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Have fun

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For me, it’s one of the most important things in life. It’s that feeling when you’re at ease in your mind and in your body, ready to do or say crazy things just for the sake of them, for the sake of the memories they’ll leave you…
Of course, I don’t mean having fun should be more important than work or study, I think it should be incorporated in work… Is a safe, boring life worth it? Not in my opinion^^ 1 week ago

Vivithelittlelegend 1 week ago

myrnar2010 2 weeks ago


On Saturday I rode as a passenger on a motorbike for the first time ever! It was one of the best experiences of my life!! Definitely had fun!!! 1 month ago

adeleide11 1 month ago

Compassionist 2 months ago

nada_fan 1 month ago

arbella 1 month ago

CesDarling 2 months ago

MrMarshmellow15 2 months ago

CompassionistFun is important

Having fun is fun. I tend to take life too seriously. I need to have more fun. 2 months ago


Writing silly stories collaboratively is great fun. Ideas bounce around the room and gather pace as one person’s spark ignites anothers:) And the best thing is, you don’t know where you will end up:) 2 months ago

UddyBuddy 2 months ago

gummigirl03 3 months ago

Maaitje 4 months ago

sethpls 4 months ago

barebear10 4 months ago

littlerusalkaIdea #11

Play the game ‘What would you prefer?’ 5 months ago

NordicSpirit 5 months ago


My fun was maybe hanging with friends and do wierd things like we would hid in garbage cans and jump out at cars all day but it was fu. 5 months ago

iluvu1300 5 months ago

littlerusalkaIdea #10

Sing along with the crowd at a concert as loudly and as passionately as you like and lose yourself in the music:) 5 months ago

guislain 7 years ago

littlerusalkaIdea No. 9

Watch funny animal videos on Youtube:) 5 months ago

littlerusalkaIdea No. 8

Dance till your socks fall off!! Just do it, don’t think about it! Move how you want to move, twirl, jump, shuffle, star jump, tap, head bang, mosh, glide… whatever way you want to move, do it!! 5 months ago

JoyOfBeing 5 months ago

economyclass 5 years ago

littlerusalkaIdea No.7

Fly a kite:) 5 months ago

littlerusalkaIdea No. 6

Don’t just put it in the bin, aim and give it your best shot! 5 months ago

kevinsun91 5 months ago

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