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TinkMy 1700th cheer went to...

...Absnasm, for her entry 193-205 under the goal Celebrate my first smoke-free year by cheering 365 random people with ‘Stop smoking’ goals.

Wheeeee! 5 years ago


Reached 1000 cheers on August 4th
Reached 1100 cheers on August 13th
Reached 1200 cheers on September 9th
Reached 1300 cheers on October 3rd
Reached 1400 cheers on November 26
Reached 1500 cheers on December 26th
Reached 1600 cheers on February 4th
& Reached 1700 cheers on March 5th!

Thank you, 43folks, for your cheers and support!

Best wishes to all! smile7 years ago

Colleen_C_CAll right!

I just now reached – & surpassed – 1700 cheers: yay!!!

Number 1700 came in from tinyrose & went out to dani_land.

Thanks, cheer-partners!!!7 years ago

Mary HawkinsThat was fast!

I believe my 1700th cheer went to Des on the sad entry Not Good News”... 7 years ago


The 1700th went to annache on work out my position on the Darwinism vs Intelligent Design debate! 7 years ago

Lady S1700

1700 went to FallOutBitch for her goal of Passing Her Driver’s Test

Good luck to you kiddo, it took me a while too! 7 years ago

RachaelMy 1700th

Proudly goes to cathibeth, whom I have been cheering with for a good few weeks on and off, two cheers a time, so it’s a great thing for me to give her my 1700th cheer on her goal of identify 100 things that make me happy. I hope this goal is going well for you :) 8 years ago


Just gave it away to catspajamas!

And thank you to Todd Schoonover for giving me my 1500th cheer yesterday. 8 years ago

a man named LewUntitled

1700 went to DyingMonster for his journal consistently goal.

My given:received is now 1.48 8 years ago

Brian Ca. born, Southern by Choice1700 Cheers, Thanks Joannawebb

Cheer #1463 from:joannawebb
Cheer #1700 to:joannawebb8 years ago

SallyKittTo Malc

Rah Rah
Sis boom bah
He’s back! 8 years ago

JudithKDI just love these goals!

I add them at the same time I tick them as complete!

As long as I got ‘em, I’ll give ‘em away. Thank you all for having things I can cheer!


1800 today. Whoopee!8 years ago

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Tara Anderson wants to complete the tkga master knitter hand knitting program, level 1 volunteer in India find a song I only know a few lyrics to Take more pictures write a novel be less arrogant i want to talk to people online just to talk Change my car Watch a Joan of Arcadia Episode write a book win a poker tournament inspire someone Go see Third Day in Concert be hot make more money Send a postcard to Postsecret Get out more run a marathon Weph wants to visit all 50 states write a play learn to play golf Learn Spanish love my family be more confident Italygirl wants to move out travel triple my reading speed Have life experiences that make interesting stories
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