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silvermoon123life is going downhill

sorry i havent posted in a while. not much to say. but now i do.

so lately ive taken on a i couldnt care less attitude toward school witch is really bad especially since im taking AP us history. so my grade dropped to a D and my teacher gave me a talking to. long story short, he told me to get my shit together and i said i will. i think its exactly what i needed to get my life back in order. cause i dont want to fail that class. but i only have two months left, so im hoping that i can bring my grade up to a C. but im really worried about my AP test, and im not so sure if i should take it. so im going to talk to my teacher and see what he says. do you guys have any advice for studying for an AP test or studying history in general? anything would be appreciated.
I know that if i work hard enough I can fix the problem that i created. but i still cant help feel that i completely destroyed my life. but then that has to be impossible b/c there are many ppl who end up failing a class or dont do so well and they still get by right? its not the end of the world? 2 years ago


Guuuys how are you doing? (: 2 years ago


Hey, would it be alright if I joined? (: I promise to bring lots of… um… chocolate. Yeah chocolate because everyone likes chocolate! :)

... Virtual chocolate.
And hugs. Hugs too. 2 years ago

Jinx 2 years ago


Im so glad to be in another pack. my old pack stoped posting and i got tired of it so i left. i hope that doesnt happen here.

im guessing your planning on being the alpha or i guess i should say alphess? what are ur plans for this pack? :) 2 years ago


can i join? 2 years ago

silvermoon123 2 years ago

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