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Simon 1 year ago


Thanks to everyone who helped. :)

Now to work on a repayment schedule… 22 months ago

Rara Apis 23 months ago

Rara ApisSIMON!!!!!!


I hope you see this, as so many of us are without notifications….hey, please leave that PayPal link up a few days longer…like thru next week if you can….PLEASE! (I’ll need it…) :~D

Beezy 23 months ago

SimonI need to make a list.

Much of what I have to do is time-sensitive. Moreover, many seemingly individual items are actually interconnected in strange and marvelous ways, making it difficult for me to prioritize one over another. Methinks organization is called for, starting with as many tasks as I can remember, written on slips of paper which I can order and reorder until I’ve settled on a semi-definitive time-line.

Pen? Check. Paper? Check. Floor space? Check.

And we’re off! 1 year ago

SimonSo much to do, so little time!

There’s still funds to be raised, of course, and paperwork to be filled in and filed, arrangements to be made, phone calls to double- and triple-check every thing.

And a little over four weeks to do it all.

:: gulp :: 1 year ago

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