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Be Loved for Who You Are

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Sweetmelissa1253 2 years ago

user1390218168 3 months ago

JamilaTaylor 6 months ago

netscaper001 7 months ago

SatisfyMySoul 8 months ago

JOYMORE 9 months ago

akosikiang 9 months ago

victoriafaye 9 months ago

kaleidoscopelady 12 months ago

kaleidoscopeladyMy niece-y baby

What an unlikely pair we are. She is 15 and I am 37. Our connection is soul full and a blessing.

I adore watching her grow and sharing with her, we laugh til our cheeks hurt and understand one another on a level beyond years or anything else.

love love love 11 months ago


in love with work and service.

in love with sisterhood

in love with inspiration and faith

in love with awareness and perfection

in love with snuggle babies in all their brilliance 11 months ago

kaleidoscopeladyin love always

with springtime and its blessings.

in love with hoops, movement, dance and my strong body.

in love with freedom, joy, wisdom

in love with faith and with serendipity 11 months ago

radka12 12 months ago

kaleidoscopeladyso in love

with my babies, my family, my heart, my strength, divinity. 12 months ago

sevenup_loveStill waiting

Im marking this as the day i decided to just let love happen. no more looking for it..just, letting it happen. 12 months ago

sevenup_love 12 months ago

Jessy25 14 months ago

hard2forget 14 months ago

davidbai 14 months ago

Stephen 15 months ago

StephenNever Stop (Vacation goal #12)

Our vacation is winding down and we will have to go back to our normal lives soon. Using our time wisely, we have been working our our future plans to marry and resolving the things that have delayed that from happening.

So my entry is that I’ll never stop being in love with Tiwa even through I will be marking this goal as complete. 15 months ago

Stephen♥ ♥ Morning kisses ♥ ♥

Tiwa asked me this morning why I like to kiss a lot. And I said “to let you know how much I love you.” Holding hands, kissing, hugging. Expressing your love each and every day I think is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship and keeping your love alive. 15 months ago

justhayles 15 months ago

cynstrike 15 months ago

Rob Thomas 16 months ago

Amanda LimTo remain in stalemate or to make a move?

This is a pretty difficult decision. There’s this guy I’ve known for about 5 months now, and I don’t know if he’s into me or not. We go to dance classes and see each other around 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes we have supper together, and generally our conversation is really interesting. He’s the kind of guy who has everything to say when the thought crosses his mind, and there’s rarely a moment when it’s silent with him around. He knows when to be sweet, he knows when is it appropriate to tease, he also knows how to be honest and opinionated.

So uhh, I have a thing for him. But I don’t know how I stack up against his other female friends that he knows (he’s very very sociable.) and while we do chat a lot, I don’t know if he thinks about me as much as I think about him. He does subtle touch gestures (but then again we’re both dancers, touch is something pretty normal) has this look in his eyes (although a bit more fleeting than the so called 3 second or longer stare) and I’m probably overanalysing things too.

What should I do? This is distracting me from my usual things :( 16 months ago


Amanda Lim 17 months ago

haoua 18 months ago

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