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Dead7and_DreamingJingle Jangle

My foot is the mirror
Of where I’ve been
And where I’m going
A compass that is a cable
Keeping me in balance
Keeping me in check

One foot on shore
One remaining on land
This is the the pitch black wheel
Woven from the sinews
Of a deer-headed god
Who once loved me

Tired of hanging me in his picture frame
He scratched my face out
And assigned the blame
What’s wrong with the world
When all we do is tear ourselves apart? 7 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingMan Made Out Of Diamonds

A hurricane of secrets
Crashes into my point of view
The lies all beneath us
Are still enough to let you through


Would I still be the richest man in the world
If I were a man made out of diamonds
Would I still be the happiest man in the world
If I were a man made out of pearls

A blanket of eyes
I’m no longer unnoticed
Thoughts giving rise
To think that I chose this 9 months ago


Honesty eats the guilty
And I feel so filthy
In this skin with nothing
With nothing

Honesty eats with mercy
But never stands for long
But my prison is around my neck
And in my food

Honesty gets me with a knife
In the poetry and the pain
The deeper I get
The more I’m set

Honesty when I can’t laugh
That makes as much sense as a steam powered giraffe
What’s in the wire is in the heart
But you won’t make it half a day without a disguise 9 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingThis Weeks's Crusade

It was swallowed like a scorpion
Only to be opened up like a locket
Years later, and much greater
Is the worth I build myself upon
Everything I think is gold is shit

Dancing like a fool in August
Spun like a web over her eyes
She couldn’t and she wouldn’t
Go any further than that
Everything I think is gold is shit 13 months ago


This is a vicious cycle of undecided half-thoughts malleable in only the hands of some faceless devil or whisper-drunk angel
Ecstasy in the symphony of an imperial understanding of mortality and the questioning forgiveness of complete strangers
These dreams are born on fuzzy forgetful nights with diamond-glass wings and powdered cocaine outrageousness
Softened into theories that seem dreary when they hit near me but miss my heart all due to luck’s contagiousness

Blooming into life like a scaled vessel that holds within itself the framework of one of the world’s great thinkers
A ridiculous hypothesis I can promise this but the sacrifice is worth
The wealth of my undesirable counterpart, the drinker
A cold voice of reason inelegantly and irrelevantly sent for me to be a sentry to his new moral compass
And the nerve of this blurred and fizzed within my peers, pious and self-righteous and pompous

Such diversity somewhat unnerved me and swerved me from observing the daunting and flaunting nature of a girl
To calculate the rhythms of her speech, the science isn’t perfect but there isn’t a single one in this world
My hope is bleached, but my soul is outreached throughout the restrictions induced on my mortal shell
And throughout all of this innovation, what ignites the imagination with relentless fascination is that tell

That leaves one wondering what spirits had held what such verdict on the matter of my moral and commendable nature
If they found anything moral, or anything commendable, that is left for me alone to infer; my societal stature
Grasped in the palms of constellations and other wild and rich mannerisms of infinity and the rest
I am startled to believe that all of this wordplay and spilling of emotions is just a poetic jest at best
Unless… 13 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingSweet Silhouettes & Suicide Ballads

Would you kill me if I’m not ready?
Rap my knuckles if my hand’s not steady?
Would you strike me down before you allow me
To disappear on my own terms?

To tell the truth I”m looking forward
To my soul being cast amongst the solar
To feel the weightlessness of the infinite
The creativity in a whispered word

You want my love?
Well you’ll hate to hear you never had it!
Never enough
Sweet silhouettes and suicide ballads
You want my love?
You know damn well where its all gone
Into a certain heart
You’ll pry it from her chest, rip my life apart
A game for my soul
And you’re losing control

What was once the sadness formed into joy
And you took that away, responsibility I couldn’t avoid
You stole my life, at least a large part
But you can never steal my heart

Cause I can hold on for dear life on the shore
Cling to land for safety, to just feel secure
She represents everything I”ve got to look forward to
You better not take her away, don’t take her away damn you!


And all this bitterness
Is born out of fear!
And all these silhouettes
Have become so dear,
So close to my heart!
You take them away
And I’m falling apart!
You dragged me away
And now I”m back at the start
Again, again, again, again and again!

