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renewalshmeeting someone today

who knows my work and knows of me, but whom I have never met in person.

Why does he want to meet me? I do not know. 12 months ago

renewalshHey, I am here!

Use us! 12 months ago

renewalshI need to do this tomorrow

as I meet with an organisation whoch has owed us money for 6 months. 16 months ago

renewalshno go

I am opting out 16 months ago

renewalshHave this chance next week

when I have to present to a panel re the budget for a huge project.

(Been working on this since March ….. 17 months ago

renewalshMade a difficult phone call

before the person telephoned me …. felt good about that! 17 months ago

renewalshGot another small job today

but it is for a prestigious international client …. 19 months ago

renewalshDoes winning another piece of work count?

The second meeting was about that …. a substantial peice of work, that will be published …. so we will be paid for gettiogn our name in print. (Oxford University Press, probably!0 19 months ago

renewalshI shall wear boots today

as I am in a major butt kicking mood! 19 months ago


Here I am! 20 months ago


I am brisket between rye.

Between the demanding and unreasonable client and the grumpy BP ….. I am being made a meal of. 23 months ago

renewalshI was a little quiet and subdued

yesterday at the school class reunion, so, no, I did not do any butt-kicking!. 2 years ago

renewalshRed is the statement

for today.

It’s certainly not a hide in the corner type of colour. 2 years ago

renewalshKick again

and say “I am here’.

Perhaps notice is being taken? 2 years ago

renewalshhere, here, here I am

these skills, that to offer, much to give …..

but …. Slam! Slam! Slam! 2 years ago

renewalsh 2 years ago

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