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vickydreamer 3 months ago


“Let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time comes. Don’t remain stuck on the same page.” 4 months ago


“Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself”
-Chinese proverb 5 months ago

makwilliams 8 months ago

sara_equine 8 months ago


“Those whose minds are filled with compassion will never face a world dark with woes, No real harm will ever come to anyone who protects all living beings and shows them kindness”10 months ago


“Everything has it’s beauty,
but not everyone sees it.”

-Confucius10 months ago

Avi 12 months ago


it is easier to see the wrong in others…....at the same time sometimes as human beings….we are our worst critique…...we are our own worst enemy…...

but at the same time there is always something within us that we can transform…....that we can improve…........


it makes us human…....and nothing wrong with having them…..but it seems like acceptance is the key…...

its is ok to be angry…...i dont need to force myself to be happy all the time

it is ok to have arrogance…....just try to notice when it arises…..and dont let arrogance control you….

it is OK to be me…..

it is OK to have imperfections…..

I am not evil…..nor do I wish you ill will…... 19 months ago


been a while since i last meditated….....got an awesome 2 hour intense meditation…..ahhhhh soo refreshed…...sooo energised…...life is awesome….... :D 19 months ago


i need to start meditating again. I notice my temper and anger management is getting worse…....gone are the days when i can just meditate at will…..yes there is an art of meditating while doing whatever it is ur physical body is doing…...but to just spare some few moments a day for intense meditation would be awesome…..... 19 months ago

pufak 2 years ago

better2gether 2 years ago

Speak_Now 2 years ago


The universe have sent me the best gift of all, a place to meditate at work. Just found out theres a small prayers room near where I work. Bwahahahahahaha, time to levitate to the cloudsssssss.

Havent been meditating for a while, so no excuses now. Guess I might be able to activate my 6th chakra sooner.

But the biggest challenge is to meditate:
-Near toxic colleagues that I hate
-While Im swarmed with work

Outwardly at work, yet inwardly at peace, in stillness, one with all creation, filled with love…........... 2 years ago

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