Chorus 13 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingMy Clever Fishwife Spins A Yarn Through A Seashell

My clever fishwife gave to me
A seashell from the sea
I held it up to my ear
And oh the things I could hear

A delightful siren’s song
Slowly withering in a drying pond
A child barefoot and laughing
And a voice frantically asking:

Which way is north?
I’ve been blown off course
For forty seven days I’ve strayed
And no more will I waste
The opportunity God has given me
I want all the gold that lies waiting
Across the wide-water sea
Savages give that gold to me!

Then I heard sounds of screaming
Children’s wails and bodies bleeding
Oh what horrors have occurred yonder?
“What to do?” I began to ponder

Is this simply daytime dreaming?
Not as real as it’s seeming?
Or is that blood really being spilled
And are all those pockets being filled?

Which way is north
I’ve yet to plot my course
For forty seven days I’ve been thinking
About sea monsters and ships sinking
Into the oblivion
But so then I shall prove a stallion
Trample these monsters from the innocent
Return to my homeland so triumphant

I studied cartography
And the art of it came quite easily
After hiring a crew
We set out on the ocean blue

And what vile foul weather
And the thought occurred whether
I should return slunk-shouldered and defeated
Or victorious and noble heart beating

I decided to continue on
While my will was fierce and strong
And then landed on the shoreline
And wept at what they left behind

Mangled bodies in a pile
Food for the worms meanwhile
I glanced the faces of women and children
These bastards had all killed them!

Which way is north?
I’ve been blown off course
For forty seven days I’ve strayed
And no more will I waste
The opportunity God has given me
I want all the gold that lies waiting
Across the wide-water sea
Savages give that gold to me! 14 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingImbalance Within The Soul

You will find me hidden
Deep inside my bones
I’ve had quite the vision
Of a darkened golden throne

In a city of spires
I was overwhelmed and felt
The potential I had in life expire
When at the base of those towers I knelt

Eclipsed in their shadow
My madness knew no bounds
Betrayed by my sad hopes
The walls of my ego came tumbling down

And what stood amongst the ruin
Of such a wretched soul as I?
A discovered truth worth pursuing
Or a vain hand from the sky?

Do I take what is offered me
Or do I maintain my dignity?
Such a conclusion remains to be seen
That favours fealty or individuality 14 months ago

Dead7and_DreamingFind It All

I think if you just look a little harder
You’ll find a piece of yourself
I know you’re twisting like a precocious sidewinder
So you’re like nobody else

I think if we expect the unexpected
We echo hollow like a ghost dog dance
Something that’s always repeated
Then it’s cut and left for chance

You sail alone, sail away
Come back some sunny day
Sail alone, sail away
Don’t expect to come back to yesterday

I brought you here from bones to bloom
Did you think I was gonna lay low
And maybe in the afternoon
We’ll find the time to glow

I can’t believe that I made that promise
It still makes my skin shiver
I’m filled with the thrill of what you wanted
But it’s still buried in winter

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingThe Humorous title i Came up with While flirting With atheism!

God Loves Atheists

Too true
What they say
The world is grey
Look at it with your eyes
And see the desperate lies

Trumpets on the way
Trumpets on the way
They’re coming today
Leaving the parade

Too true
What they do
The world is blue
Look at it with your heart
Drive your passion to a kickstart


Measured and weighed
Perception conveyed
Measured and weighed
Connections displayed 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingI Wrote These Depressing Lyrics 3 days ago...

I’m Thinking More Often Of Death

I’m thinking more often of death
Ironically with all my breath
I’m spilling out these clumsy words of why I want to die
Do you have to make that clear?

I once always thought of you
Played out in my mind what I’d do
At the right time and the right moment
It’s never realistic, realistic is torment!

My life is what’s left in the coffee cup
It’s the boxer that never got up
I sought out some savior but came up empty-handed
And some days I just can’t stand it

I’m thinking more often of death
Maybe I just love a burden
Of a promise not kept
The feeling of hurting

I’m thinking more often of death 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingPurity In Question, Therapy In Session

Purity In Question, Therapy In Session

If I ever ever wanted to be pure
Why do I still persist 
In being something the Devil’d conjure
Another target missed!
Oh another target missed!

