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fosonBut can you write code on your own now?

I found that the hardest part was being confident enough in my Ruby to write code myself… and remember the useful methods, identifiers, pluralization rules, etc.

Heres a list of 11 other RoR tutorials to look at 7 years ago

Quinn HigurashiUntitled

There is a little problem in MySQL tables. If you use int(1), it only does “True” or “False.” I had to change to something else to be able to enter numbers in that columns. 7 years ago

hillscottcusing oracle

Once I was finished, my next step was to use our Oracle db instead of the MySQL in this tutorial.

I had to turn to the Rails Group to learn how to create mappings to tables not named according to the Ruby conventions.

class BbcCustomer < ActiveRecord::Base
set_table_name ‘bbc_customer’

Wow, that was easy. I wish that was documented somewhere besides deep in the APIs. 8 years ago

hillscottckey to understanding the structure

For me, the top of page 11 is the key to understanding how Rails organizes the files is the box on the top of page 11, that illustrates how Layout, Template, and Partial .rhtml files are used to build the display. 8 years ago

dirgonFour Days on Rails: Day 1 complete

I finished working through the Day 1 section of Four Days on Rails this evening. It was a struggle at first trying to get everything setup, especially on Windows (still not fixed there), but that is behind me now. The deeper I get into it, the more interesting it gets. 8 years ago

marklennoxFour days? On VERY long day...

Got through this in one day and by the end was able to change things around. Very straightforward and very well explained in detail.

It helps to have done something like this before – a good grasp of Javascript is a bonus but any vaguely OO based, loosely typed language is a plus.

I now have enough of a rough mental model of how RoR works to allow me to start redeveloping an application that I foundered on. The app was originally written in ASP using lots of methods and helpers I wrote myself (in a sense a little framework of my own – tiny actually) but the overhead in developing it was enourmous.

Switch to Windows/Apache2/FastCGI/Ruby/Rails/MySQL and I think I have it cracked. I’m already well started on the administration side of things.

I <3 RoR!! 8 years ago


Yay, I have finished, minus the appendix afterthoughts, but I don’t much like his tickybox and save idea, and I’m perfectly happy with the categories ordering by ID rather than title. At least it groups them together.

I worked out my own version of the tickybox thing, doing an onClick and routing to a toggle_completion definition, which swaps a 0 for 1 and vice-versa, then it re-loads the list. I made done items jump to the bottom. I’d love to do it with a neat AJAX control and no refresh – really gotta learn AJAX soon!!

There’s a little bug in views/items/_form.rhtml – on page 27 it sets @item.priority = 3 which is supposedly to set a default priority value. Unfortunately since the form is also used for updating, it’ll re-set the priority to 3 whenever you update a task. I overcame this using @item.priority = 3 if @item.priority.nil? – so if it’s already set it doesn’t modify it. I wrote to John McCreesh to tell him that, I wonder if he will write back! :)

All in all, very well worth doing. I’d love to see the tutorial updated to 1.0 standards and notation, but it’s still worth it for someone who wants to make a real effort to learn Ruby on Rails, and not just copy and paste dummy examples. 8 years ago

sermoaFinally finished day 3

My, there was a lot of work in day 3. Days 1 and 2 were deceivingly short, and then he goes and gives us all that to do in day 3! Luckily I’m not even trying to get it all done in 4 days, but if I get the 4th day done today I’ll have done it all in a week :)

I’m finding I’m developing my own notation standards. I do like putting brackets in, even though they’re not necessary. It shows me what I’m doing.

render(:partial => ‘form’)
text_field(‘task’, ‘description’, :size => 40, :maxlength => 40)

Both of those two are on page 27 of the tutorial, and my notation is quite different, but it still works, and makes a lot more sense to me.

I’m slightly confused as to when you use double quotes and when you use single. Is there any logic? Does it actually matter? 8 years ago

sermoaStill on day 3 ... lol

There was such a lot to do for all that formatting, and conditional display, depending whether an item had been completed or not, or whether there were notes, or it was private … etc …

Anyway, my ‘New Task’ button seems to work, so I’m sorry Quinn, I don’t know what your difficulty was. On my list I had to do a start_form_tag(:action => ‘new’) and then at the bottom I just put a submit_tag and that does it just fine. Have you got anywhere with solving the problem on your machine?

Oh yeah, one comment, I don’t particularly like the link_to_image code … I find it more intuitive to put:

link_to(image_tag(“done.png”, :size=>”30*18”, :border=>0, :alt=>”Delete completed tasks”), {:action=>”purge_completed”})

Plus with this method you have a way of taking off the border.

How’s everyone else getting along? 8 years ago

sermoaHalf-way through day 3

I’m really tired tonight so I can’t do much, but I wanted to at least do a little bit.

I’m really struck by how impressive the model can be, with all the validation things you can put in, and the relational structures. It’s so clever! 8 years ago

sermoaDay two

Well that wasn’t so bad … just one thing caught me out.

The example says to write a flash message you do @flash[“notice”]. It’s written for Rails 0,12,1 whereas I’m using the 1.0.0 release and I found I had to do flash[:notice] instead.

The former code crashed my browser! It just gave up and closed on me, which was not very nice! 8 years ago

Quinn HigurashiThrough Day3 BUT..

I went through up to Day 3 today but things didn’t go well. I tried to follow the way instruction goes. I should be able to “add new item(todo)” but I get errors. donno what’s wrong.. 8 years ago

sermoaDay One


I had ever such trouble because I decided I didn’t like the categories.category table structure – so I changed the field to category_title. And of course, I forgot all about that when I came to validating the uniqueness! D’oh!

Anyway, I still completed it in under an hour, and now I’m being good and resisting the urge to carry right on to day 2! 8 years ago

sermoaThe url

For anyone interested … 8 years ago

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