and check one of those calculators to see what else needs to be made clear to maximise my life expectancy. 2 years ago

lessisMy Nr 1 Priority this year (and maybe next)

What I need to keep in mind is that this is my nr 1 goal for the foreseeable future – thus why it is on my nr 1. Work can wait, this is what is going to earn me a lot of money in the next few years, I need to maximise this whilst I can and as best as I can. I just had a talk to my lawyer and here are some further things I need to do to reach this goal:
- Send Jill my CV and diploma (making sure it is as polished as possible and full of things that I would have aimed to do but now cant)
- making sure it is very clear that I was heading on a very promising career path which I can not do now
- Send her a list of jobs that I would have been applying for (ones that involved a lot of travel, ones that would have been very high earning but also high stress and a lot of devoted time – running around
- send Jill letters from recruiters offering me higher paying higher stress roles
- find people at uni / with similar jobs that can talk about career prospects (maybe even a recruiter)
- More physio – every other week with Maggie
- PA / secretarial help – will need to confirm with Jill
- Sort cleaners
- Finalise car – insurance – parking – ect
- Organise more care – as much as possible!!
- Thing about long term work (perhaps just half time would be ideal)
- Always book business class flights (not just extra legroom)
- Always book the most expensive hotel possible
- Thing about long term housing – care – work and how I can maximise this
- Have a think about all offsetting costs and how I can minimise that
- Have a think about what work – rest balance will achieve the highest settlement
- Make detailed cost log of every cost that I had so far
- Organise faster computer
- Prepare thoroughly for every meeting especially with specialists
- Before meetings with defence specialists prepare with things they may use to offset – lessen claim and prepare accordingly to maximise claim
- Always take worst day as the barometer for any kind of requirements
- Sose sétáljak nézzek ki tul jol amikor expertekkel találkozom

I think this together with all the below is a lot of work and I will need to really be on top of everything if I want to ensure I get the most out of this and maximise it. 2 years ago

lessisMaximising commercial care

This is one I need to think about carefully. I need to have as much care as I can and need without it being intrusive and uncomfortable. At the moment I have:

- 2 hours on Monday
- 4 hours on Wednesday
- 4 hours on Friday

I am planning to add on:

- 4 hours on Saturday or Sunday
- cleaners 2×2 hours a week

How much more can I justify? I dont really need help with personal care or cooking, what I do need help with is:

- carrying things
- going outside, walking, shopping
- certain household chores
- someone to be with me while initial driving (will add that on when I can)

I ALWAYS need to keep care in mind with every new thing I do and adjust hours accordingly – always make the very most use of carers whenever I do something new. 2 years ago

lessis5 to prepare for the trial

- write up eloquent attention grabbing emotional story of what happened that is in line with advice from preparing for criminal trial article
- brainstorm all things they may suggest I was at fault and what I will say to them
- rehearse it all many times
- check with jill how much of my injuries I need to show / which prosth. to wear 2 years ago

lessisThis week's ideas

- Always use most exp. and disabled access car hire – accommodation – flights possible when not at home
- Increase carers – extra shift on the weekends and whenever I am using car – something new is going on
- Keep a detailed and maximised cost list of all ongoing extra costs
- keep re-reading all of the above and below and make sure I am doing all of them at the maximum level
- Read article I found about convincing the jury 2 years ago

lessisfew more

- make sure to take a carer on a trip abroad this year
- talk to jill about extra care should I be alone (a mother alone)
- wear my other prosth. to the trial
- start booking hotels and taxis in Grimsby
- educate j thoroughly before he has any meetings with anyone regarding the case about what is to be said 2 years ago

lessisSome more ideas

Its all going to be about the trial for the next few weeks, so I will need to research and think what I can do. So far I’ve got:

- Wear something that visibly shows what has happened
- Weave in several big factors of my life into trial

Also Jill is going to have a talk to the insurers – I must make sure:
- she talks about financial consequences
- she talks about the high dependancy of accident sufferers
- she does not say anything that can then be used against the claim

She is putting together a document. When I get it I will need to
- go through it very thoroughly and add in all the things that effect my life financially and just to what extent 2 years ago

lessisSome more ideas

- Make sure to make a point about james traveling with me that he would not have otherwise come, and even if he would have on occasion, we would have opted for cheap flights and sleeping at friends houses.
- Make sure to point out how much he helps around the house and with general things I would not need help with normally
- Speak to Jean about issues about being alone outside the house
- Always take very worst day as barometer to how I am doing psychologically
- Make sure to point out about travelling to James’s place as well and that I need to go to hotels
- go on few holidays where carer is needed to come or at least make a case that if james wasnt present a lot more care would be required
- predict cautious investing to maximise initial settlement
- no annuinity all in one go so I can invest and grow it 2 years ago

lessis5 things for this week

I read an article about what you can claim and Ive put it all into my claim documents. So this week I am going to go through that and add some thoughts on how to maximise each:

1. lobby for a running leg as well as an alternate leg and a nice water leg, and nice covers – as well as getting the genium instead of c which is more expensive

2. Lobby for a flat with porters and ground floor, close to home, with wheelchair access as I may need it in the future

3. Keep carers coming and use them every chance I get – also claim James is helping a LOT which is true, maximise the care I need basically

4. Travel a lot and always spend on disabled rooms, insurance, extra taxis

5. Use taxis a lot whenever unsure about driving – make point that they will be needed despite having car 2 years ago

lessisHow will I do this - steps

1. Find as much information as possible on the topic – how to
2. Spend at least one hour to think of 5 new things every week on how to achieve this (every Saturday until claimed)
3. Go through each claim intricately and make sure it is maximised
4. Discuss each with lawyer 2 years ago

lessis 2 years ago

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