If I wanted my innocence back
Why do I carry on
My strangled desires painted black
And why does that feel wrong
Oh why does that feel wrong?

I find that my purity is in question
So that’s the real reason therapy’s in session
I am now open to any suggestion
But my motive I find is still in question

If I wanted to be free of guilt
Why do I give me conscience reason
When all my garden’s flowers wilt
Before the end of the season

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingI wrote this song during my bad bouts with insomnia. enjoY.


18 hours and I haven’t gotten to sleep
I’m just counting the satellites in my head
Mountains of clothing I’ve treated like skin
Are thrown to the lions in my bed

16 hours its been since I last talked to anyone
The phone hangs around like a deadened ghost
If I held up the ceiling with just my two hands
Would I come to a moment when I truly understand 

Oh I start shaking I start breaking
The closest things to me 
Make everything stop spinning stop fading
Everywhere I look grey and white is what I see

14 hours and I haven’t eaten anything
I just consume tv shows and politics
Waste away in my corner of the world
Distracted by another tilt-a-whirl 

12 hours and I’m heavy in two pairs of eyes
Dreams and fairytales twist in simulation
I’m left crooked and shapeless and crowded
My head is rusty, dumbed down and clouded


Books, drinks, dirty dishes in the sink
Flower pots, packets and leather jackets
Glasses, window blinds and wind chimes
Shoes and clothes in crooked misplaced rows

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingSoldier Stomp

Soldier Stomp

As I picture myself persevering
I have the half-hearted thought to second guess that
And as I picture myself disappearing
I have an open enough mind to leave it alone

And I was troubled
But I was cool, calm and collected
And you were troubled
But you were cool, calm and collected
Well it might it not be a match a made in heaven
Maybe in hell

As I picture myself reappearing
I awoke amidst something collective and encompassing
As I picture myself endearing
I shatter at the soldier stomp and wear down to nothing


I washed ashore an island
The military was spiced
The soldiers stomped beside me
Men and monsters spliced

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingJust A Song With No Title...

This empty city precedes me
Live life like a lion at bay
This empty morning needs me
To shovel away the bones of yesterday

This empty girl soothes me
With fortunes of the skin
This empty world loses me
To the sweetest of ends

Faithless shreds of corrupt men
Laugh like beginners
Nameless masses of once-loved friends
Laugh like sinners
Crushing girls into wine
Crushing girls into wine

I am not drunk 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #8

Searched All Night

We only reveal ourselves in a faded light
While the wayward ghosts wish us good night
Under the skin we’re of scientific interest
But this night’s so long I grow distressed

And I, I, I
I searched all night
Freedom for the land
Freedom for the sea
Freedom for anyone but me

We only come out when it’s safe outside
And only when there’s somewhere to hide
Well I don’t wanna hide my face
In some small windowless secluded place


Oh shimmering death of me
Why are you so shy?
Why am I such a ‘wish goodbye’?
Oh shining love of mine
How are you so full?
The moon lost control?
While chasing the sun…


Sterile wasteland fled off the road
Off to the only one it knows 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #7

We Broke What We Fixed

Fetch me the paper and spread the glue
The wallpaper’s black and the sky is blue
So sell us a soldier, we seek conviction
Of the laughing stock of conscription

We broke what we fixed
We saw what we missed
Can you put a price on your dreams?
We never loved no one?
I’ve never ask until now

Fold me the weather cause I’m dead anew
Waiting for the hint when I have the clue
Selling my half-soul for a better price
Maybe I’ll have better luck in the next life


Fish in the water spit out their songs
While the kids in graveyard listened all along
Redemption in a bottle, via the bloodstream
Cornered on a roundabout in a solid dream

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #6

Mother Earth’s Womb

Well whittle me down towards the truth
Nothing’s going over and nothing’s coming through
Well whistle for me a melancholy tune
And I’ll send forth a shower from the moon
The sky is Mother Earth’s Womb

Well tell me a story where the hero dies
And the storyteller is the one who lies
Cause in reality he was always alive
And nowhere near the cutthroat’s bloody knife
The knife is Jerusalem’s warning

Well tell me you’re hungry, I’ll feed your mind
With tales of adventure and what’s left behind
Like the scraps of an author’s feeble attempts
To rest his ambitions while content
To trust in his own understanding 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #5

Polluted Water

Drink your fill my friend,
You’ve little to your name!
And if you keel over,
It’s hardly a shame!

