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make my yard an enchanted garden

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erihustep 1: groundhog war

the plants/ flowers i’ve planted have ALL been eaten by the groundhog that has a burrow under the shed. i refuse to hurt the fat lil bugger however would love to be eable to enjoy my favorite flowers for more that 2 freakin hours! ugh! also, must research & plant shade plants that would thrive in a woodland garden… critter ridder did NOTHING & seemed to encourage the now fat squirrel that emptied my birdfeeder while hanging upside down! lil fluffy rat jumped off the feeder, squashing the flowers down so fat groundhog could eat them! its a conspiracy i tell ya! silly rodents conspiring against me? HA! going to Home Depot to get metal S hook so fatty squirrel can’t break the baffle hook (again) & empty the birdfeeder. then i’m building a small cinderblock wall around the shed so greedy groundhog can’t go in or out from under there. i’m 10000% certain she has another entrance under the neighbors shed. yes, i said she – she has a baby with her too. i will not harm an animal – just want to make them move out 3 years ago

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