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Dara TuckDeclarations of Faith -- The Faith of a Mustard Seed

Are you living your life in faith, hope, love and abundance, or are you living it in fear, lack and doubt?

Faith without works is dead!

Do you act on your faith when you’re down to your last dollar, and there is no food in house? Are you giving declarations of your faith when your bills are behind and you’re living check to check?

How about when someone in your family is seriously ill? Do you show your faith by trusting in God for healing?

I read a book a few weeks ago, and it talked about having faith or the lack of faith.

But it basically stated that you aren’t exhibiting the faith of a mustard seed or declarations of faith, when you put your burdens in God’s hands, only to turn around and take them back.

So for this week, I’m going to give my Faith a fighting chance. I will pay attention to the location of my money, but when it doesn’t work out I will choose to have Faith that it will work out or for a very good reason was not meant to be and let it go from their.

When my Job aggravates me and have me moaning I will have Faith that there is a good reason for me to be there, I will do all I can to Learn all I can, help all I can and trust that God has me working towards something better.

When I come home to a house in a disaster, and no meal cooked, I will have faith that there is a reason. Maybe I’m go get off the computer and clean so that I can lose weight, maybe I need to do the laundry so I can find extra cash that will help us get through the week.

When the vehicles break down I will have faith that it was to keep me from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or to meet someone new,, or be introduced to a new opportunity.

I will work on my Faith! 2 years ago

Dara TuckLearning about Abundance Living

I had to research this but once I did I’m really interested in it!

So far most of my information came from this website: http://www.law-of-abundance-living.com/

I know and you know that if you want something bad enough – and with the right tools and knowledge – you can make it happen. It’s all about using your mind, your determination and putting plans into action to obtain what you want!

This ties back to my goal to consciously planning my day.

You must detach emotionally from the outcome of the manifesting process.
How to write an abundance check.
How to pray a prosperity prayer filled with God's promises.
What is your manifesting reality
The law of attraction and how to apply it.
Why having an attitude of gratitude can change your life.
Why it is important to release negative emotions and let go of the past.
Why you should bind your manifestations.
Why you must change your ideas and feelings about money

Abundance vs Thank You

Law of abundance can be a very powerful force in our lives. And it can bring untold happiness, health and prosperity as well.

This is where Gratitude comes in. It’s an important part of the equation.

So show the universe how thankful you are for the blessings you have and will receive.

Through law of abundance, everything is available to you, and “thank you” is such a small price to pay, for all the untold possibilities that await you.

While reading this I realized the items that are being brought into my life are done so due to my thinking sometimes positively, but lately more negatively. I need to focus on the positives, move forward, and just get it done! 2 years ago

Dara Tuck 2 years ago

Heather Mcginnis 2 years ago

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