It’s open to interpretation
All the ways of conversation
Discussing disgusting elements of love
While wading in polluted water

Drink your dry throat gone,
Pull your sleeves up high!
Correct me if I’m wrong,
But we all have to die!


Do not linger
My beautiful singer
Of melodies of sadness
Of caution, of happiness
Do not waste yourself anymore
Please, please, don’t ignore
The sound of the sea
Making a widower out of me!

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #4

Crows & Pigs

Well the little family loved the dirt
But after a while someone got hurt
So an end to an era, nowhere, no digs
All the bones were left for 
The crows and the pigs!

Well the little family have a museum
It’s split in the center, left colosseum
Right is reserved for the tourists alone
They all come from the same 
Shattered broken homes

When we leave 
The World’s a work in progress
When we leave
The survivors start out honest

Well the little family are names in stone
In the dark recesses of New Rome
The pigs and the crows are at war every night
And the last god damn human gives 
A damn good fight!

Well the little family are only gods
Shrines in houses of sticks and straws
The Emperor lives in a castle of bricks
And the little heir to the throne has
Gotten terribly sick!


Well the merchants are pigs
The slums house the crows
Nobles still where wigs
Well only god knows!

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #3

The Flock Is My Shepherd

Well this lovely little blonde gave me a kiss
And I finally had a purpose to co-exist!
With love and desire and all things fine!
Lace ‘em together with thread and twine!

People rule my heart, great is their worth!
That I proclaim the flock is my shepherd!
They keep me safe and keep me calm!
And all I have to do is cut the lawn!

Wrapped in myself
It’s not me, it’s everybody else!
Motive in question
When is the next session?

Well I suspect a coin’s on their tongue
And cheques filled out fill up their lungs!
So round them up my flock, to the pen!
Trust me, you want me as your friend…


Well we all got roots and so do you!
But I want to bring out the bright-eyed blue
So cry for conditions and cry for support!
We all want power, so be a good sport!

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingWe Were Wolves

This weeks concept album writings are collectively gathered in an album entitled “We Were Wolves”. The central themes of the album are of betrayal, deceit, disguise, mortality and the violence of the world.

List of the album’s tracks (subject to change);

1. The Future Laughs At Us Like We Laughed At The Vikings
2. My Shadow Is Taller Than Me
3. The Flock Is My Shephard
4. Crows & Pigs
5. Polluted Water
6. Mother Earth’s Womb
7. We Broke What We Fixed
8. Searched All Night
9. Mudder
10. The Ballad of Thorns
11. Skinny People
12. Remedy 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves #2

My Shadow Is Taller Than Me

My earnest fish-cutting wife
Has lived a soft-shelled life
My open tin heart is swollen
As the bee needs his pollen

Needles natural and artificial
Make me as blind as I can be
Between beauty and illusions
My shadow is taller than me

My lovely wife sits all somber
Singing of how I’m taking longer
To come home with my plunder
And there’s no sign of thunder


A whitewash girl is what I found
We took each other to the ground
What’s a stranger doing in my arms?
There is no need for alarm!


We are biting our necks
We are scratching our skins
We are scraping again 

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_DreamingConcept Album-We Were Wolves

The Future Laughs At Us Like We Laughed At The Vikings

Going down with the ship never felt better
We did it on a Sunday and we got fried
We need a letter opener to open the letter
That says another rich relative has died

Darkness! Waning!
Birds ceaselessly hitting the windowpanes
Hopeless! Craving!
We count construction by the cranes

My origami soul has never been full
We were the wolves that we slaughtered
My Maria told me I’d lose control
Sometimes I think why I’d even bothered
To heed the…


The senseless apparitions that we conjure keep fighting
The future laughs at us like we laughed at the Vikings
The hummingbirds with precious words fall dead 
at my door
The crazy man with hooded eyes whose covered
in sores
He whispers…...NO MORE!

Chorus 2 years ago

Dead7and_Dreaming 2 years ago

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